The Effective Tactics Behind the Formulation of an ICO Marketing Strategy

Sometimes, the difference between resounding success and outright failure of a project lies in the efficiency of the ICO Promotion strategy

Here are some aspects to focus on for reaching the minds of your target audience 

  • Concentrate on the Whitepaper – Make your whitepaper as comprehensive as possible. Include details about the solution rendered by your project, the economic aspects of your token, the reasons why investors should purchase the token, and the plans to make your project sustainable. 
  • Share an insightful explainer video – Create a 1-2 minute video explaining the prevailing problem and the solution offered by you. It is best to hire a freelance video creator and editor in case you do not have an in-house team for executing the task. 
  • Enhance your websiteInclude all the latest developments of your project on your website especially regarding the roadmap, the solution offered, description of all your team members and advisors, any customer reviews, and your social media links. Make sure that your site is SEO-friendly for boosting your traffic by many notches on the popular search engines such as Google and Bing. Avoid stuffing keywords related to your project at any cost. Overall, the website should have a simple user interface and must be easy to navigate with a clear call to action. 
  • Establish your presence on social media – Ensure that your project gets featured on the leading platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, and Medium. Hire a dedicated team to manage the accounts regularly. 
  • Develop the token – Before establishing the token for your ICO, decide the blockchain network where you will create it. You can utilize tools like Forkgen for forking another blockchain and using the same properties of some other cryptocurrency. In case you plan to build your token on the Ethereum network, develop an ERC20 token. 

Other tools that can be used for capturing your leads 

  • Utilize Facebook’s retargeting tool – Displaying banner ads and display ads is an effective way to convert visitors to your site to token buyers. You can also create ads for specific audiences based on their age, interests, and location. Retargeting should be done for the people who have visited your webpage, those who signed up and left, and people who selected a product but did not buy it. 
  • Make use of Google Ads – Create a Google Analytics account and show targeted ads to people who have performed a specific action on your page. It can be used both for retargeting and for acquiring new customers for your project. 
  • Try using web push notifications – The small popups that appear on a phone or a browser are popularly known as web push notifications. They help in getting the immediate attention of the users to take the desired action. It also assists in increasing the return traffic, offering an opt-in choice, receiving good quality leads, and improving the overall outreach. 
  • Publish your ICO on the leading rating and reviews sites – Showcase your project on platforms such as ICOBench to get a broader reach among the investor community. They have two different types of rating, bot rating and expert rating. Include all the details about your team members, start and end date of your ICO, the number of tokens offered for sale, soft and hard cap, whitepaper, and links to all your social media channels. Disclose details about your project’s vision, the timeline of the product, and how it will change the crypto space and the world for the better. Expert reviews are free and fetch a healthy amount of traffic. It will increase the exposure and coverage of your project. 
  • Hire popular influencers – Get your ICO reviewed extensively by top YouTubers and Crypto podcasts. They will help your project get favourable opinion and more traction in the market. Beware of fake YouTubers who resort to buying likes, shares, and followers. Check their channel and the comments posted by their followers. Effective engagement will only bring investors to your project. 
  • Indulge in public relations – Maintain a healthy relationship with the leading crypto-focussed news sites and other media outlets. You can also advertise your project on the leading discussion forums, blogs, groups, and channels. Several websites publish your press release for free. You can also hire reliable ICO marketing agencies for a budget to handle all the PR and media outreach. Hence, do extensive market research and create good content for going viral easily. 
  • Use email marketing – Share engaging newsletters, product updates, and other enticing offers to your investors via email after obtaining their consent using an opt-in/ sign up strategy. Make use of triggered email sequences an autoresponder tool to save time. 
  • Organize bounty campaigns – It involves the distribution of attractive incentives and rewards to individuals for doing specific tasks related to the promotion of your ICO. It is important to strike a balance in executing bounty programs as giving away too many free tokens may indicate the possibility of a scam. On the other hand, giving away too little tokens will not motivate people to assist you in the execution of your marketing campaign. 
  • Participate in popular events and conferences – It is the best way for you to communicate about your ICO face to face with the leading industry experts and professionals from various fields. They help in generating a good return on your investment. It helps in getting much-needed trust and strike a profitable deal. Without a visible presence in the yearly events calendar, your ICO will not achieve any success. 

The road ahead for ICO Promotion Services

With a huge number of ICO’s being launched currently and many more in the pipeline, the competition has been very intense. It will be more challenging to market a project successfully in the future amidst the regulatory uncertainty and the advertising restrictions imposed by the big technology companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. A multi-faceted marketing strategy would be required during both pre-launch and post-launch phases along with the adequate allocation of resources and expertise. Overall, the ICO promotion strategy must create a favourable first impression and optimize the potential of the whole project. 

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