Top 10 Features That Make The E-Commerce App Favorable

The E-Commerce marketplace allows buying and selling of products through an online platform. E-Commerce services are ruling the market by providing convenience in ordering and getting doorstep delivery. Literally, this will make the customers save valuable time without going shopping directly in the store.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 10 features that make the E-Commerce app favorable by having a glance at the statistics and the features that add flavor to the E-Commerce application.

Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace: Getting Boom in 2022:

The number of users increased in recent days as a result of the revolution in the online platform. People like to purchase products by staying at home and expecting doorstep delivery, this mindset of people led to the growth of the business.

The service provided by the E-Commerce application made the customers comfortable. So, customers continued the application for purchasing products as shopping became easy and stress-free through online platforms.

According to a study, the statistics show that the growth of the online business from 2020 to 2021 is 276 billion USD to 316 billion USD. The estimated growth of the business by 2022 will be 356 billion USD. in this blog, we can come to know about the flavored features to build a healthy E-Commerce application

Top Flavored Features of E-Commerce Application:

Rapid Registration:

The user needs to create an account for selling products through the E-Commerce marketplace application. The user information and the active bank account details must be filled in by the users to deposit payments for performing business. After the seller account is created, the user can get the product in the application.

Quicker Delivery Process:

The seller has alternative choices for delivering the product to the customer that boosts the speed of the delivery process. The seller can deliver the product to the users from the warehouse. The seller can also store and pack products by themself and deliver them through third-party courier services.

Product Listing:

The seller can list the product in the E-Commerce application. The features, dimensions, images, and available colors of the product must be narrated by the sellers if they are selling a new product. If the product is already available, the seller can list the product that is matching the existing one.

Order Tracking:

The users can add their favorite product to the cart which they can order later. This helps them to order products quickly and the customers will be notified if there is any discount on the specific product that is added to the cart.

Business Management:

On the seller login page, the sellers will have the access to handle some tools to help the growth of the business. To increase the customer flow the seller uses a pricing tool to set the price of the product and also set the offer percentage. Taking the reviews of the customers seriously, sellers can take steps to increase the quality of products and services.

Multiple Payment Methods:

The orders from customers will be received by the sellers, once the bank account is verified, the seller’s account will be deposited with the payments done by customers to the amazon clone every 7 days, and the amazon clone will deduct the commission fees. 

The seller can check the settlements from the amazon clone using the seller login the seller can check the settlements from the amazon clone, and if there is a need for help they can contact the seller support team.

Attractive Design:

The application must be designed in the form to grab the customer’s attention. Most users choose well-designed apps for shopping online as it does not have any lag and fast processing. The first impression to use the application is its logo so concentrating on design will move more customers to use this application. 

Use Quality Images that are being posted in the application. Display the exact image so that the customers will get a good service using this Amazon clone application. Displaying the working procedure of the product by using videos will also help the customers to purchase the products.

Support Multiple Platforms:

The E-Commerce app works on multi-platforms, it not only works on Android and iOS. But, it also works on all other platforms, this makes numerous people use the application using different operating systems. The customer can share through social media platforms which make other users use different platforms to check the product and order by using the link who is using a different operating system.

Media-Driven Growth:

There is an option to get feedback from the customers so that we can know about the difficulties faced by them and can find a better way to improve. The support team helps the users to know the difficulties and communicate with them to solve their issues. This actually increases the size of the loyal customer base to the application.

On-Time Support:

The E-Commerce application provides the seller with all-time support. Any questions can be asked by the customer regarding the work and service provided by the seller. If the seller needs help. The support team helps with outsourcing services.

Summing up,

In this blog, we discussed the top 10 features that make the E-Commerce app favorable by having a glance at the statistics and the features that add flavor to the E-Commerce application. Entrepreneurs who are wishing to build an effective app can go through the features and purchase an app with the features to be a favorite.

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