Major Health Problems In Adults And Their Solutions

Major Health Problems In Adults And Their Solutions

As per the 2011 Census, youths in India comprise approximately 28% of the total population. While the country’s growth prospects are heavily reliant on this demography, the health and well-being of the youth, and the adult population in general, is a matter of concern needing immediate attention.

Individuals in the age group of 20 to 50 years, primarily categorised as the adult demography, have typically witnessed a rise in various medical conditions. With growing health issues like mental health, cardiovascular complexities, nutritional deficiencies, and the likes, increased awareness regarding such conditions can help avail a suitable treatment.

With easily accessible financing options like health card, availing such treatments is convenient today more than ever. Thus, here is a look at the common health conditions among adults, along with their treatments.

Top 5 health issues among adults and their treatments

  • Diabetes

One of the commonest health issues among adults, diabetes affects approximately one in every six Indians. Prevalence of the disease is found more in urban regions of the country than otherwise.

Individuals suffering from the ailment also stand a high risk of developing other chronic illnesses. Diabetes diagnosis thus requires immediate medical care.

Standard medical care for diabetes involves periodic tests of blood sugar level and glucose tolerance, with visits to specialists like ophthalmologists and endocrinologists. Given the treatment for diabetes spans over an extended period requiring recurring expenses, availing financing facilities like a health card can be of significant help to pay for the concerning medical bills.

Sending a health card application online with suitable eligibility, you can also be assured of easy financing to treat a range of medical conditions.

  • Obesity

Among the common diseases resulting from unhealthy lifestyle habits, obesity has been on an alarming rise among Indian adults. It is also linked to other critical illnesses found in adults, with a high risk to the patient’s cardiovascular health.

The disease’s burden among Indian adults is also expected to increase three times by the year 2040.

While bariatric surgery is a suitable treatment for those suffering from severe obesity, the initial few stages of the disease can be brought to control with slimming programs and fitness training.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the solution opted for; the costs involved can be typically high with multiple rounds of concerned surgeries or fitness programs. In that case, individuals can look forward to availing the likes of health card to defer the immediate expenses and pay for them affordably.

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular conditions in individuals can be of different types with varying severity levels. Ailments related to the heart, however, affect millions in India. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle of individuals can be cited as the primary reason for these rising cases.

Treatments for cardiovascular diseases often involve a mix of medications and invasive, as well as non-invasive procedures, which vary with the ailment type and severity. The average costs involved in such treatments are high as well, requiring individuals to prepare for adequate financing beforehand.

  • Infertility

A rising concern among adult males and females in India, infertility issues are among the commonest medical conditions that often require early treatment and involve high costs. A report suggests that over 27 million Indian couples have been suffering from one or the other form of infertility issue.

Often a result of factors like unhealthy lifestyle, STIs, environmental toxins, etc., infertility has been among the top concerns for adults. Doctors also often prescribe IVFs as a suitable infertility solution for couples planning to bear a child. Not to mention, the solution often results in recurring consultations and piling medical bills.

  • Cancer

Over the years, the prevalence of cancer has accelerated, with a possibility of the disease’s development for every one out of ten Indians. Among the most preferred treatments for cancer include chemotherapies, radiation therapies, immunotherapies, bone marrow transplants, etc.

While all these treatments can be costly, the growing trend of sedentary living presses the need for financial preparedness to combat the rising healthcare costs and pay medical bills conveniently. Financing options like health card can thus come to one’s rescue in meeting any emergency or planned medical costs arising out of such treatments.

The Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card can be a suitable option in this regard for the following few reasons.

  • The health card comes with a high pre-approved financing limit of up to Rs.4 lakh. One can thus defer immediate expenses with such payment and repay it via EMIs over a tenure of up to 24 months.
  • One card serves as a suitable financing option for the cardholder as well as other family members, including spouse, children, parents and siblings.
  • You can utilise the card to pay for over 800 essential and non-essential medical procedures. Several such treatments are not covered under health insurance policies.
  • Once the health card application is complete, individuals receive instant approval to pay for emergency medical expenditure.
  • It is an end-to-end digital financing solution with payments from the card accepted at over 5,500 partner medical facilities spread across 1,000 plus cities.
  • Cardholders can avail various offers and discounts when paying medical bills at select partner facilities.
  • For insta-cards, applicants need to pay a one-time fee of Rs.707, while non-insta cards involve a fee payment of Rs.589.

Complete a simple online health card application to secure immediate financing to pay your medical bills. In addition, you can adopt healthy lifestyle habits to remain fit and avoid health complications in the long term.

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