Detailed Explanation on – Does Microsoft Backup OneDrive Data?

This blog post covers the user concern i.e. “Does Microsoft Backup OneDrive Data?” The main motive of writing this blog post is to make users well aware of Office 365 backup functionalities and offerings. Moreover, an automated solution is also discussed in this writeup.

 The benefits provided by cloud-storage devices has made users want to shift towards OneDrive. It is a file hosting and syncing service that offers a large number of advantages to its users.

Some of them can be:

  1. It gives you the ability to use your files at any time and any place.
  2. You can easily exchange your material with both large and small teams.
  3. Since it is a part of the Microsoft suite, it is also supported by other Microsoft products.

 All these points make us clear about the importance of OneDrive in the lives of people. Since so many users rely on it, it makes it even more important to preserve and keep these files safe.

However, you cannot depend on Microsoft for it. This is because Microsoft does not provide any backup option for its users.

According to Microsoft’s ‘Shared Responsibility model,’ both Microsoft and businesses are equally liable for any type of data loss. 

This makes it important for you to backup your important OneDrive For Business files and data by yourself.

How Can You Backup Your One Drive For Business Data?

  1.  Professional Tool to Backup OneDrive for Business Data.

 The Most Rated Onedrive Backup Tool is a skilled curriculum that simplifies the backup of OneDrive for business information.

You can even use the date filter to export the selected files from OneDrive. This tool also preserves the data’s folder organization and data integrity.

 Steps Explained to Answering the Query “Does Microsoft Backup OneDrive Data?”

 Step 1. Download and run the program on your machine.

Step 2. On the Setup tab, select Office 365 as the Backup Source and Outlook as the Backup Destination. 


Step 3. Check the boxes next to the documents you wish to backup from Office 365 under “workload station.” You may also customize the filters to your liking.

Step 4. Enter your Office 365 login information and click the Next button.

Step 5. Browse to the directory where you wish to save your PST files, then click Next.


Step 6. Add the users who need to be authenticated from the originating account.


Step 7. Click on the Validate button, then OK to confirm the accounts.

Step 8. To begin the backup process, pick the Start Backup button from the ribbon bar.


Step 9. You may also choose to perform the backup again. Select the Re-Run Backup option to do so.

Method 2: Manual Backup of OneDrive Files for Business.

To backup your One Drive files on your own, follow the instructions below:

  1. Locate the OneDrive folder. 
  2. From the Files menu, choose the file you want to download. Toggle the selection for all items by clicking the Toggle selection for all items button. Aside from that, you may choose all of the files and folders on your OneDrive. 
  3. To access the Download option, right-click the mouse or click on the three dots. 
  4. Browse to the location where you want to save your files. 

Even if you do not have a backup, this procedure can assist you in keeping the specified OneDrive files secure.

Problems with the above Method. 

  • There’s a risk you’ll forget to download new or updated files.
  • The backup will be lost if something happens to the computer/external disc.
  • In the case of a data loss disaster, restoring files would take time since you will have to manually upload all of the files to OneDrive.
  • Sharing permissions are not preserved.

Method 3: Backup the OneDrive for Business Files Using the Microsoft 365 App-OneDrive & Sync Client. 

OneDrive & Sync is a piece of software for Windows that syncs your desktop files and folders with your OneDrive account. 

You may configure the settings to automatically transfer all changes to your cloud documents to your desktop file and vice versa. You may also create an OneDrive backup by copying the new documents to your system. 

Few Problems With This Method Are: 

  • Backups that happen just once in a while: Making consistent, frequent backups will be challenging due to the manual nature of the backup method time.
  • Storage Space Is Limited: To manage your storage space, you will be forced to delete outdated material that is no longer needed.
  • Risk of Data Loss: If a file is destroyed between two backup procedures, it cannot be restored.
  • The obligation of the End-User: This method is only practical if users accept responsibility for data backup. An administrator cannot control individual user backups. 

Why Do You Need To Backup OneDrive Data? 

  1. Loss Of data Due to Cyber-attacks: If you connect OneDrive to your Windows PC’s file system, ransomware or malware might destroy or delete your data. 
  2. User Mistake: If a file is accidentally removed, it is synced and also deleted from the cloud. This makes it inaccessible through the OneDrive online interface. 
  3. OneDrive Sync Function: If the virus enters a local machine, it may be synchronized immediately. This locks all OneDrive data on the cloud unless the sync is turned off. 
  4. Outage and SaaS shutdown: If Microsoft has an outage, data may become unavailable for a brief time, compromising business processes.

Last Words

OneDrive is a significant storage place that has helped businesses safely keep their information. Microsoft does not provide a backup option for its users and instead recommends that they utilize a third-party program to back up their information. As a result, the techniques for saving your files are discussed in this article.

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