Top 4 Common Carpet Cleaning Methods

The carpet and upholstery cleaning industry is rapidly growing. Professional cleaners use different carpet cleaning methods to provide you with the best possible choices for your carpets, rugs, and furniture.


There are multiple carpet cleaning methods in the market, but not all of them are useful for your carpet. The entire cleaning process depends greatly on the type, use, and material it is made from. Thus, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners who provide you with reliable carpet cleaning services.


There is no doubt that carpet cleaning is an important part of any home or commercial cleaning program. Experts suggest that to maintain the beauty and freshness of your carpets, you should have your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year.


Reliable carpet cleaning services can remove the dirt and grime that your vacuum cleaner leaves behind, and they can keep your carpets looking beautiful for an extended period if maintained properly.


Professional carpet cleaners use a variety of cleaning methods to clean your carpets and area rugs. Some of these methods are more effective than others. Here is a quick look at the top four carpet cleaning methods used today by professional cleaners:


  1. Steam Carpet Cleaning Aka Hot Water Extraction


This method of carpet cleaning is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods. In this process, the vacuum extracts soil suspended particles, dust, and other pollutants. High-pressure hot water is used to eliminate all the dust particles and allergens found in the carpet.


First, the professional cleaners will apply a natural cleaning agent to the carpet’s surface, leave the solution for 1 hour, and use a brush to further clean and extract the unwanted particles. All this process takes about 2-2.5 hours max. If you are going for deep cleaning and need spotless carpet, it is the go-to choice.


All-Star Floor Cleaning professionals remain mindful throughout the steam carpet cleaning process, such as they make sure that the angle between the wand and floor remains uniform so that smooth and spotless results are achieved.


In addition, they use high-end equipment to clean your carpet. Once they are done cleaning, they will leave the carpet to dry approximately for 5 hours. If needed, your carpet can be left overnight in an air-conditioned room.


  1. Bonnet Cleaning Aka Bonnet Buffing 


It is one of the oldest and most affordable carpet cleaning services used to date. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this method has been a part of professional carpet cleaning for over 2 centuries. Bonnet cleaning utilizes a high-moisturized absorbent pad and carbonated water as its cleaning essentials.


First, carbonated water is sprayed all over the surface. Then a cleaning agent spruces up the upper surface of the carpet with the help of an absorbent pad. This method helps clean and absorb the grime, dust, and upper surface dust from the carpet to leave your carpet spotless-clean.


However, it has a downside to it that many people are not aware of:


  • Bonnet cleaning can only clean the exterior surface of the carpet, and it pushes dirt, grime, or soil further into the carpet’s fiber. In addition, the detergent residue is left behind after the cleaning, which leads to the re-soiling of dirt and attracting unwanted particles to the carpet.
  • Bonnet cleaning utilizes a high-speed machine that leads to wearing, tearing, and melting of the carpet’s fiber during the process. Hence, it significantly affects the overall appearance.


Despite its downside, All-Star Floor Cleaning maintains that this method is still common for periodical maintenance or short-term cleaning settings due to its cheap pricing. Moreover, it is also a great option when quick-drying and low-moisture cleaning services are required.


  1. Dry Extraction Cleaning Or Absorbent powder cleaning


This is one of the cost-effective and latest cleaning methods used by professional carpet cleaning services in Portage, Indiana. It is not only effective in terms of cost but also produces great results for the clients.


Furthermore, this process takes less cleaning time than other cleaning methods, making it a go-to cleaning service on an immediate basis.


Unlike Steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning, this process does not involve water. If you have a greasy and dirty carpet and want a solution that uses no water, then this is the key.


So how does it work? You may be wondering, right? Well, for a start, it sprinkles cleaning powder on the carpet and using the rotating brush machine, this powder deeply penetrates the carpet’s surface.


This technique enables the fiber of the carpet to absorb and settle the cleaning powder, which results in deep cleaning.


Once the powder is settled, the carpet is vacuumed properly to remove both the cleaning agent and the accumulated dust, soil, and grime. Due to its time-saving and cost-effectiveness, this process is highly praised in the commercial setting that requires regular cleaning and instant drying.




  1. Shampooing


Last but not least, the most reliable carpet cleaning service across Portage, Indiana, is Shampooing. If you want to deep clean your carpet and remove heavy soil, dirt, and pollutants, including the germs and allergens from the fiber of your carpet, go for shampooing services.


The first process involves the carpet cleaning professionals, such as All-Star Floor Cleaning professionals, to understand your carpet needs then apply a cleaning shampoo. Once the shampoo is applied, they then scrub the carpet’s surface using a moisture brush for maximum cleaning efficacy.


As you are all aware, shampoo, when scrubbed, produces foam; similarly, puffy foam is generated, which attracts all the grime and dust participles from the carpet. Once the process is done, a professional cleaning operative will vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove soil and leftover shampoo from the surface, leaving the surface shiny, cleaned, and visibly better.


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