What are 4 Types of Immigration Petitions

A petition, in its most common definition, is a paper addressed to a public authority and signed by a large number of people. A petition can be delivered orally rather than in writing, and it can be sent through the Internet. In the legal profession, the word also refers to a request made to a court or administrative body in order to obtain relief, including a court order. You are going to learn about Immigration solicitors in Manchester and the types of immigration petitions.

Immigration Petitions:

There are several sorts of petitions, but we’re talking about immigration petitions. Either a relative, your employer, or, in some instances, you must submit an Immigrant Petition on your own behalf. Family-based petitions and employment-based petitions are the two types of immigrant visa petitions.

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Overview of Types of Immigration Statuses in United States:

The following are four types of immigration statuses in the U.S.:

United States Citizen: Regardless if you were raised in another country, you are a citizen of the United States if you were born there. You might even be a citizen of one of your parents was a citizen of the United States at the time you were born. A citizen of the United States has the right to live, work, and vote in the United States, as well as be eligible for a variety of federal benefits such as educational loans and social assistance. Citizens of the United States cannot be forced to leave or deported back to their native country.

Non-Immigrant Status: Non-immigrants are people who are lawfully residing and earning in the country on a temporary contract. Students on F-1 visas, fiancé on K-1 visas, travellers or business travellers on B1 or B2 visas, and Non-immigrants include people who have been granted refugee status.

Individuals having non-immigrant status usually do not want to become permanent residents. Overstaying a visa, breaching its restrictions, or acquiring a visa via fraudulent methods, on the other hand, might result in you becoming unauthorised.

Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR): An LPR (a person who holds a green card) is allowed to live and work in the United States, but they are not qualified for certain advantages such as voting or social assistance. An LPR is allowed to travel in and out of the country as long as he or she does not stay abroad for an extended length of time. Only if an LPR is guilty of certain crimes or breaks an immigration statute may he or she be deported.

Undocumented: People who are in the country unlawfully or without authorization are known as undocumented immigrants, and they are unable to remain in the United States either temporarily or permanently. They will also be unable to lawfully work in the United States and will be denied access to privileges such as driver’s licences and health insurance that are available to citizens.

What are the Active Immigration Petitions in the UK?

Following are the active immigration petitions in UK:

  1. Take steps to prevent unlawful entry into the UK.
  2. Extend the deadline for EU citizens to apply for (pre-) settled status in the UK until 2023.
  3. Relax immigration laws to help the hotel business in the United Kingdom recover.
  4. Lower the cost of Indefinite Leave to Remain and eliminate the health premium.


People who are immigrants must make several sacrifices. They spend extra shifts in order to get more money, but they do not spend enough time with their families. Some people labour 24 hours a day in order to pay their rent and expenses. They do not, however, choose to leave their employment since they must work hard to meet their basic requirements and desires. To summarise, becoming an immigrant is not a simple method to live well and to improve one’s life. It is difficult for immigrants to adapt to the way of life in other countries.

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