Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in California, The United States

Are you planning a California weekend getaway next year and searching for the best tourist attractions in California? If yes, you will be amazed to see the incredible beauty and charm that you must not have seen anywhere. 

California is a magical western U.S state, connecting the Mexican border along the Pacific for around 900 miles. Moreover, it is home to charming beaches, tropical redwood forests, farmland, the Mojave Desert, and stunning attractions. Both Americans and international tourists love to spend time in the magical place for a unique experience. In addition, see the tallest and largest trees and the popular sites of Yosemite, offering great exposure for outdoor adventure. 

Begin your trip with the top-rated tourist attractions in California, the United States.

San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is a majorly popular and incredible city in America that has to be on your travel bucket list. Remember that it is home to charming hills, ocean, wide green spaces, popular historical and cultural attractions, and whatnot. In addition, the remarkable Golden Gate Bridge is the main highlight to see and admire its otherworldly beauty and significance. Furthermore, see the orange layer against the turquoise water of Francisco Bay and the fog that covers the breathtaking scenery. Book the American Airlines Vacations Packages.If you are looking for New Year deals to California for the upcoming trip. 


Disneyland is the heart and soul of the U.S, lying in Anaheim, and it is a popular family-friendly destination. The beautiful amusement park is home to thrilling rides, games, shows, entertainment, fancy restaurants, and high-end hotels. It is a combination of theme rides and vibrant cultural activities. Moreover, one can be a part of the interactive shows and other games designed for all age groups. 

Remember that Disneyland is more than just a theme park. Head to the Downtown Disney District and Adventure Park and explore the fascinating shops if you love shopping. Kids will love spending time in the garden and having unlimited fun on the roller coaster rides. 

Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley National Park features some of the most inhospitable terrains in California, making the place strangely captivating. Moreover, there are several salt fields, dunes, rugged mountains, a charming lake, and rock formations. The easiest way to reach is through the dunes near StovePipe Wells, Badwater Basin, and Dante’s View. However, if you have a 4WD vehicle, don’t forget to check out more remote places, including The Race Track. 

In short, it would be a great idea to plan day trips from Vegas and spend more time in nature. Tourists can drive through the park and wait at picturesque sites for clicking images and hike at short hiking trails. 

Big Sur 

Big Sur is another beautiful tourist attraction to explore in California, offering a chance to feel alive. Popular things to do in the area are camping and hiking at Garrapata State Park and Pfeiffer Big Sur Park. It begins about four miles south of Carmel in Yankee Point, stretching along Highway No.1 and north of Simeon. Moreover, an attractive scenic road provides jaw-dropping scenery over the heavenly coastline. There lies beautiful Lucia Mountains and Ventana Forests on the eastern side, along with more than 220 miles of trails. 

In addition, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is another great place for hikers, sunbathers, and adventurous outdoor people. If you are looking to escape to a most pleasing area, plan a day trip to the lush green park. It provides incredible camping facilities and when looking for maximum comfort, consider staying at the Big Sur Lodge. 

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park lies in Northern California, and it is one of the most-visited parks in the United States. While you are here, spot the beautiful valleys, rivers, rugged mountains, and pleasing scenery. Every year thousands of explorers and backpackers visit the popular U.S state once a year. Most of the fascinating sights to see in the park are in Yosemite Valley, and it is worth visiting. The major highlights include Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, and El Captain. 

Beyond the magical valley, there is the Tioga Road and the Glacier Point Road, both offering access to alpine areas. The largest stand lies in Mariposa Grove in the southern part of the beautiful national park. 

Hearst Castle, California

Hearst Castle, officially known as the Heart San Simeon Historical Monument, is a major tourist spot. In 1919, the site was open for public visits and built over 28 years in a classic architectural style. Newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst established the magnificent castle of 165-room, but it was never completed. Moreover, it sits on a hill at the height of 1600 feet, offering breathtaking scenery out over the Pacific Ocean. 

The main highlight to see here is a wide collection of popular art and culture. Initially, it was home to the greatest private zoo featuring zebras and other jungle creatures. It takes around four hours to commute to the final destination and witness the park’s wilderness. 

Plan a refreshing trip to the top-rated tourist attractions in California, the United States, and purchase the United Airlines Vacations Packages services. Head to its official site to check the ongoing ticket fares and flight schedules. 

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