Selecting the Best KG School For Your Child Made Easy

Your child’s education core should be strong. The base of a child’s intellect starts in kindergarten. The selection of kindergarten schools should be made with intricate precision.

With countless schools presenting exceptional education, outstanding facilities and diverse curriculum, decision-making gets tough.

Knowing where to start looking can guide your way.

Accurate information and research groundwork will make this an untroubled experience.

You can start your search with some pointers to guide your way. 

Here are some pointers about KG school to help ease into the process and eventually find the best fitting school for your kid.

1. Finding a good Indian school Abu Dhabi

To find the best learning environment, a parent needs to set certain criteria:

  • What do you want your child to learn?
  • How does your child learn best?
  • What are your child’s social needs?

These questions can help you set the criteria for the best fit in kindergarten KG school.

The other factors you need to consider in your criteria are as follows:

2. Location of school

It might not seem like much, but the location of the Indian school Abu Dhabi matters a lot. Location is an important criterion to keep in mind.

Finding a good kindergarten school in your locality is important. You don’t want your child to spend unnecessary time commuting.

Some schools also provide transport services for their students.

3. Facilities of KG school

The school that you choose needs to provide modern facilities. Some of the best schools in Abu Dhabi provide the best facilities to their students.

However, ensure the kindergarten school you select for your child has enough facilities to host various events. There should be a playground, auditoriums, chemistry & physics labs, well-equipped maths labs, and much more.

You just need to ensure that the facilities should make your child grow & learn.

4-   Curriculum of KG school

In Abu Dhabi, kindergarten KG schools provide a bilingual curriculum. The curriculum mental-intellect centric with physical & spiritual upliftment.

Early childhood education has a great impact on a child’s life.

CBSE, ICSE, UK, IB curriculum, UK curriculum, US curriculum, Montessori, etc., are some important curricula offered for kids in Abu Dhabi.

Have a detailed knowledge of the school’s curriculum before finalising the school. 

5 – Ranking

In the United Arab Emirates, the quality of education is kept in check by The Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

The schools are reviewed and ranked based on the quality & education they provide.

You can scout the ranking of each Indian School Abu Dhabi separately on the internet.

6 – Teaching standards

As leading international schools in Abu Dhabi, look for exposure programs introduced by the school board for KG schools.

The school should provide multiple curricula, teaching standards, and international pedagogy based on student preference.

The school must foster each kid with a holistic approach to versatility objectives.

With an eligible teaching faculty, the school can imply effective teaching methods.

The teachers should be well in tune with the children & communicate their progress & report to parents.

A maintained teaching faculty can ensure the standard of education in a school. 

7 – Child Development

Alongside facilities and teaching standards, overall child development is equally essential.

Each kid must be provided with several opportunities to develop under pressurised circumstances.

Ensure not only mental development through the classroom but extracurricular & cultural activities are also crucial aspects of a school program.

The school you choose for your child must encourage sportsmanship, self-confidence, intellectual levels, self-esteem, critical thinking, and experiential learning. All these attributes your child gains will make them an upstanding citizen of the 21st century. 

8 – Schooling cost

From a parent’s perspective, it’s an important criterion you need to pay attention to.

If a school is out of your budget, there is no meaning in looking after the details.

In Abu Dhabi, schools with varied fee ranges enable parents to choose the perfect school for their kids.

In a fee structure, besides tuition fees, many more factors are considered in one budget. So, make a choice not to regret it later. 

9 – Merit

To decide based on the school’s performance, you need to look at the previous success story record.

The official school website will get you these records.

Some international schools will have updated news about the credibility duly posted. Look for a kg school with credibility as merit to further continue with high schooling.

You can see records, awards won, and other necessary information.

Your ideal choice should be a school with high scores and consistent progress reports. The school with such credibility indicates they pay attention to your child’s needs.

These are the school types you should look for. 

10 – Campus

Before you finalise a kg school, you need to do one more thing.

Ensure that the school you like promises the best for your child and provides it.

How can you ensure your kid gets it? You need to book a tour of the campus.

This will help you understand the school with first-hand experience.

As a parent, you need to precisely look for certain things as follows:

  • Is the school environment suitable for my child?
  • Are the facilities mentioned in the brochures true?
  • Does the school provide well-functioning facilities?
  • Are the faculties & teachers reliable for students’ future?

These are the questions you need to have answers for, and a campus tour can ensure such doubts.

Take a campus tour of your selected school to decide if it’s your child’s final choice. 

Parting Remark

After thorough consideration and ticking all the boxes in your right school’s criteria checklist, make a choice.

Once your choice is made, it’s also important to ensure your kid is comfortable with the school environment.

One such school with all factors mentioned above in Abu Dhabi of international level & comprehensive modernism is Global Indian International School.

Check out the website to clear any doubt or book your campus tour now! 

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