Virtual Events Vs. In-Person Events: Why to Host Online

It can be hard to choose whether you need an offline or an online event. There is only one way to decide: know the difference between both and analyze what profits the most to your business. 

Here are in-depth analyzed differences between them in person and virtual events that can be beneficial for you to decide what you want. So, let’s have a glance at every point. 

10 Difference Between Hosting an In-Person or Virtual Event!

You may find the virtual event a little different and sometimes difficult to understand. But if you reach the virtual event platform even for once, you will know what it is from start to end. 


  • Flexible

The virtual event platform makes it flexible to organize the virtual event. You can choose any time and date without taking the stress of the venue availability as space in the hybrid exhibition platform is always available. Moreover, you can prefer the most convenient timing and date, as per your audience and other attendees.


  • Cost-Effective

As soon as you think about conducting an event, you start calculating the cost of the venue, food, accommodations, travel, and other requirements. Moreover, you may have to spend a lot on these elements, which can even make your small event more expensive.

Hence, the virtual event platform is perfect for you to reach for such troubleshooting. These experts can provide you with various features and fulfill all your requirements within your budget. So, virtual social events are most cost-effective. 


  • Scalable

In an in-person event, everything is limited as the venue can only invite 100-150 attendees, or you can not change the ambiance much.

But with the virtual event, you can get complete freedom to make everything as per your choice. For instance, you can get a custom design, unlimited attendee capacity, multiple networking rooms, etc., quickly and easily with the best virtual event platform. Also, you can create a lobby with numerous animated lights and background melodies. 


  • Reliable

You may worry about the reliability of a venue and the facilities provided at your event. Many times the venue organizers and other helpers create a fuss. They provide unrequired things or skip the most important things. Moreover, they do not even have any backup if any technical device or other arrangement goes wrong.

But the virtual event platforms are ready for all these types of troubles. You can get exactly what you want at the event and even test before the event. Also, you can get 24/7 customer support with the best hybrid exhibition platform. So, there is nothing to worry about with the best selected online event experts. 


  • Engaging

The toughest thing is to keep the attendee engaged throughout the event. You may get fewer features and elements with the in-person events to engage the audience, and the participants may leave in the middle of the events.

But with the virtual event platform, you can have endless opportunities to keep your attendees busy at the event. For instance, you can provide hooting, clapping, like, heart, and various other emoticons for an in-person event experience and make the sessions engaging. Also, you can add a great number of AR/VR games to your virtual event platform. Additionally, you can create a leaderboard or other contest to add a sense of competition to the users. 


  • Unlimited Audience

No matter how big a venue you choose, you can not invite the attendee more than 1000-2000, which can be way more expensive for you.

But with the virtual event platform, you can get space for more than 10k and unlimited. Moreover, it depends on the type of event you want to conduct. You can even organize a 10-30 stakeholders’ virtual conference or 1 lakh – 20 lakh virtual award show and more. Hence, you can conduct various sizes of virtual events with great features and elements. 


  • Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays, organizations care about the environment as they also have to participate in such activities in order to create and support a better environment. Moreover, conducting the standard physical event can be lost as traveling and gathering at a place can impact nature. The vehicles create pollution and various other aspects during physical events affecting the environment badly.

But with the virtual event platform, you can get numerous benefits without affecting the environment. Moreover, you can connect with the audience across the globe without traveling and making other effects on the environment. All the attendees can conduct a virtual event in an environment-friendly way. 


  • Endless Communication Opportunities

It can be hard to communicate with everyone during the in-person event simultaneously. It barriers communication, and you can even lose some potential customers due to this lack of communication.

But with the virtual event platform, you can get various elements and features to provide seamless communication to all the users. For instance, you can get live chat, audio, and video calls options to talk with anyone at the virtual event 1:1 or create a group discussion. 


  • Seamless Networking Opportunities

With the in-person event, attendees may find it difficult to connect or develop a better network with other attendees, stakeholders, and other users. Already they are crowded with various people.

But with the virtual event platform, you can get complete freedom to connect and make new connections. For instance, you can get AI matchmaking suggestions to meet people with the same interests. You can even schedule a meeting with the speakers or other experts at the virtual event platform. Also, you can exchange business cards with everyone at the virtual event and more features. 


  • Provide Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting Data

It can be challenging to gather a proper analysis of an in-person meeting and know the most and least engaging part of your event. You can just get an idea using the follow-up forms.

But with the virtual event platform, you can get a complete analysis and report indicating the number of attendees registered & attended the event, the sessions & booths attendees spent most of the time, individuals left the virtual event early, and more. 

So, these are the various differences between in-person and virtual events. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know why to host a virtual event. 

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