Uses and Benefits of Face Towel and Hand Towel

To outline the definition of a towel, it is an absorbent piece of fabric cloth or paper. A towel is widely used to dry the body after taking a shower or clean the surface. Towels originated in the 17th century in the city of Bursa, Turkey. These towels, such as hand towels UK, are highly made up of Turkish cotton, appearing to be a flat, woven piece embroidered by hand often used by the Turkish brides during their wedding ceremonies. These towels were often referred to as pestamel, and mirrored the supremacy and status one detained in society.

As slowly and gradually the Ottoman Empire grew, the use of towels also increased. Turkish people were seen using these towels after taking a long relaxing steam bath to dry their bodies. Towels helped them to soak smoothly because of their lightweight and eventually became more popular in Turkey.

The initial designs of the towels were presented as a narrow strip of cloth, which over time became wide enough to cover the entire body. Due to the wide use of towels in the 19th century, towels became available to the general public. As industrialization affected the world in almost every aspect, the value of towels eventually fell and became economical. Therefore, this highly helped the people to buy the towels from the shops.

With advances in technology, towels have come a long way. They are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes used for more than one purpose. Out of the many kinds of towels, two of the most used towels, Face Towel and Hand Towel, are used in almost everything. Therefore, these towels possess many uses and benefits, due to which they are being used widely by people. Let’s now see the uses and benefits of these two different types of towels.

Face Towels

Face Towel

A face towel often comes in a square shape that is relatively 12 by 12 inches. These face towels have a slight resistance with a smooth surface fabric material or some pure organic cotton. This type of towel is usually smaller than the bath towel. They are available in different thicknesses, and they are specially used for drying the face.

Uses of Face Towels

Face Towels

  • Face towels are used to dry your face and help you get rid of excess water, soap, natural oils, and cosmetics and facial products.
  • Face Towels are used to provide us with a soft, deep cleanser wiping away dead skin cells and other blemishes naturally.
  • Face Towels are used in the daily routine to make skin healthy and glowing.
  • Face towels are used for sensitive parts of the skin, such as your face. 
  • Face Towels provide good steam. After the massage onto your skin, instead of rinsing it, run your face towel under the hottest water you can stand on and take it out but not completely. 

Benefits of Face Towels

  • Face towels clean your face quickly and are referred to as time-saving. When you run out of time, you only need to wipe a wet towel, and it will pull the dirt out of your skin and remove it.
  • Face towels give you shiny skin as it gently tightens the skin and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin when the texture of the fabric is moist.
  • Face towels can help you to get clean and smooth skin. Due to the softness of the towel, you do not get pores or shiny skin. It also minimizes the appearance of acne and blackheads.
  • For removing the make-up from the face, the face towel is handy. It saves you valuable time and simplifies your skincare routine.
  • Face towels are the best tool for deep cleansing. When you are using a facial massage, a face towel can provide good steam. After cleansing the massage, soak the face towel under warm water and squeeze, but not completely. Then spread a warm face towel on the skin and let it sit for a while so that it will run the cleanser into the pores and then wipe clean.

Hand Towels

Hand Towels

A hand towel is often referred to as a go-to towel because it goes along with the washroom sink that you use to dry your hands after washing your hands. These towels are ideal for drying your hands after washing. You can attach or drop these towels through the sink or hang them with a towel bar or towel ring. These hand towels are usually 16 to 18 inches long and 28 to 30 inches long and consist of a soft fabric that can stand up to repeated use and washing.

Uses of Hand Towels

Hand Towels

  • Hand towels are widely used for hand drying, so these tiny towels are a must for any bathroom.
  • Hand towels help in accelerating kitchen or household emissions.
  • They are great for patting your face dry after washing it.
  • Hotel staff offer these fine quality hand towels to their guests. These are placed or arranged with other towels in the washroom or lobby.
  • In the Gym, when you are working out, hand towels are needed to wipe off sweat or clean exercise equipment before or after use.
  • Hand towels are also essential for spas and salons as clients use them during hair, nail services, massage facial, and all the other treatments.

Benefits Of Hand Towels

  • Hand Towels possess this consistency of being a little heavier and quicker to dry. They are comfortable and practical but at the same time ensure comfort and softness.
  • Hand towels take up very little space and are ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Due to the minimal size, the hand towel can be easily moved from the bathroom to the kitchen area in the bedroom, and people appreciate being able to hold a towel and not worry about carrying a bulk.
  • A hand towel may be small in height, but it can be large and have a habit of cleaning dirt and absorbing liquids quickly.
  • Hand towels are made from 100% natural cotton fibres and soften any skin type with a hypoallergenic detergent. As a result, they are reliable no matter who uses them.
  • Embroidered hand towels enhance the sophistication of a bathroom and encourage the guests to purchase them, including a minute charm and professionalism.

Final Words

Towels come in a variety of textures and fabrics, such as cotton, microfiber, linen, etc. Before buying any towels, you must choose the perfect product because it will be used on the most sensitive part of your body. In my opinion, face towels and hand towels are two of the best towels that are widely used by everyone. Face towels play a vital role in drying your face accurately and making it smooth, whereas hand towels are the best for drying your hands. Both have their uses and benefits. Therefore, use what is best for your skin as the skin is the most sensitive part of your body. So, while selecting a towel, make sure you choose it wisely.

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