How do SEO and AdWords Work Together?

Google AdWords and SEO work well together because the purpose of both is to get your content in front of the customers on SERP (search engine result page). AdWords helps you create an ad and promote your content by targeting the particular keywords, while SEO helps your site getting organic rankings that will show your site on top of the result page. Obviously, that is applicable if your content is relevant to customer’s queries. 

The content of the page that you target for AdWords should have a strong SEO ranking on that content. This is how AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work together. However, AdWords and SEO both have unique roles, and both are complementary if used properly. 

Why AdWords and SEO Should be Used Together?

Some people think that AdWords and SEO are different, and they work only on one entity after the other one. But according to SEO marketing professionals, SEO and AdWords both should be used together to represent the position of your content and website to your targeted audience. If you have approved your google ad, it is suggested to first think about SEO St George for your site.

What is SEO and how Does it Work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting ranking for the pages of your website. Professional SEO services help to demonstrate to the search engines that the page your site contains is the best and accurate. In this process, pay per click is not involved. SEO is a complicated process, and it is better to implement the optimization for the long run and with the help of SEO professionals. 

However, there is a different ranking algorithm for each search engine. For example, if you want to generate more traffic on your website, you need to properly understand Google’s algorithm. The algorithm of YouTube should be catered to gain more views on your videos.

What is AdWords What is it Used for?


AdWords mean Ads and Keywords. AdWords is a payment service created by Google, and it helps you promote your content. After setting up a Google AdWords account for PPC (pay per click), you can target your audience, keywords and include ad title, ad text, and products or services you offer. 

After the approval of the google ad, you set up the bid. In CPC (cost per click) bidding system, the amount in dollar currency is represented that you have to pay to google for per click on your ad. This cost varies depending on the keyword competitiveness you are using. Your ad then appears on the top of the search engine page. Google AdWords help you with marketing and originate traffic on your site. 

However, both AdWords and SEO are complementary. When you set up the next AdWords campaign for the marketing of your content, make sure to use proper keywords and phrases. These keywords will be searched in search engines. And before running an ad, make sure that the page you are advertising, the keywords you have used in it have a high ranking of SEO. This process can be complex but will be cost savings and result in a better advertisement.

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