Online Gaming Merchant Account

Online Gaming Merchant Account for Effective Turnover in the Gaming Business

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is an American company that conducted research on gamers in America and here is what they got 65% of the American household’s plays video games regularly, more than 67% of households own a device to play video games. And 11% of the people own a virtual headset and one-third of regular gamer say that they will get one in the next year. The average age of a gamer in America is 35 years old, and 67% of the parents say that they play video games with their kids once a week. Gambling Merchant Account can help you get a high volume of sales for your merchandise and can provide you with easy payment transactions for your business.

Gaming has become social in its own way. With advanced technology, gaming has shifted to multiplayer online games, online gaming merchant accounts. These games are in trends and hence are demanding. Studies also show that 53% of people find it easier to connect with friends while gaming.

These virtual games are very much competitive in nature and are played by professional gamers involving spectators, sponsors, and cash prizes. The online gaming business will continue to grow more and will reach to the new summit in the times to come. At the same time, banks are also adopting new standards to accommodate them.

The only difference you will get is in the rates provided by different gamers. Some take advantage of the high-risk tag and charge higher. In most cases, we are able to compensate with the merchant processor. However, we at EskayPay understand the value of long-term partnership and hence underestimate the short path to profits. We focus on minimizing the processing costs so that our clients can take full advantage of our services. We at EskayPay provide you with the High-Risk Merchant Account that can help combat you with higher chargebacks rates and at the same time provide security to your payment transactions.

An online gaming merchant account is a high-risk

There are various reasons why these online gaming businesses are considered to be high-risk. Some of the reasons are listed here you can associate your business and get to know where your business lies. For further inquiries, you can always reach out to us.

High Volume of Turnover:- The E-sports business gets a high bulk of turnover. There is a large no. of banks that consider this business as high-risk.

Non-tangible Products: There is a huge prospect of having numerous chargebacks and refunds for non-tangible products. The small transaction that is occurring for digital gaming, the chargeback might become fruitful for business success.

Money laundering:- There is a lot of gaming business that has corrupt history background or they have many documented cases of laundering and fraud. For banks, these businesses are on high alert.

No previously owned processors:- The huge benefit from these businesses attract many new merchants who are trying to build space in the market. But banks do not give permissions to these new merchants because they don’t have any processing history. Banks consider such businesses as high-risk decline them for having a payment processor.

Advantages of having a business account in the gaming industry

There are numerous benefits to having a gaming account. A business account provides you a platform where you can integrate it with various other features such as multiple currencies, various payment methods, and many more. Here is some of the advantage of having an account associated with your business.

Get Multiple Currency Option with you

Since the industry is booming with so much profit for real marketing players, it is the right time to get in touch with the best credit card processing solution for maximizing the profits. In the gaming business, merchants know what it takes to run their business successfully. With the help of an effective payment processor, you will be able to appreciate your business since you have your own website that has the ability to smoothly accept payments in real-time.

Real-Time Processing

A payment processor will allow you to have payments from the customers in real-time. This would mean that every time a bet or bid is being played, the payment gets automatically processed and credited to the business account. This will allow you to have higher benefits for business.

Multi-Currency Processing

There is a strong possibility that your merchant account is compatible with some of the most popular currencies in the world. You can easily attract customers all around the world and allow multiple currencies for your account such as US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, and more. With only this feature you can grab merchant services that is unmatched and unparalleled.

Compatible With the Popular games

There are large varieties of internet hit online games that can be compatible with your credit card processing account. There are numerous popular hits such as Poker, Bingo, Craps, Deal or No Deal, and many more. You can easily have these sizzling numbers on your website.

These are some of the benefits of having a business account with us.

Though the digital gaming industry is considered as high-risk payment gateway, there are many sponsored service providers that can help you provide an effective processing account for your merchandise. Fortunately, you can get a great credit card processing solution. We intend to integrate your high-risk merchant account with offshore acquiring banks so that dedicated, hardworking merchants can easily accomplish their business targets. And with tremendous benefits such as ticket processing, generous volume caps, and potential tax benefits, your offshore account can shower its blessing by increasing the profits immediately.

If you are looking forward to grabbing an online gaming merchant account solution then EskayPay can help you make your life a lot easier. We are the leading gateway service provider company that integrates major credit cards provider such as Discovery, Visa, MasterCard, Express and other reputed names to enrich your experience of having a smooth and flexible payment transactions. We intend to provide 24/7 gaming account solutions for your convenience. Get an Online Gaming Merchant Account to get the best services available in the market for your business.

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