Tips to Pack Bathroom Essentials When You Move Next

It is no news that as a start to household relocation, one always plans to start with the kitchen or wardrobe. Most of us leave the bathroom for the last, or simply put them in the bag haphazardly and move out. Is that the right thing to do? Today, we are discussing how to sort and pack our bathroom amidst all the packing and moving rush.

The bathroom decluttering and sorting may hardly take an hour or so, but once it’s done you can relax about packing at least one place at a time. Leaving it out for the last moment can make things messy and troublesome for you. Most people don’t treat it as a part of the house that needs cleaning or decluttering. But we know that how well you like things planned and strategized, even if it is a bathroom.


The process of packing your bathroom essentials starts with sorting all the items there in the bathroom. Gather all the things that are of use, leaving behind all that you don’t want. Mark and keep these items separately so that, you don’t mix up while packing everything when you are in hurry.

Try to declutter all the cabinets and drawers from shampoo sachets to cleaning supplies. Cut down as many unnecessary items as much as you can. Don’t wait for Diwali or the packers and movers Gurgaon charges to start cleaning and sorting your bathroom items. A variety of strategies are available for you to sort the items in your house. You can apply some of them to sort and declutter your bathroom as well. You can allot an hour or so to take care of everything in the bathroom. So, once you have done the sorting of the items you can move on to the next stage of the packing i.e, elimination.

Elimination of unnecessary items

When you are sorting things in your bathroom, you will come across a lot of things that don’t belong on the shelves. This means that you need to throw them all out. Keep a garbage bag ready as soon as you enter the bathroom to sort. Sorting will help you get clear as to what all things you can remove and what need to stay. So, what are the things that need to be removed from the bathroom?

Start with those half-empty lotion bottles, creams, conditioners, etc. Then you need to take down those items with expiry dates and oddly shaped bottles. If you have to throw them away in the new house then why not now. You can also prepare a box, for all the things that can be given away, or donated. You will also find old and unused accessories or appliances such as epilators, trimmers, blowers, straighteners, or tongs. Discard them away or send them away for recycling.

Half used beauty products should be thrown away too. those that have been kept open for more than a year or so, discard them right away. Nail paints, nail paint remover, and other cosmetic products that may have dried out, it is best to throw them off. The packers and movers won’t shift things such as nail polish remover or paint thinner, those things you should get rid of sooner or later.

Instead of piling unnecessary objects you should use up the half-full bottles of conditioners, shampoos, body wash, etc., and remove them from the bunch immediately. You should remember that the team of packers and movers arrive on the spot and get everything done swiftly. If you don’t remove them beforehand, they may pack all the useless things up and load them. In such instances, they won’t pay much attention to the condition of the bottles or the box that you can keep all the things up. You can spare the sealed items as they won’t spill inside the box and all your items will arrive safely to their destination and also you need to know packers and movers Delhi charges.

Organize then pack

Once you have removed all the things, it’s time to organize what is left behind from the purge. The organization of the items will help you in two ways:

  • Firstly, it will keep the place clean until you leave the place,
  • Secondly, you will be able to pack all the things up speedily.

Organizing things will help you in enlisting all the items properly. You can organize them in the order for packing and moving them. Start by packing minute things that are easy to lose amidst all the rush. Leave fragile items such as wall mount mirrors, china basins, etc. for the packers to move. You can assist them to uninstall and pack the electrical items accordingly. And you can expect them to do a good job to pack them in the correct order.

Separating daily use items such as shampoo, oil, toothbrushes, body towels, hand towels, deodorants, etc. will be very helpful. Make a kit out of them and set them aside with the bag of essentials. You can also add medicines from the medicine cabinet to this pouch. This will be very helpful in the upcoming days. You can save a lot of hard work if you can get your hands of an experienced mover.

Quick hacks

  • If you are finding it hard to organize and move items such as body washes, hair oil, etc. without spilling them, then you can use a small plastic sheet to cover the mouth of the bottle, so that could protect from spoiling other things packed with them.
  • You can arrange the bottles in the small box separately and stack them together tightly. Later you can put all the small boxes inside the big one to avoid them from falling apart.
  • Use a polybag to cover all the bottles that can cause spillage. If you can then use a rubber band to secure near the mouth of the container. This way you will provide them double protection.
  • Zipper bags are quite an invention when it comes to packing and moving things. Keep as many as you can as you will need them when you are packing medicines and sachets or other fundamentals. They are very good for items that may otherwise leak and spoil other things in the box.
  • Delicate items such as mirrors should be left for the packers to pack. They know well how to get it packed so that they don’t break easily. Other smaller items should be pack by insulating them using bubble wraps. This will cushion them and provide protection during the jerks.


This is how you can sort your bathroom before packers and movers arrive. Systematic organization of the things in the bathroom will make things rechallenging for you in dire moments. Start completing such tasks one by one and you will see that in no time you are ready to move. You can also lessen the relocation a great deal by hiring reliable movers.

You can ask them to disassemble the geyser or any other appliances in the bathroom for a minimal charge. Do this to take care of the modular basin, mirrors, and other fragile items. Having them taking care of the packing will make things easier for you.

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