A Quick Review of Booming On-demand Service Marketplace With TaskRabbit Clone

Today, humans are forced to accelerate in this modern life with increased rapidity and rush. We all are in a constant hurry, this results in complications to complete our daily tasks without enough time. 

In general, the range of tasks is house cleaning, washing our car, childcare, cleaning clothes, etc. Here the TaskRabbit is ready to rescue us from solving all our domestic problems. The fame of TaskRabbit is popularly increasing among the people in the United States and Europe, which offers household services as the top resources.

What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online mobile platform in the United States Of America. The app users can get connected and find the local service providers as the immediate assistance for the day-by-day issues they face. Issues including electrical repair, carpet repair, wooden repairs, and so on. 

The entrepreneur can own this app for their business with the low investment for their business and will help in more monetization by running the business using this application. Because of the attractive and unique features, user satisfaction is built stronger. At the fingertips, all the routine tasks can be done to the people with ease. 

Statistics Of Task Marketplace Platforms

Annually the demand for on-demand household services is increased by 25-30% based on the statistics. So, the popularity of local tasks or on-demand platforms is rising all over the world. 

The investment gained by TaskRabbit is more than $37 million and more than $273million is gained by its competitors Thumbtack and Gigwalk too.

Benefits Of On-demand Service Marketplace

Needless Of Commercial Building:

In your business, you are just a mediator as a solution for your users to find the service provider to fix their household tasks or issues, here then you no need to invest in the commercial buildings for the inventory or other equipment. Just by business software, you can maintain your business with your TaskRabbit business app.   


The business can be evolved by yourself at your convenience because of the low investment as we discussed on the first benefits. Because it is easy to scale your business.

Effective Business Reach: 

Your business network will be effective and the business will reach wider users, this happens when preferring to create a TaskRabbit clone script of the TaskRabbit application for your business. Here your user will help in promoting your application to their friends and family automatically. You can save the amount on spending on advertisements. 

Unbeatable Foundation:

On the marketplace, your business base will be stronger when you gain more popularity as we discussed above benefit. When the upcoming new business competitors get entered to this industry, they cannot be able to reach the heights of your business, because of unbreakable barriers built already. 

Business Flexibility:

Your business project will be adopted by the Multiservice booking app easily because of its flexibility in the marketplace.   

Service Providers Marketplace 

A web service that carries the service providing experts and people in need of service solutions together in a single platform is the Multiservice booking app as you understood from the above discussion. 

As a good example, when a person needs to fix some water leakage issues in the house, then suddenly he will book a service person/plumber expert to fix the problem with few taps using the TaskRabbit mobile application. 

Thus the TaskRabbit connects the professionals who are ready to solve the numerous issues, which are faced by the people. 

Working Functionality Of On-demand Service Marketplace 

  • A specific application is installed by the service provider and the users separately with different panels. 
  • The user can book and schedule an appointment with a service provider for their required needed service.
  • Once the appointment request is received by the service provider, they can access the user’s location to do the job.
  • The user will be notified with a push notification once the service provider gets arrived at the location where the booking is made.  
  • After the completion of the service, the payment can be made by the users with the integrated payment option within the app. 
  • Multiservice booking app provides an opportunity to simplify the life of both the service provider and the users as a one-stop solution.

Advantages Of Service Provider Marketplace Like TaskRabbit

  • TaskRabbit is affordable for all types of people with different economic.
  • For the purpose of user security each and, every service provider will be through checked to work for service. This is made by the document checking, which is submitted by the service providers.
  • The payment transaction made by the user to the service provider will be transparent.
  • The service payment can be received by the service provider only after the completion of the service as the post-paid service.

In Consolidation,

The TaskRabbit will increase the brand value of your business and the business will get into enormous growth in this industry among your competitors. If you are ready to build an app like TaskRabbit choose the leading mobile application development company to create an admirable application for your business.

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