Tips To Save Money In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is a city where you find it hard to travel with a fixed budget. This city is not cheap at all, so when you plan a tour of Dubai for vacations, a long period of time, or for a short time, you should be mentally prepared to spend some serious cash. Like most things related to cash flow, what to do with your money is a highly personal matter, and it should be determined based on your specific financial goals.

As Benjamin Franklin said,” A penny saved is a penny earned.” So diving into the journey is challenging, but the results are fantastic. It takes a bit of dedication and discipline to get into the money-saving habit. Here are some of the ways which can be helpful for you to save money while you are in Dubai.

Top 17 Tips to Save Money in Dubai

Here are the top 17 tourist Tips and tricks for saving money by enjoying cheap activities in Dubai.

Use Groupons

Groupons are big discount deals found on an extensive level throughout Dubai. These include 2 in 1 deal and Other economic deals on the internet. Try finding something with eating-out options. There are several lucrative deals in restaurants.

Use the entertainer

The entertainer, a magazine, Cabone,zomato gold, or an app will help you find 2 in 1 deals and discounts on restaurants, drinks, attractions, hotels clubs, and theme parks.

Avail Cheap Brunch

Brunch being a tradition among the locals is highly recommended. Every Friday, people gather for a mid-day brunch, including unlimited food and drinks.

Avoid Alcohol

A hard choice for those who opt for Dubai for the party, but avoiding alcohol is an easy way to save money. The prices of alcohol are different day and night. Avoiding alcohol while your stay in Dubai, you can spend that amount on various things, or simply you can take the amount back to your home.

Overnight Desert Safari

The overnight desert safari is full of entertainment if you visit or if you are a resident of Dubai.  Experience the adventure of living in the desert where Bedouin camps are waiting for the valued customers. You can also enjoy an overnight desert safari by taking cheap packages. It will help you save money in Dubai.

Avoid A Cab

Take a walk for short journeys and travel via metro for longer ones. If you wish to travel in groups of four, only you can use cabs by splitting fare. As we know, taxis and Uber are more comfortable but traveling via metro helps you save money.

Budget Accommodation

Almost all Prominent hotel chains are present in Dubai. However, the nearer you find a hotel from a beach, the more you’ll have to pay for it. The best way out in this situation is to find a room of choice from old Dubai areas. These areas include Karama, Daira, and bur Dubai. Another tip to enjoy Dubai tour at reasonable rates is to make sure that you reside near one of the metro stations. So that you can avoid expensive cabs and travel at reasonable rates.

These rooms are mostly furnished and include facilities like the stove washing machine and most of all WI-fi that can save a lot on mobile bills.

Eat-in old Dubai

Stay away from fancy hotels, restaurants, and souks that are merely meant for luxury. Try eating in old Dubai for cheap and traditional eating. Do give the place a visit. It is the place Dubai used to be earlier. Markets, small merchant ships, and you can get a lot in amazing alleyways. Take a boat ride across the river and wander to mesmerize this city’s real beauty here.

Visit The Parks

Another series of public destinations that are definite crowd-pleasers are the parks. These parks are lovely destinations for families to spend their day together, especially during the winter season. For outdoor activities, the temperatures of Dubai in winters are fantastic.

The visitors can see the unlike spots of greenery which is not usually seen in other parts of the city. it also provides a great destination to enjoy your picnic. The parks in Dubai are also a safe space for children to run around and play while parents kick back and relax.

Use The Supermarket

If you know how to cook, try visiting the supermarket for groceries and cook meals yourself instead of eating at a restaurant.

Visit outside Peak Season

Although it sounds a bit less appealing, changing the time you visit saves a lot of your money. The peak season when people rush in Dubai is from October till march to avoid cold from the northern hemisphere and enjoy some sun.

Create A Monthly Budget

Instead of spending money haphazardly and lavishly., make a monthly budget and stick to your financial limitations to avoid more expenditure.

DIY Workout

Consider working out on your own, as gyms are expensive in Dubai. Make your workout regime based on your social preferences.

Spots With Free Entry

A great way to save money is to choose those free entry spots, like entering the nightclubs free is a great way to save money. This guarantees the guest to enjoy the dance club without paying the fee.

Get Active

While visiting Dubai for the first time, people often do not know the places where they can enjoy the workout activities and stay active completely free of charge. it is better to spend some time doing jogging near the beach, instead of shopping, eating, drinking, and doing other fun activities. You can also enjoy cycling on the tracks which often offer free rental bikes. it is a wholesome fun activity for all the family members at cheap rates.

Free Events

Dubai is known for its various and unique concepts. One of the concepts is a sports event. But many people aren’t aware of the fact that the city offers a selection of free events throughout the year. You have to purchase food independently in these events, but entry is free.

Visit the Old Quarter

Dubai’s old quarter is a place that is one of the most significant historical places of Dubai. It is a place that shows what Dubai looked like in the past. The time when the trade and Creek were the central focal point of the city. Another great thing about Dubai’s Old Quarter, other than the several attractions it holds, is the fact that it’s considerably cheaper than the rest of the city.

Here, visitors can pay some amount to enter the museum. Once you enter the museum, just spend a minimum amount to experience the great fun of the Creek on a boat taxi. Everything else holds similar prices, except the Gold Souk, of course.

Final Verdict

Dubai is indeed one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, there are many tips and tricks to find ways to enjoy in Dubai at reasonable low rates. If you have a low budget while traveling to Dubai, do not worry. We hope that these 17 tips will make you a pro and you will enjoy your Dubai tour while saving money.

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