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Play Whatsapp Lottery for Your Freedom

Even playing the WhatsApp lottery and not getting money or simply saying winning the lottery will be an important matter for people today because everyone wants to be rich tomorrow. But it may not matter to people in the past. When the lottery is not play for money only, it is also use as a tool for social, cultural, and economic development, whether it is a tool for elections. Or raise funds from the public to use as capital for important government projects. Today, we present the story of the Whatsapp lottery winner under that little square piece of paper; how valuable and useful was it in the past? You don’t have to light incense sticks or scrape according to sacred things.

Whatsapp lottery winner

In the Past Whatsapp Lotteries were use to Elect Representatives to serve in the House of Assembly.

Although the core of democracy is by the people, for the people, by electing representatives to serve in the council. But how do we know that the representative has been elect transparently? Invented the electoral system that will prevent all forms of corruption from candidates from occurring, that is creating an election system in the form of a lottery that makes lotteries or lotteries it is the world’s first ballot paper.

By drawing lots, it is not using the hand to spin around. In a large round glass ball, pick up a lottery ticket as seen on TV. Instead, the election was make through a giant stone slab with rows of small openings where candidates could enter their names. Made with stone slabs inside and slots for colorful dice. To determine the position these candidates will receive By when it’s election time, colored dice will be randomly release one by one per applicant, sorted in descending order from each row. What color dice did each candidate receive?

If You Whatsapp winner Opportunity to Hold important Political Positions

Elections were the ideal of the Athenian democratic regime to prevent the use of money or political power to buy seats in the House of Assembly, which may occur through regular elections, and to create a balance of power between the people because some positions there are only qualified or privileged people. Who can hold the position? As a result, people from various professions must be randomly selected. Came to act to beam power and check the performance. For example, there is a judge, there must although the current election is no longer a lottery. But for the democratic system to remain complete, there is still a system of a random selection of people to perform certain duties to counteract the power, such as in the case of a jury. Inherited to the present day the great philosopher of ancient mentioned the election of this lottery that…is the way of democracy, including selection by Whatsapp lottery. Also appears mythology when on who will rule which part of the world as well. Solve both corruption problems, and in line with a society of this size change it to a lottery next election

Anyone who wants to play the Whatsapp Lottery to win huge prizes

Anyone who wants to play the lottery to win huge prizes but probably not a soldier. Because winning the lottery, it may mean expecting to live or die. The lottery was used as part of the punishment, known as the decimation rule. And found that one of the soldiers in the army violated the rules, whether it was fleeing soldiers, dropping weapons, etc. The commander would bring those guilty soldiers together for people, then write the names of each person. Put together and catch up the victim whose name was captured will be punish by another friend by throwing stones or hitting with a baton; these friends will be sent to watch guards outside the barracks. As a punishment, it does not appear that the punishment by throwing stones or hitting with that baton. Was there any intention of punishing death? But from a rough estimation it found that in people, there may be an average death from punishment. So everyone needs to participate in Whatsapp Lottery for freedom of self.Kbc head office mumbai

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