Having Some Trouble With The Number Of Likes? 8 Types Of Social Media Content To Try

Have you ever purchased something just because you saw their products on social media? Whether you’ve done it or not, you must know someone who already did it. It may be because the brand speaks for the consumers or they just have attention-grabbing posts.

If you would like to upgrade your brand’s impact on social media, then you should know the most viewed types of content. Nowadays, people just scroll from one post to another. So if you post something that doesn’t get enough attention, then you should up your digital marketing game.


So if you want to increase your social media views, then you should check the list below!

1. Videos

Have you recently created a good product commercial? While you might already include it on your website, you should also post it on social media. You can create a five-second version so that your audience won’t skip. Moreover, unedited clips and demos are also welcome!

In addition, you should take advantage of the social media platforms that feature videos such as Reels and Tiktok. Of course, you can also include Youtube on your list as a part of your digital marketing approach.

Aside from the traditional form of videos, you can also add live streams if even you have events or activities. It would be nice to inform your loyal customers of your whereabouts.

2. Images

Images can be fun and engaging instead of blogs that contain long texts. So if you like taking pictures, you should share them with your target audience. Whether it’s your product being used by an online sensation or even your services, people would appreciate pictures from your brand.

In addition, you can also hire a professional photographer to give you more perspective on how to showcase your brand. Just add a short but sweet caption, and let the social media platforms do what they usually do.

Don’t forget to schedule your posts because some people wouldn’t want to see a big chunk of pictures from you even if it’s just once in a while.

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3. Infographics

Want to explain something but you don’t have time to create a video? Try infographics. Nowadays, important reminders, announcements, and instructions are best presented through infographics.

Another good thing about making infographics is that you can keep your brand for every post you share. Of course, you can still change some minor changes to keep it in the current trend.

Create your infographics ahead of time since it requires a lot of work. You can have a whole team handling the process so that you can just post them when you need them.

4. Reviews

Want to encourage other target customers to get to know your products and services well? Then you should share reviews from past clients who appreciate your brand well. It will help prospective clients to decide if you’re the one they should choose.

Moreover, it will make your brand look more legitimate and competent. You can post quarterly reviews or whatever suits your schedule.

If you have some loyal customers who love tagging you whenever they avail of what you’re offering, you can ask them to give testimonials on how they became regular customers. It would make them feel acknowledged, and it’s also a great of saying thanks.

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5. GIFs

If you have a logo or something distinct that would make you easily recognised, then you can turn it into GIFs. Usually, GIFs are used to express a person’s feelings towards something. It’s also a great way to entertain your audience while still promoting your brand.

You can also create memes where people can relate to. It’s just like creating a commercial in the simplest way possible. Have a hard time coming up with a great concept? You can check current GIFs so you can have some ideas on how to make yours.

6. Blog links

Have you been posting blog content regularly? If you do, you can also share it on social media. Of course, it’ll be a waste of your effort and time if you would share the entire text. Instead, you can just quote the best part of the blog post, and insert the link so they can access the full context.

Additionally, it’s a good thing to direct them to your website so that they can check more of what you can offer.

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7. Polls and questions

Once in a while, involve your audience in discussions. You can ask them questions or create polls where they can share what they think about. That way, you can improve your business with the help of those who buy it.

Aside from questions, you can just ask them something about their personal experiences that’s somewhat related to what you’re offering. It doesn’t always have to be a survey, but you can also just let your audience have a great time.

8. Giveaways

Who wouldn’t want to receive free stuff? If you received high sales for the past months, then you should have giveaways for your loyal customers. Aside from the fact that they will appreciate it, you’ll also know how many people have been following your posts.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to give away too much. Just a simple token would suffice, but try giving as many as possible.

Giveaways are also a good thing to attract customers. They might get curious about what the winner received so they might try them.


Now that you have the list of the type of content, you can increase your digital marketing techniques. Don’t forget to share with us your experience in using the aforementioned social media types by commenting below!

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