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Top Family-Friendly Experiences in New Zealand

Wondering why you should move to New Zealand? Well, there are countless reasons why more and more people are now choosing New Zealand as their immigration destination or we can say that there is no shortage of reasons to make this Land of the Long White Cloud your new home. Even though you can connect with a professional New Zealand immigration consultant in Dubai to know why you should move to this country, check out the following to learn more about the same.

Why New Zealand?

If you have ever whiled away a long boring afternoon thinking you lived somewhere more exciting and beautiful place with more opportunities, then LOOK NO further. This dynamic country has always been a preferred destination among skilled professionals who want more than just sunshine! It has been ranked at number 2 position in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey and spotted on the top position on the PSS National UK Migration Survey multiple times.

Even in the recent Net Potential Migration Index of Gallup, New Zealand came out as the best country for immigration. It does not only recognize for its flourishing economy, high-quality lifestyle, world-class education, and the best healthcare system but known for its natural beauty and family-friendly attractions as well.

So, when you immigrated to New Zealand with your family, take out some time to explore the following with your loved ones:

  1. Amazing Outdoors

New Zealand is famous for its stunning and untouched natural landscapes – so go there and embrace them. You will find that the forests, mountains, and coastlines are all astonishingly accessible. There are endless options for exploring ‘foot’ and even with your little munchkins. Whether you are looking for the bush, cliffs, lakes, ocean, waterfalls, forest, or a combination of scenic views, you will get easy tracks for your daily walks. Are you interested in stepping up to hiking? There are many trails to challenge the hidden trekker in you.

After sunsets, the sky looks so beautiful with twinkling lights. The nightscapes of New Zealand make stargazing an unforgettable experience for travelers. If you are in the search of the best stargazing site on this earth, then the Dark Sky Reserve in the South Island has been labeled as the BEST.

  1. Geothermal Delights

Underground tectonic and volcanic activities have been shaping the land of New Zealand from the last many years. As a result, the natural hot pools, especially around Rotorau’s Kerosene Creek’s waters and Waiotapu Stream are amazingly relaxing. Hell’s Gate, on the other hand, has the ONLY ‘Geothermal Mud Baths’ in the country, while Polynesia Spa is quite famous all around the world for its ‘lakefront’ mineral springs. You can also head to the Hot Water Beach situated in the Coromandel to dig your natural ‘warm’ spa in the sand.

  1. Wildlife

New Zealand consists of some of the most unique and rare birdlife in the whole world in which some birds are not found anywhere else on this planet. With popular flightless Kiwi, New Zealand is also home to colorful Takahe and Pukeko, the mischievous Kea, and the melodious Tui. The country also has three different species of Penguins. You can encounter them in the South Island as well as in wildlife parks, sanctuaries, and zoos in their natural habitats.

The country has fantastic spots for dolphin and whale watching. You can also watch the rare species of dolphin – Hector in the South Island. Just take out some time from your busy schedule and take your family for the sightseeing on the cruises available to witness these astonishing creatures.

  1. Museums

If you want to explore the culture and history of the country, then there are so many museums to visit. The MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) in Auckland is a big hit among children. Similarly, Wanaka’s famous ‘Transport and Toy Museum’ appeals to people of different age groups. The best thing about this country is that every city and town has its own variety of museums. But no matter where you choose to live after your immigration, it is suggested to take out some time to visit – Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand situated in Wellington. This museum has an extensive collection of history, art, and nature.

  1. Adventure Time

Just because you are searching for family-friendly activities, it does not mean you miss the thrill factor. Zorbing, Jet Boating, Bungy Jumping, Ziplining, Go-Karting, etc. are some of the adventurous activities that you can enjoy in New Zealand even if you are on a family outing. You can also ask your New Zealand immigration consultant in Dubai about the best spots to enjoy an adventurous trip.

Final Words

Other family-friendly activities may include horse riding, farm tours, or simply visiting the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. New Zealand is a country where you can live an enhanced life along with more career opportunities. So, consult with your New Zealand immigration consultant in Dubai today to understand the immigration visa process.

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