Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven


Samsung, the well-known South Korean Appliance brand, is quite known for its kitchen gadgets, especially microwaves. Their new 28-litre microwave oven is a delight for larger families. It is packed with features and allows you to improve your culinary skills quickly. 

So should you buy it? Here is a detailed review of this beautiful kitchen appliance from Samsung –


Innovative technology 

Samsung has introduced the latest technologies in this model to ensure people can enjoy delicious foods without worrying about their health. The modern and innovative SlimFry technology transforms your microwave into an air fryer. Hence, you can now eat healthier foods minus the oil.

Multiple modes

Another striking feature of this microwave oven is its wide range of cooking modes. You get dedicated cooking modes to grill, bake, reheat, and defrost foods inside it. Additionally, it also comes with separate convection and micro mode for cooking. 

Moreover, you can use the preset cooking menus for cooking a wide range of dishes, including some lip-smacking Indian dishes to satisfy your tastebuds. In addition, it comes with a wide range of Indian auto-cook menus, which you can use to cook Tandoor dishes and even some delicious desserts. The auto cook button is appropriately designed to ensure you can use any of the preset menus. 

It even has an exclusive Roti or Naan cooking feature. So you can use it for cooking some excellent and fluffy rotis or naans for your family and guests. 

User-friendly touch panel

Samsung 28 litre convection microwave oven comes with a user-friendly Touch Key Pad with a responsive membrane. The touchpane instaltlhy responids to yoru command. It is also easy to clean and is durable. 

Great for lather families

Being a large sied microwave oven, it comes with a Turntable of 318 mm. Hence, it is ideal for larger families with four or even more members. The wider ceramic cavity can accommodate a larger quantity of food and ensures each section cooks evenly. 

Easy to clean

Samsung 28 litre microwave oven is easy to maintain. Its ceramic enamel cavity is hygienic, and you can clean the interior without any complicated steps. Overall, the machine is straightforward to clean and lasts for a long time. 

Proper safety

Samsung has ensured their convection oven are safe and has included a child lock feature to keep your children safe from any accidents. 



  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Slim Fry technology for healthier fried dishes
  • Easy to clean ceramic enamel cavity
  • Great auto cook menus for Indian families
  • Child lock mechanism


  • No Rotisserie included


If Samsung microwave is not available in your location or you simply don’t like the brand, you can opt for IFB, Godrej, LG, Panasonic or Whirlpool microwave oven. They also have a great reputation in the Kolkata market and are also affordable for middle-class families. 

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning, that, if your microwave oven not working and the guarantee period is over, you can call an expert technician from concord services, a Samsung, LG, Panasonic microwave oven repair centre in Kolkata to fast fixing the issues.

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