Guest blogging

What is guest blogging? How to get your writing published?

Looking for a break from hosting content on your website? Or on the other hand, perhaps you’re a specialist hoping to construct your portfolio. In any event, you’ve likely figured out how visitor publishing content to a blog can assist you with arriving at your objectives. This article is your definitive manual for visitor writing for a blog the correct way.

What is guest blogging?

What makes guest blogging a blog so well-known is the mutually beneficial situation it presents for all interested parties. But what exactly is it? Guest blogging, also known as guest posting, is the process of creating written content for websites other than your own. Just looking for guest blogging opportunities isn’t enough. Competition for content is fierce and you will need to equip yourself to stand out from the crowd. We’ve put together 10 tips you can use to help your pitch stand out from the crowd.

Industries with guest blogging programs use this method to promote content, tap company thought leaders, and build connections. Benefits of guest blogging include increased brand authority, exposure to new audiences, and backlinks to their content.

How to perfect your guest post pitch?

The hardest part of securing a guest blogging opportunity is choosing your content. A popular guest posting website can receive hundreds of emails a day about the way to stand out from the crowd and get your emails to read and answered. Figuring out how to send cold email effort is a decent spot to begin. Before sending guest post pitches, you need to learn how to craft the perfect pitch email and what common mistakes you can avoid. Once you’ve mastered the art of cold emailing, you can apply these other tips to increase your chances of being viewed.

The following are four things to remember for your visitor post-cold email pitch:

A customized presentation that shows you’ve investigated as needs are.

An introduction about yourself, your title, your industry, and why you’re an expert.

3-5 different article ideas that are relevant to the brand you are developing.

If your industry has a guest blogging program, offer a guest post swap.

These tips may sound simple and straightforward, but they will improve your pitch. Taking the time to craft individual pitches shows that you’re doing it because you think you can value their blog and that you’re not an opportunist.

4 actionable guest blogging tips

Once your pitch is approved, it’s time to write! If you’re guest writing for other people, chances are your writing skills are already polished. However, guest blogging is a unique form of content and requires special care.

1. Understand your audience first.

Every form of content you write should be created with an audience in mind. While this may be a no-brainer when writing for your website, you should pay special attention to this when writing a guest blog. Take the time to look at the type of content being published on the website you are writing for and discover who their target audience is.

2. Don’t overdo links.

A major benefit of guest blogging is getting backlinks to your own content. And while it may be tempting to throw as many links into your content as possible, you should avoid this at all costs. When you force links or “link stuff” on another site’s (or your own) content, it lowers the SEO value of that piece. It will also offend the team you are writing for.

3. Use branded images to your advantage.

Everyone knows that linking to your own content drives traffic to your content: but there are other ways you can inject your brand into a guest post while also adding value. Branded images provide a way to break up text and create white space in your post while promoting your brand. It likewise saves the group you’re composing for significant investment while an interesting resource for them.

Not only that, but branded images often ranked differently on Google under the image search feature then how your article ranks in the SERP. If you have branded images ranking in image search, this is another way to drive traffic.

4. Don’t forget the basics

Nothing kills a mood faster than a guest blog submission, only to have spelling and grammar mistakes pointed out. Not paying enough attention to your editing can take your content from thought leadership sleep to hobbyist hours. If you’re really serious about doing guest blogging the right way, you can use tools like grammar to keep your content clean.

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