Slipcase Boxes- Why its Trending in 2020?

Slip case boxes are one of the most stylish and elegant packaging types all over the world. Protection is the first task of packaging, so they are made up of rigid cardboard to provide excellent safety to the items. They are eco-friendly due to the organic cardboard stock used to manufacture them. They can be recycled as well. They can be printed with desired information about the product as well as the brand. Graphical illustrations and images enhance their appearance. They are opened from a side of the package that may have a foldable or removable lid. The persona of the product is extremely glorified by the use of slip case boxes. They are graceful and well-designed packaging types to pack plenty of products. But why are they becoming increasingly popular? The following are some exciting reasons that will show you why they are trending in 2020.

Proper security

Security is the first task every packaging is supposed to perform. The custom rigid boxes are made up of high-quality cardboard materials. These materials provide strength and durability to the structure of the package. It is temperature resistant up to some extent, so protect the products from the high temperature. When it is closed, it provides safety against harmful elements that can degrade the quality of the items placed inside. It also becomes humidity-resistant when laminated with a high-quality vinyl sheet. This is a big reason for their growing popularity.


The slipcase box design is highly functional and provides enhanced customer experience. This design allows the use of internal padding that results in amazingly functional sleeves that offer ease of use. The customers get an enhanced level of convenience over the usage. The rope or the ribbon also provide excellent benefit to the customers. Its functionality is liked by the business as well as the customers.


The Binder boxes are different from the regular packages in numerous ways. Like they are unbendable. Are you wondering how it is possible? As they are manufactured with rigid cardboard stock, their walls do not get bend. The base and the top side also have a huge sturdiness that provides strength to the package. That is why they are also used to ship the products because of the high stacking nature of the slipcase packages. They can endure a lot of pressure and force. They do not let the internal product get damaged during the shipping process. The unbendable nature cannot be found in most of the types of packaging.

Enhanced Storage

This reason is a very exciting one. The book slip case manufacturers can make with spare space for additional products. The additional product can be the promotional product by the company. It can be brochures used to advertise the business. As these slipcase packages can hold a complimentary product along with the main item, this provides a nice and lasting impression of what a brand is presenting. Moreover, customers can store their products along with the original one later on after the purchase.

Stylish Appearance

This reason requires no introduction. As we all know, the major reason for the growing popularity of slip display cases is their elegant style. They are not like the regular ones with a rectangular box shape. They have a sleek shape that matches the sleeve boxes, but these are sleeker. Many people like their unique appearance, and businesses get this advantage as an exceptional opportunity to showcase in style.

Alluring design

The slipcase box design is versatile. Their original shape remains the same, but it can be altered in different manners to make it personalized. The size of the package can also be customized according to the needs of the product. The colors stay a long time on them thanks to high-quality materials as well as the vinyl lamination that makes it possible. That is why they can be printed with alluring illustrations and images to provide an eye-catching look. They can also be manufactured with a creative die-cut window to enhance their appearance.

Low price

With all the features and benefits, the book slip case manufacturers still able to make it at a low cost. This is possible because of the recycled materials used to manufacture them. The recycled materials cost immensely low to the manufacturers. Moreover, the manufacturing process also takes less energy than their counterparts. The shipping cost is also low due to its lightweight. They also provide branding and marketing benefits at an economical cost. This is also a big reason for its popularity.

Sustainability is the future

The custom slipcase boxes are manufactured with organic cardboard materials. That is why they are biodegradable. They decompose easily under natural circumstances after a specific period. The modern age customers care too much about nature. They like or dislike something based on its environmental effects. Like if the product harms the nature in any way like harmful manufacturing process, production of toxic elements, or not decomposing after some time. All these threats make people hate a specific brand that produces that product. In the same way, businesses that pay attention to sustainability, people like them. That is why these cases are trending in 2020. Nothing can justify the persona of specific products than a creatively designed custom slipcase box. Many people do not know the reasons for their popularity. That is why we have concluded some of the top reasons that show why they are trending in 2020.

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