Ramadan marketing ideas

4 Ramadan marketing ideas for your charity organization

Ramadan is popularly known for being the month of charity, empathy, and helping those in need. During this spiritual month, people are generally encouraged to be more charitable toward others, and provide what they can to help anyone who is less fortunate.

As a charity organization, you probably already know that you have a lot more to do during Ramadan. You’ll be in charge of raising funds, helping the less fortunate, and working hard to make the month of Ramadan an easier one for all those who celebrate it. But if you’re looking for some new ideas on how to acknowledge and celebrate Ramadan the right way as a charity organization, here are some fantastic tips to get you started.

1.   Set up an online fundraising page

Ramadan is all about creating avenues to make it easier for people to offer help and support. And one great way to do that is to make it easy for people to donate what they can.

Create a landing page dedicated to your Ramadan fundraising campaign and promote it all over your social media. This way, whenever someone opens up your website, they can see your donation page and feel compelled to contribute.

You don’t need to add too much to a landing page to make it fancy. All you need is a compelling tagline, an attractive interface, good quality visuals and an easy-to-use call-to-action button that lets people donate with ease.

2.   Add a Zakat calculator to your website

During Ramadan, most people focus toward figuring out their Zakat duties. Zakat is an Islamic concept that obligates Muslims to donate a certain amount of their wealth to those who are in need. However, Zakat can often be a tricky concept, especially when it comes to figuring out the math of how much each person is obligated to donate.

Why not make it easier for people by providing a Zakat calculator on your website? Make it simple for people to donate for your cause by either adding in your own Zakat calculator, or even by collaborating with one and linking it on your site and social media. You can also specify campaigns you’re raising funds for, to encourage people to give Zakat to you.

3.   Set up an Iftar distribution voluntary program

Iftar is a much awaited time of day for every person who fasts. It’s that time when you can sit with your loved ones, break your fast, and be thankful for the blessings you have on your dinner table. However, not a lot of people are lucky enough to have a full dinner table for Iftar. In fact, they’re lucky if they can get any Iftar at all.

Foster the idea of giving in your community by setting up your own Iftar distribution program. You can do this by partnering up with another local organization looking to make Ramadan contributions, like a local restaurant or bakery, and getting food packets made for your distribution. Once your food is ready, encourage people to volunteer to help distribute it around the neighborhood.

You can promote your Iftar food drive by creating some fabulous posters for it and posting them all over your social media and website. Use online design tools like PosterMyWall’s free poster maker to create your own Ramadan food drive poster and spread it around to encourage people to volunteer.

4.   Create on-brand Ramadan graphics for your social media

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Ramadan is to make sure everyone knows it’s Ramadan. And what better way to do that than by decking out your social media to match the vibe of this special, celebratory month?

Create your own on-brand Ramadan graphics and post them all over social media for your followers to see. You can do this in a ton of ways. Adding a fun Ramadan animation like a crescent moon or some stars to your logo and setting it as your display is one great idea.

You can also create daily Ramadan tips and advice and post them according to ]a special social media schedule. For all these ideas, all you need is an online design tool like PosterMyWall, where you can get free access to a wide range of Ramadan poster templates that you can customize according to your needs.

Final thoughts

Ramadan is a very special time for Muslims. It’s a month that encourages giving, sharing, and showing restraint. Which is why it makes for the perfect time for your charity organization to help those in need.

Use these tips to prep your charity organization for Ramadan and celebrate this month the right way.

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