The Importance of Washing Your Fruits And Veggies

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Research shows that over 45 million people are sickened by consuming harmful foods yearly. Foods are contaminated by various factors, such as bacteria and germs from the surrounding. Thus, you are always advised to clean the edible products before eating them. This article explains the benefits of cleaning fruits and veggies before eating them. Keep reading to learn more.

You Can Remove Some Pesticides And Herbicides

Pesticides are vital because they keep insects away from your farm produce. When the insects invade your garden, they destroy the product, thus reducing productivity. In addition, they can spread infections if you eat the affected veggies. Despite the advantages of the chemical on your produce, they may leave some residue. When consumed, the substances cause serious health concerns.

Thus, you should ensure they are clean before eating them. Washing using running water may not remove the chemicals effectively. Consider using a vegetable and fruit disinfectant. It removes all hazardous substances to ensure your loved ones eat clean and healthy foods. Alternatively, use Hydroponics gardening chemicals since they are safe and create a beneficial environment. 

It Prevents Cross Contamination

Your produce can become contaminated at various stages, for instance, during germination, by harmful substances in the soil or water. Or when they come into contact with animals. Furthermore, improper storage can contaminate the fruits and vegetables after harvesting. So, cleaning them to remove all the contaminants would be best.

If you have poor hygiene, the chances of cross-contamination are high. It occurs in the kitchen during food preparation. Raw meat may get into contact with the fruits on the chopping boards, utensils, or counters. Wash the veggies and fruits and place them on a clean surface. In addition, wash the chopping boards and utensils more often. After cleaning, keep them on separate plates to separate raw and cooked foods.

You Remove Dirt And Debris

It is usual for dust particles to accumulate on the outside surface of fruits and veggies because they are grown in the outdoor environment. Although some of these substances, like soil and sand, aren’t harmful to your health, they ruin the taste of the farm produce. It would be helpful to clean them before consumption to remove the gritty taste.

Hold the soft fruits under a tap of cold running water. If they have hard skins, you can scrub them using a brush. Wash the greens by swirling their leaves in a bowl of cold water. Remember to dry all the fruits after washing them with a clean paper towel. Also, avoid soap and other detergents because they are not required. This will help your fruits maintain their great taste.

It Removes Bugs

As mentioned, greens and fruits are grown in the outdoor space. Different weather elements, including pests and insects such as aphids and flies, get into contact with them before you do. If not sprayed, they remain on their surfaces until harvest season. They also have negative effects on the quality of the produce.

If you opt to have a vegetable salad, a few of these insects may end up on your plate. Some insects leave behind traces of their skin and larvae on the surfaces of the fruits. This may cause allergic reactions if you consume them unwashed. Thus, it’s a good reason to clean veggies and fruits before eating.

You Get Rid Of Germs

Raw fruits and veggies can harbor germs that cause foodborne infections. The microorganisms lead to symptoms of food poisoning, such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upsets, and fever. In severe circumstances, they can cause death. Your family is more vulnerable if they are aged or have weakened immune systems. The safest way to eat the produce, whether raw or cooked, is by washing them thoroughly.

Clean them using running water even if you don’t plan to eat the peels. This is helpful because germs from the peel may get into the fruit once you cut it. If the fruits have damaged parts, cut them away before preparing them for consumption.


Fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest things that you should consume. So practice proper hygiene every time you get into the kitchen to prepare a meal or salad. Wash them and clean the cutting areas thoroughly to ensure germs do not get into the foods. Otherwise, you will risk contracting food poisoning.


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