Ways to Decorate Home with Dark Furniture to Make It Look Captivating

Bright and shine themes of home are not for everyone. Some like dark themes and dark furniture to decorate their houses.

But to decorate the house with dark furniture and giving it an alluring look at the same time can become complicated because a bit of mistake can make the whole aura of the place “black.”

There are some ways, or you can say some tips for you to decorate the house using eye-catching dark furnitures that still looks embracing and captivating.

So, without any further delay, let’s head to the ways.

Color the walls bright

Always compliment the furniture, and the best way to do that is to paint the wall with bright colors. Use white or pastel or pale colors that go with the color of your furniture. Don’t use overly shady colors and one that gives a heavy feel like red or dark blue type. Instead, use the calm tone of the color, a warmer tone will provide the shady look.

Choose the right lighting

Consider the space and tone of the room before buying lighting. Dark furniture defiantly means that you need extra lighting. Where space is not too much, hang the ceiling lights and decorate the place with stand lights where you think there is much space. In the living room and lavish bedroom, a chandelier will go great. In terms of lighting, use a warmer tone than a calm tone. It will give extra visibility and make the look of the furniture more captivating.

Contrasting throw pillows and blanket

Throw pillows and blankets are definitely the little comfort zones. Use them in a more valuable way and make the look of your dark sofa or bed more appealing. Choose the color contrast of your furniture with them and watch them doing wonder and give a fascinating look. You can choose a white throw blanket for your black or brown bed. Or some color splash throw pillow for your dark grey or navy blue sofas.

Do experience with rugs and textile

Place the rug under the armchair or bed or place it under the coffee table. But make sure that it does not go invisible. If you choose a color like brown or dark blue or dark purple for the rug with the black coffee table or any other part of the furniture, there is mostly the chance that it goes invisible. To make the rug and furniture more prominent, use light colors.

Add greenery

Greenery is always a yes. Whether you are setting the furniture with a bright theme or dark, foliage cannot go wrong. But the plants and flowers look more anticipating when placed in a dark theme. If you are going to put the plants where it is hard for the sunlight to reach, choose the plants that go best under shady conditions. Place the pot beside the armchair or sofa set in the living room. You can also place plants in your bedroom window.


To make the house look more captivating while decorating it with dark furniture, there is one and only certain rule that has to be understood. And that is to contrast it with all bright and light colors. Of course, furniture takes the whole place of the room, and the other things and accessories are meant to complement it. The decoration of dark furniture requires a good sense of color scheme and that’s all.

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