Rhinestone or Silver Jewelry? What Suits Your Customer Best?

Owning a jewelry shop often means knowing what your clients need. Sometimes, an undecided customer comes into your shop and needs help choosing between two different jewelry types.

Having the right knowledge will go a long way to helping your customer out. When it comes to the choice between rhinestones and silver jewelry, most jewelers are moving to rhinestones. Here are some reasons why you should recommend rhinestones to your jewelers.

They are affordable

Perhaps one of the main reasons why clients would choose to wear rhinestones is the affordability factor. Compared to other jewelry in the market, rhinestones look good but cost you less than what you would spend on silver jewelry. The quality you get for the amount you pay makes it a great value for money.

They look luxurious

One of the things you will notice when it comes to rhinestone jewelry is how luxurious it looks. Most people go for rhinestone because it looks like imitation diamonds but comes at a lower price.

From a distance, most people will not be able to tell the difference. Since rhinestone has different colors to it as well, you can use them as precious stone, and they will fit in whatever piece you have. The feeling of luxury on a budget draws more people to it.

There is variety

Most people wear unique jewelry since no one wants to wear a piece everyone in a room is wearing. It, therefore, helps if you can get variety with a particular type of jewelry. Rhinestone pieces have shown this to be possible. Sites like Paradise Jewelry have a whole catalog of rhinestone jewelry that one can choose from. Purchasing from Paradise Jewelry for your shop will ensure the variety.

As such, it is difficult to find someone with a matching piece to your jewelry. One can get a single row of rhinestones or go for a double row of the same piece which adds to its uniqueness. There is also an option of getting the jewelry in different colors that look just as amazing.

Rhinestones can be used with silver

In a situation where one is conflicted over choosing rhinestone or silver jewelry, one can get these two together. Paradise has a couple of silver-plated rhinestone bracelets, which look amazing when paired together.

Apart from silver, rhinestones can also be paired with other precious stones to make a complete set look amazing. The versatility makes it one of the main reasons more people are open to getting rhinestones than other precious stones in the market.

If you are selling jewelry, it helps if you know what your clients would like and how to get it for them.

It also helps if you know the top selling points of the jewelry you have. The points above show why you should consider sticking up on rhinestone jewelry. It has been in the market for a while and keeps getting amazing reviews. Getting rhinestones will not just save your customers money, but it will also improve one of their jewel options.

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