11 Plus Exams Papers Preparation – A Detailed Guide For Parents

High Wycombe is one of the finest towns in Buckinghamshire. It has some beautiful landscapes and natural parks which add beauty to this town. People are friendly and welcoming. The town has some best grammar schools including John Hampden Grammar School, The Royal Grammar School and Wycombe High School. These schools are state secondary schools starting from year 7 which take an 11 Plus entrance exam – this entrance exam is one of the toughest exams in the student’s life. 

People are very cautious about the 11 Plus exams preparation. So, they start preparing their kids from year 4 and provide them with the best possible tutoring services. 

Eleven Plus exam papers include English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning tests. People start helping their kids with 11 Plus test papers earlier in year 4, and it takes them 2-3 years to prepare well for 11 Plus exams. The competition among the candidates to get into their preferred grammar school is tough and challenging, which is why people start helping their kids with different tutoring options. 

How to pass 11 Plus exams papers?

People get worried about preparing their kids for 11 Plus exams because of the stiff competition. The recent changes in the National Curriculum of the UK have made things more difficult. Luckily, we have a bunch of options available in High Wycombe to prepare well for the 11 Plus exams. 

Many tuition centres provide the best preparation for 11 Plus test papers, including 11 Plus practice papers. The 11+ syllabus includes verbal, non-verbal, Maths and English. Meanwhile, a lot of 11 Plus tutors provide their services in each of these areas having an excellent grip.

Maths and English are compulsory subjects and students are familiar with them from year 1, but most of the students struggle in 11 Plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Schools don’t teach these reasoning tests to the students. They need to prepare them on their own. Students don’t get to see such tests at schools, so they need to spend more time practising these tests. Also, the parents start helping their kids prepare for such tests earlier.  

Where to find the best 11 Plus test papers and 11 Plus practice papers? 

There are a lot of tutoring sites that can help you with any subject. Most of the sites are just dedicated to 11 Plus exams preparation. In the UK, people are lucky that they have a lot of 11 Plus resources.  

Apart from 11 Plus tutoring, parents can also help them on their own if they can take out some time from the daily routine. They can buy some 11 Plus test papers, practice papers, or ask for help from qualified 11 Plus tutors.  

Many tuition centres help you get the best 11 Plus preparation with past 11 Plus preparation and practice papers or worksheets.  

11 Plus mock exams are also playing a significant role in 11 Plus exam preparation. Students take the 11 Plus mock exams in which they experienced the same environment, time duration and curriculum. With this, they can know what’s coming in the final exam.  

11 Plus exam preparation in Buckinghamshire! 

If you’re looking to hire an 11 Plus tutor, it depends on whether your child can go along or not. You can prepare your child, but you have to develop a friendly and healthy relationship with your child. Parents cannot just start tutoring without any guidance and learning the teaching methods. 

But if you’re busy and it is not possible for you to prepare your child, you should hire a professional 11 Plus tutor. During this pandemic, you can have an option of online tutoring as well. There are a lot of tutoring sites from where you can hire qualified online 11 Plus tutors in Birmingham. 

Parents must be careful about hiring a tutor because your child’s safety is more important than learning. Make sure of the clean record of the tutor you’re going to hire. 

11 Plus exam papers in High Wycombe

All the grammar schools in High Wycombe take 11 Plus exams in September and October. There are some best tutoring companies in High Wycombe that provide the best 11 Plus tuition services. Adnan khan tutoring is one of the advanced and leading tutoring companies in the UK. The company has its centres in High Wycombe, but it also provides online tutoring and online 11 Plus courses.  

Adnan khan tutoring provides the best online 11 Plus courses with assessments and online classes. They hire online qualified tutors who take live classes for different key stages and years, providing the free trial of two weeks before you sign up the child.  

If you ask about my honest opinion on preparing 11 Plus exam papers in Buckinghamshire, I’d recommend Adnan Khan tutoring. They offer the best online tutoring services in the UK. Check them out for more information. Best of luck!

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