The Myth of the Instagram Shadowban

Individuals and brands alike frequently are in a state of confusion when they notice an increase in engagement. Could it be the Instagram shadowban at fault? There are a variety of reasons why that an account could start to have lower engagement. However, the majority of people will blame their Instagram troubles on something far that is more sinister than the actual issue that is Instagram Shadowban. Some people think that buying Instagram followers can cause shadow ban but it’s not more than a myth.

It is possible that you don’t even know what it means to be shadowbanned. Why should you justify this phenomenon as the cause of your lack of engagement? Let’s find out the meaning behind the shadowban and where the story originated, and discover the truth about it: The Instagram shadowban is really an untruth.

Grow Your Instagram Engagement

Knowing what the Instagram Shadowban What is exactly does it mean being “shadowbanned?” The concept of a shadowban isn’t new. People have complained about shadow banning across various platforms for years. Shadow banning is the term used to describe content of a user being removed by the platform. Making it difficult for followers to find the content.

The idea behind shadow banning is to hide the content of a user and not letting them know. That their content isn’t being seen by the number of people it could. Anyone who believes they’ve been shadowbanned on their Instagram account. Has been banned may use a specific hashtag in their post, then search for the hashtag on another account, but may not find the post.

Broken or banned hashtags

A lot of people believe that you could be placed in “Instagram prison” when you use hashtags that are not allowed or broken on your posts. Banned hashtags are Instagram’s attempt to stop accounts that are spam; popular hashtags are usually prohibited, and if you choose to use hashtags, your account or post may be classified as spam. Broken hashtags are those that were deleted (or reduced) by Instagram because they’re packed with content that is inappropriate for Instagram.

Software that is in violation of the TOS

While the use of these types of programs doesn’t necessarily apply to the shadowban because, in the end it’s just an untruth, it’s not a great option.

Utilizing software that doesn’t conform to Instagram’s rules of service could cause your account to be banned! It’s best to utilize software that is approved and secure.

Converting a business account into personal accounts

A few people suggest that moving from an account for business to a personal one can keep you from being banned prohibited from shadow banning. The logic behind this claim the reason is that a company account can be better used to market as opposed to a personal one. There’s not any evidence that supports this aspect of the myth.


The Truth about the Reasons for Your Low Engagement

Before you begin Goggling “am I banned from shadow banning?” wait! There’s a high likelihood of finding reports blaming your usage. Of hashtags as the reason why you don’t get the usual amount of comments and likes. Keep in mind that Instagram has declared that shadow banning isn’t a real. Phenomenon and that user’s posts won’t be hidden due to the use of too many hashtags or using the same hashtags. To buy fake Instagram likes is also a factor that lessen your engagement rate but it’s boost your sales ratio.

The notion of the Instagram shadowban is actually an untruth. In the real world, users who have seen a decrease in comments, likes as well as their overall followership will likely be feeling the consequences of the changes to the algorithm of Instagram.

Quality Content

Concentrate on focus on the good quality and value of your content you publish. Feeds that are curated with attractive photos always do better than those who share less quality photos. If the content is in line to your brand’s image then you could opt to go with a minimalist feed that posts photos using plenty of white. Some businesses may add a splash of color, based on their brand identity. A business with blue and orange as its brand colors, for instance could decide to use a lot of blue and orange on the Instagram feed.

Call to Action

Next, make an effort to include calls-to action to your captions. In order to stimulate responses and overall engagement, make sure you include such statements as “What are your thoughts? Tell us your thoughts in the comments in the comments below”. Or “Make sure you tag a friend on the caption!” at the bottom of every caption. A well-crafted CTA will encourage users to go to your profile or your website, gaining more information about your brand, and hopefully buying something. Explore different ones appear to work the best.


Alongside making use of CTA’s, learning what is true about shadow banning ought to motivate you to incorporate. Additional hashtags in your social media marketing campaign. Furthermore, companies that include hashtags in their posts see 12.6 percent more engagement than Instagrammers who do not. What do you think your hashtag strategy should include? Include multiple hashtags in every post, and aim for a mix of smaller and bigger hashtags.

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Location Geotag

The final solution for lower engagement would be to mark your area. If you tag your location you’re basically visiting a specific location whether it’s brick-and-mortar or a well-known city. Additionally, by having your content appear in searches for the place. You’ll also be in a position to increase your audience’s engagement by 79 percent by adding the location tag. If your store does not have an address tag it is possible to create one making use of Facebook’s “Create the Location” option on Facebook.

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