The Role Of Employee Health Screening To Engage Them In Healthier Behaviors

As countrywide movement restrictions strat easing and as the country embraces renewed economic activity post the lockdown, employers are taking different initiatives to help their employees to undergo a comprehensive employee health screening for different ailments or disease and COVID-19. Employers are increasingly shifting their focus on employee healthcare and plan to invest in and prioritize employees’ wellbeing at the workplace.

Nowadays, most employers are well equipped to help their employees maintain a healthy lifestyle. A recent objective that has gained a lot of traction is employee health screenings. As per a recent study, almost 35% of the 800 participant employers were actively considering the option of conducting employee health screening events when the employees can safely resume work at the premises.

For those who are still on the midline on whether to conduct employee health screenings or not, here are the top four reasons why employers need to implement employee health screenings as a part of employee wellness initiatives at the workplace.

Promotes good health
The latest study confirms that around 60% of employers include employee health screening in their overall employee wellness programs. If the program is integrated properly with the wellness plan at the worksite, then employee health screenings greatly help in reducing many health risks, improving employee health, and reducing the cost of receiving healthcare. Plus, proper employee health screenings will also improve the performance and productivity of the employees.

Almost 41% of employers reported greater improvement in employee health, and almost 31% of them reported lower costs of healthcare when employee health screenings were made a part of the worksite wellness programs.

Engages employees with their health

Employee health screening is a kind of examination to measure and analyze the health risk factors of the employees, such as cholesterol levels, body weight, glucose, and blood pressure. Employee health screenings encourage your employees to identify the underlying issues within their bodies and follow healthy habits.

Provides baseline

The employee health testing offers a basic assessment of the health status of your employees with respect to their blood pressure, fat percentage, blood glucose, triglycerides, and LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Identifies risk factors

Employee health screenings could help detect different diseases and ailments in their early stages, sometimes much before they manifest into symptoms. It is in this stage where the ailment or the disease is the most treatable.

Adopting healthy living

Employee health screenings will make your employees aware of their health condition. It will encourage the employees to undertake different healthy actions to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Employee health screenings give important information about the health of the employees. It raises awareness about the risks, which lays the foundation for behavioral change. Almost 95% of the employees who get screened say that they are planning to take different steps to avoid any health risks and embrace healthy behavior.

How does employee health screening work?

An employee screening event is generally coordinated with the help of the employer. This event provides more effective wellness program strategies for employees, along with incentives, and promotes a healthy workplace culture.

Most employee health testing services are generally provided by a practicing or registered healthcare service provider. They provide a health screening option for your entire workforce and could also screen them for symptoms of COVID-19. Healthcare professionals usually employ the single pod model to screen employees for coronavirus. This screening model consists of finger stick, weight and height check blood pressure, BMI as well as a review of the results.

  • Additional services cover waist measurement, cotinine, and additional health coaching by a registered dietician.
  • Other medication options include venipuncture events, HbA1c dried blood spotting tests, flu vaccine.
  • Alternate services include remote labs for employee health screening, home kits, and the availability of a physician at the office.

Instant results and quick review

Every employee of yours, who undergoes an employee health screening activity, will get a comprehensive analysis of their screening results. The health professional builds a good rapport with the employees to try and spread their message of healthy living amongst the employees. The health professionals explain the risk areas, along with the desirable range, which should be maintained to ensure healthy living.

Screening for COVID-19 symptoms

In a bid to support the essential staff who return to work despite the pandemic, many health professionals offer employee testing for COVID-19.

How does it work?

  • The event is coordinated by healthcare professionals in assistance with the employer and other employee support groups.
  • These screenings are held on-site, wherein a setup gets created using chairs and tables, etc. A safe quarantine zone is incarcerated around the testing zone to take the samples and do a rapid check.
  • The employee health screenings for COVID-19 include a questionnaire about the different symptoms, followed by a noninvasive body temperature check.
  • If the test results are negative, the employees will be asked to rejoin work. If an employee tests positive for the virus, they will be asked to implement different measures, including quarantine, to fight the disease and emerge victorious after the 14 days.
  • Comprehensive COVID-19 health screening includes daily counting as well as monitoring the patents and providing accurate data.

Employee health screening plays an important role in sensitizing your employees about the benefits of healthy living and adopting healthy behavior at the workplace. This practice doesn’t just ensure workplace safety but also ensures that your workers stay in optimum physical and mental health at all times. And employee health and safety remain the prime focus of many organizations. After all, the good health of your employees is directly proportional to the overall growth and success of the organization.

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