Top 13 IPad Mini Cases For Kids In 2022

Kids love iPads. It’s a statement of fact. What is better than a device with all the laptop functions without the encumbrance of a keyboard? Lightweight and portable, the iPad is a mobile source of entertainment for kids, ranging from games, YouTube, and their favorite cartoons. However, since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, their screentime has increased radically because of online schooling. So, keeping the iPad safe from sticky fingers and unexpected slips and drops is now even more paramount. Which are the top 13 iPad mini cases for your kids? We’ve carefully assessed the principal three elements: safety, aesthetics, and durability, and put together our list.

1. BMOUO Kids Case For IPad Mini

The BMOUO iPad mini case covers all three standard requirements for an iPad case. Not only is it made from shockproof material, with an inbuilt screen protector for added protection. The case has a solid anti-grip handle, making it easy to carry. In addition, you can prop it up at two different angles thanks to its anti-slip kickstand legs.

2. PZOZ iPad Mini Case Kids Shock Proof Handle Stand Cover

Cute is the name of the game with the PZOZ iPad mini case. The soft pink cover shaped like a cartoon teddy bear makes it fun and appealing to any child who loves pretty things. Another fun element you’ll find are numbers and alphabet letters engraved around the screen. Two large side handles with a sturdy finger grip make it simple to carry – even by the little ones.

3. Feintenn iPad Mini Case For Kids

This case may look cute and dainty, but don’t let it deceive you. The Feinstein iPad mini case looks like a butterfly but offers shockproof drop protection in a fall. The wings can fold back to set the iPad mini upright. The case also has a raised edge around the iPad, keeping the screen off any surface. Available in a multitude of fun colors.

4. TopEsct Shockproof Silicone Handle Stand Case

With sturdy handle grips around the iPad’s top and sides, the TopEsct case is made from kids-friendly silicone materials. You have full access to all ports and a kickstand case to prop up the iPad. The case comes with a bonus: a sturdy strap to hang the iPad on the car’s headrest, keeping your kids entertained during drives.

5. Fintie iPad case

This case’s cool and modern look appeals to older children with its fun designs. The Fintie iPad mini cover has a flap that folds back into a kickstand case. Made out of premium leather with a soft microfibre interior, this iPad case is great for standing out from the crowd.

6. XZC Push Pop Fidget Case For iPad Mini

Jump onto the latest trend with the XZC Push Pop Fidget Case. Made out of food-grade silicone material, the XZC iPad mini case protects your device while keeping your child up with the latest craze. Its soft pastel rainbow colors and popular push-pop buttons are a great way to keep those tiny fidgety hands busy. The case also includes a kickstand leg and is easy to wipe clean.

7. SEYMAC Stock iPad Mini 6 Case 2021

Older kids into a military-style look will love the Seymac iPad mini case. With its rugged design and reinforced corners, this iPad case means business. The case comes with a built-in screen protector and nonslip lining. It even includes a wide Velcro strap to wrap around your hand when holding the iPad.

8. Tading Kids iPad Mini Case

Shaped like a cute ladybug, complete with eyes, ears, and spots, the Tading Kids iPad Mini case is fun and lightweight. The case has two easy-grip handles and a thick, raised bezel around the device for added protection. This case is made out of kids-friendly material and is shockproof and easy to clean.

9. Ledniceker iPad Mini Case

Don’t be fooled by the Lednicker iPad mini case. Its bright colors and fun design are matched by its durable two-fold protection for your device. In addition, the Lednicker case has a nonslip grip handle at the top and two kickstand legs at the back to prop up the iPad vertically or horizontally.

10. i-Blason iPad Mini Case

Stylish and colorful, the i-Blazon iPad mini cover is ideal for an older child. Its beautiful, kaleidoscopic marble effect covers offer full-body protection against falls. In addition, the case comes with an inbuilt screen protector and one year warranty.

11. Zugu iPad Mini Case

Zugu cases give you complete peace of mind. Not only does the Zugu iPad mini case have a robust bumper and rugged TPU protection for major drop protection, but the edges have extra reinforcement. You can also choose from wide angles thanks to its seven inbuilt slots in the adjustable magnetic stand. Or you can mount it upright on a flat surface. The Zugu iPad mini case comes in five colors.

12. Uladk iPad Mini Case

This solid case offers you three in one heavy-duty shockproof protection. The Uladk case has raised edges around the screen and camera and is made of silicone that is easy to hold and wipe clean. The case comes with an inbuilt screen protector and includes a kickstand leg.

13. Tenloy iPad Mini case

The Tenloy iPad mini case is eye-catching, thanks to its two-tone colors. Its thick silicone edges protect the device from bumps and fall, while the bezel keeps the screen off surfaces. This case also has a ring at the back that you can use as a kickstand leg.

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