The best Facebook pages What is the secret behind how Chocolate for Breakfast achieves over 60% engagement


The best Facebook pages What is the secret behind how Chocolate for Breakfast achieves over 60% engagement


This post is part of the weekly series(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) of Ravi Shukle, who is examining the top Facebook Pages that are performing to provide you with the best practices in real life that can help you enhance the strategy for Facebook’s content.


Have you ever wondered why the top Facebook pages are so successful on Facebook?


We read about posts of our favorite brands and pages and usually think that they are receiving a significant amount of comments, shares, or likes.


What is their strategy to achieve these outcomes?


It’s an excellent question and one that we’ll address in our new “Best Facebook Pages” blog series that examines the specific strategies companies use to succeed on Facebook.

Each week, we will spotlight the Facebook site that’s achieving excellent outcomes on Facebook and explain how they got started and the steps they’ve made to reach their goals.


The best thing about it is that these are all tips and strategies that your company can try out right now!


This week, we’re going to analyze and analyze how Chocolate for Breakfast uses efficient branding strategies and post-posting strategies to increase the number of people who visit their social media pages.


1.) What is the industry they work in?

This page and the Chocolate for Breakfast webpage are within the food industry, focusing on the joy of Chocolate.


2.) What year was the page created?

This Facebook Page was set up in January of 2011.


3.) What number of fans are they running?

As of the moment, it has 25,045 followers.


4.) Which several fans do they receive every day?

The Chocolate for Breakfast page is receiving an average of 17.6 per day.


Five) What frequency do they update?

The Chocolate for Breakfast page, on average, posts 9.6 times per day.


6) The percentage of fans who are were engaged

This Chocolate for Breakfast page has an average of 16,681 interactions with the page. There are more than 1,000 people active. This is an astounding 66% of users who are actively interested.


Four reasons the reason Chocolate for Breakfast is seeing positive results

1) Posting Consistently

If we examine the stats using our tool to analyze competitors, we can observe that the Chocolate for Breakfast page is posting an average of 9 times each day.

Note: click here

Although this may sound like a lot, one of the main reasons the page is achieving positive results is its content is uniform and extremely specific. 


For a great Facebook engagement, concentrate on relevant content instead of the number of posts you make. Click to Tweet


Consistently posting your content will give your followers more chances to interact with your content and allow them to be accustomed to your posting schedule, allowing you to keep them engaged on your page.


2.) Utilizing high-quality and Engaging images in their posts

With more than 1.23 million Facebook users across the globe accessing the social network through their mobile phones, it has become increasingly important to ensure that your content is designed to be seen on this platform.


One of the best methods of grabbing the interest of a Facebook smartphone user is to enhance your pictures – Click to Tweet.


Chocolate for Breakfast is an excellent example of how top-quality sharing photos that catch your attention can impact engagement. Some of their most popular posts receive more than 60 shares!


Suppose you’re looking to discover the most famous images posted on Facebook pages related to your business. In that case, I suggest using Post Planner’s most recent instrument: the famous picture and popular tool for content. It’s a must-check!


Here’s an illustration of how the page uses a clever phrase and branding it to appeal to its followers with excellent results.


Facebook Branding Posts: Chocolate for Breakfast


Another crucial aspect to consider when writing and the source of your images is to acknowledge the source from which the images were sourced. Chocolate for Breakfast has done an excellent job in highlighting the source of their original images in their posts and making sure their material is branded.


Content from Facebook that Facebook brands


Engaging fans by asking questions

We have talked about making use of high-quality images to draw followers’ interest; however, what is the best way to start an exchange with them?


One of the most effective methods to interact with your followers via Facebook is asking them questions. Click to Tweet


It’s not just an excellent way to begin the conversation and gain insight into what your audience prefers and what they think of your content.


Here’s what happens when Chocolate for Breakfast has used this method to discover how its fans keep track of the content on Facebook from their most loved pages.



As you can see, asking this kind of question allows the page to collect feedback from its followers on how they prefer to interact with their favorite pages. The page can then use this data to provide the content it wants to offer to its users in the manner they prefer, increasing its popularity and engagement.

Researchers researched content that has engaged their readers

When looking the web for relevant content to share on Facebook, we can now search for images of high quality that engage our followers.


High-quality images and posts aren’t enough for posting quality images on Facebook. It is essential to study and share the content that your users already interact with. Click to Tweet




One way to accomplish this is to go to your page’s insights on Facebook and examine the number of posts shared on your page.

This will let you know what types of posts are performing well and which you will need to modify. It is also possible to employ tools to identify your top posting Facebook posts quickly.


Chocolate for Breakfast has done an excellent job of finding content engaging for their fans with the topic of Chocolate and food recipes.

This is among the main reasons posting nine times per day is effective for the brand since the content is all pertinent, so the audience is happy to be engaged.




How does it compare to how they compare to “big guys”?

If we analyze the effectiveness of a page on Facebook, we find it interesting to examine it with the major brands in their own space. We chose three brands that compete in the women’s health and fitness segment:


  • Health of women
  • Weight Watchers

This is what the benchmark appears (using the built-in Facebook benchmarking tool for competitors):


Facebook competitor benchmarking tool


The key takeaways from this review are:



Chocolate for Breakfast is the most compact brand and the most miniature page, yet it has the highest engagement rate per month (55.7 percent!)



Based on a post-by-post basis, it’s getting double the engagement as significant brands like Women’s health and (0.2 percent of their followers in comparison to. 0.1 percent)



It also has the highest proportion of supporters “talking about this” (15.4 percent)



Then you can post 9.1 times per day compared to 19.3 or 16.8 daily in Women’s Health and, respectively.

There are some pretty impressive results when you compare them to established brands with more resources and budgets!


What could they do to improve their performance?

This page has been doing an excellent job of engaging its community, but here are a few improvements they could make to give them an edge:



Brand-new images from their logo



Try different kinds and types of material, e.g., Link image previews or Video.



Make your Facebook profile picture fit inside the box



Make use of Facebook’s cover image. Facebook cover image and include an action call or URL



Make more Facebook competitions that help you capture leads

What are the main lessons you can apply to your website

After reviewing an analysis of the main methods, Chocolate for Breakfast is seeing positive results on its Facebook page.

Here are some critical steps you can take to optimize your Facebook page for greater engagement and tremendous success on Facebook:



Do your research on Facebook’s content before posting



Check out Facebook Insights for help to identify the best content to use.



Use high-quality images when you post your content to your Facebook page.



Ask your fans questions to get feedback



Your images can be branded with your logo/website



Credit sources when sharing images that you have gotten from other sources.

It is essential to remain constant in your Facebook efforts because the process of achieving the success you desire with Facebook can be a long, not one that you can sprint.

If you apply these strategies to your Facebook page today, you can expect to see conversations with your followers grow!



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