The World of Kaftans at Kolkozy Fashion

A traditional looking kaftan is an ankle-length garment that is loosely fit with long and flowing sleeves. This loose type of dress was originally a long, buttoned robe mainly worn by men in the Middle East were made of either silk or cotton and often came with a belt around the waist. Wearing a kaftan then was considered a privilege of the Ottoman Sultans of Turkey and those that had a high place in society. It was regarded as a valuable and prized piece of clothing. Over a period of time there came changes though, and the kaftan went from not just being a luxurious garment but also a fashion statement widely accepted by women across the globe.

Since Designers Kaftan adorned by celebrities attracted attention, kaftans have found their way back to the fashion scene in recent years. Although, it would be ignorant to say that they were ever out of fashion. Having become increasingly more popular recently, pleasing the taste of both women that wish for classy and chic formal outfits and those that are drawn into more casual appearances; it was easier for Kaftan Dresses to find its space in the women’s must have wardrobe collection.

Let us tell you something special about Kaftans. They are loosely-fit, yet always flattering and freely-flowing. Despite what some people think, women included, kaftans are only suitable for special occasions and elite parties, it has gained more attention on the beach. Although it is a great summer piece, a kaftan can be much more than that. In fact, you can easily impress and turn heads wearing a kaftan regardless of the occasion. All you need is to style it right. Let us help you see where and how you can wear one and look fabulous all day long.

Occasions to fit-in

  1. For Formal & Casual Occasions

Kaftans look great on more or less all women, no matter what their shape or size is, and help hide any part of the body you would not appreciate to attract people’s attention. For an example, women with a bigger chest can get an incredibly applauding appearance with a Designer Kaftan with low V-neck and longer sleeves.

If you are into boho chic, pair it with flat sandals (preferably Ancient Greek style),and a pair of large designer sunglasses, add a soft shoulder handbag, and you’ve got yourself the boho chic outfit you ever wanted! Wear it when you go to the beach or at casual summer parties on weekends.

To emblazon your kaftan and make it more suitable for formal occasions, opt for a more body hugging design and choose a piece made of silk or another luxurious fabric. For added appeal, consider a Designer Kaftan made from layers of sheer fabric. Pair it with any beautiful jewelry to dress it up for even more formal instances. Never forget to check Kolkozy’s Collection of Designer Kaftans and Wedding Dress Kaftans. While we assure that it will be a hit, you can sum it up withjewelled sandals and add to the luxury feel of your outfit.


  • Wear your brightly-coloured kaftan with the beautiful African patterns with a matching head wrap and scarf.
  • Make your waist look tiny by clinching your Designer Kaftan in with a wide sash belt.
  • A silk or cotton kaftan will be a never failing option anywhere you go. Top it up with beads and achieve the perfect casual and comfortable look.
  • Kaftans are very comfortable and are highly considerable as a perfect sleepwear and loungewear too. Just pick any design you like and make sure the item is made up of natural fabric, so that yourbody is kept cool even on hotter days.
  1. For The Summers &Beach

You can call it as one of the most popular ways of wearing a Kaftan these days. Use it as a cover up on the beach and instantly take your looka level up. Made from a light, breezy fabric, a kaftan is a superb option if you want protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays.

As it is not a fitted garment, it goes without saying that it will keep you cool. As for those ladies that are a bit self-conscious about their body (we strongly believe there is divine beauty in every body, regardless of its size, though), a kaftan will help them look gorgeous while staying cool, and showing just as much skin as they feel comfortable with.

Pick a stylish pair of sandals and designer shades and you are ready for the summers!

Tip: Choose a kaftan in a natural fabric (lets say, organic cotton) to help your body remain cool because natural fabrics can help your body breathe.

How to Look for“the Perfect Kaftan”

  1. Choice of Fabric

Your plans define your choice of kaftan. The flowy Kaftan can make your appearance look inappropriate for the occasion you want it, unless you upgrade its appeal with cautiously selected accessories. Having said that, a kaftan made of cotton or any another natural fabric is definitely a great pick for a casual outing whereas rayon, georgette, satin or silk for a more formal event, such as an evening party. Checkout our Designer Kaftan Collection.

  1. Appropriate Length

There are multiple versions of the kaftan dress. A medium-length, printed kaftan is much more preferred for a day in the office, especially when teamed up with a pair of leggings while a long kaftanis generally worn at a formal function, such as a wedding or a party.A short kaftan paired with slim-fit jeans or shorts is an excellent choice for a casual outing.

  1. The Right Bag

Kaftan looks a bit oversized due to its loose fitting. The trick is to complement the look, small bags or clutches strike a perfect balance with it. If you happen to carry a bag, pick one that matches well with the colour of your dress.

  1. Complementary Shoes

A pair of nude heels looks fantastic with a printed kaftan. Of course, it is ideally not wise to wear a silk designer kaftan with wedges or luxurious silver high heels with a cotton kaftan.

Outfit Idea: You will be amazed by how a monochrome kaftan, paired with a basic tee, worn out denim, and a pair of white sneakers can so easily create the ultimate casual summer look!

  1. Suitable Accessories

Some elegant pieces of jewellery can make you look more sophisticated in your kaftan. It goes without saying, if the kaftan already has shiny embellishments, better avoid overdoing it with jewellery that would unnecessary make it loud. On the other hand, if your kaftan is of solid color with no fancy prints, you can upgrade your look with a sleek necklace and/or a subtle bracelet.

At Kolkozy, Kaftans are sold in a wide range of fabrics, designs and colours and can become anything you want them to be, from sleek and sophisticated garments worn to weddings to dresses suitable for a beach party. From top-end Designer Kaftans andWedding Dress Kaftans, you willalso find brightly-coloured and patterned kaftans which look more like robes that you can simply slip over your head and enjoy a relaxing time at home, by the pool or at the beach.

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