Start an On-Demand Roadside Assistance App and Elevate Revenue

Visiting new places using a car is fun until your car breaks down in the middle of the road. In such a scenario, you only have two options. Either try to fix the issue yourself or call for help.

Most people need their vehicle to be towed to the nearest repair station. But, how can we do that?. Searching online may find you some road assistance services. But, they may not be very useful as they may not have the correct equipment to tow the vehicle.

Essential Features of each interface of the Uber For Towing Service App:

User Dashboard:

Instant Booking option:

The vehicle users can utilize the real-time booking facility. We can view the list of available tow truck operators around the circumstance of the area. Depending on the needs of the users can choose a specific driver and a technician. And this is critical in case of emergencies where there is any risk of life and property.

Live Tracking of Service Providers:

The movement of the tow truck professionals can be tracked by the customers. The customers will be notified about the status of the tow truck on their smartphones. After checking the estimated time of arrival the vehicle owners can schedule their plans effectively.

Multi ways of Technical Support:

The customers can contact the service providers by using e-mail, live chat, and phone. They can contact the service providers for booking appointments, processing transactions, refunds, and replacement of spare parts.

Numerous Payment Options:

For processing transactions, the customers can use multiple gateways. They can use credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and other transactions. The users can view their previous history of payment in the application. This will be useful in the future in case of financial disputes.

Rating and Review Systems:

The customers can share their feedback transparently in the uber for tow truck app. They can publicly rate the quality of services provided by going through the reviews and the admin will take prompt action to resolve the problem.

Social Media Login Mechanism:

The customers can sign in quickly to the Uber For Tow Truck App by using social media login like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. This will help to get various tow truck services like flatbed, hydraulic and normal.

Driver Dashboard:

Profile Panel:

The truck operators can register on the on-demand roadside assistance app. They can upload the details of the driver’s age, gender, location, skills, and work experience. The drivers can update their profiles anytime. This creates a safe feeling for the customers.

Route Optimization Mechanism:

The route optimization feature makes the user reach the location of the customers quickly. Using the appropriate tow truck solutions would help vehicle owners. They can be flatbed, hook, chain, or else wheel lift.

Toggle Availability Button:

The drivers can manage their availability by using the toggle button, if the user turns on their availability the admin will allocate the service booking from the vehicle owners according to the convenience of the tow truck operators.

Income Withdrawal Option:

The drivers can withdraw their earnings either daily, weekly, or monthly. They can sync their bank accounts with e-wallets. Moreover, the riders can View the total income over a period of time (bonus, commission, and tips).

Live Chat Facility

Not getting clear communication will lead to confusion, so the drivers can directly interact with customers via the real-time chat option. Moreover, the images and videos can be shared by the users with vehicle holders. The miscommunication will lead to reaching the wrong destinations or will not be able to move the vehicle because of not having the opt support materials.

Admin Dashboard:

Commission Management:

The admin will take a part of the earnings made by the application. The admin will directly take the commission fees from the wallets of the service providers. The admin can fix the percentage of the commission.

Tow Truck Management:

The Admin can manage the trucks and allocate the trucks for the breakdown vehicles based on the review they gained for the previous services they provided. This will help to provide a quality service to the user.

Live Tracking:

The admin can also check the live location of the service providers and track them while performing their service. This will avoid the service providers giving late services.

Review Management:

The reviews will be shared by the users faced by the customers while providing services. This rating will help to sort out the difficulties faced by the users and increase the quality of the service.

What are the Ways To Make Money with a Towing Service App?

Commission Fees:

This is a very common way to make revenue where the admin receives a commission fee every time the customer pays for the booking. The commission fee is not fixed and it can vary as per the service type and distance of the service provided.

Featured Listings:

The service provider has to pay a fee to the app owner to display their services in the top sections of the app. The admin will feature their name for a certain period by Paying a small number of fees. The feature listing is a way to generate revenue.

Waiting Time Fees:

The service providers have to wait in case the vehicle is impossible to tow immediately. So in such cases, the service provider can charge an amount for waiting time on an hourly basis.

Cancellation Charges:

If the user cancels the car towing service, then you can charge a penalty fee from the refund amount and generate some extra money.

Subscription Plans:

By making the users and service providers subscribe to membership to access special features in the app. By developing the app with special features that increases the temptations of users to buy the subscription plans. The subscription fee should not be too cheap or too costly for the users so that more people can subscribe and we can increase the revenue.

Wrapping Up,

In this blog, we came to know about the methods to start an On-demand roadside Assistance App with the essential features of different interfaces and the ways to make revenue.

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