Kanban certification

What is Kanban certification?

Kanban certification is a professional development activity that enables you to understand the Kanban Method and use it effectively in practice. It helps the individual learner, teams, organizations, or other groupings of people working together to build awareness and competence in applying Kanban across business domains and organizational boundaries.

The program consists of two courses

  1. Introduction to Kanban Fundamentals, which is a prerequisite for all other courses, provides the basics of the Kanban Method and its application
  2. Advanced Kanban covers more advanced topics such as mapping complex systems, applying process dynamics in practice, or building your training material.

The certification program is designed for both individual improvement and organizational development. The organizational development stream of the program provides a unique opportunity for organizations to work together to build out an enterprise-wide capability in Kanban.

Who is a Kanban Coach?

A kanban coach is someone who can use the Kanban method in practice. Assessing your competency in this area within your organization is an excellent way to get started.

Your company might have some people who are considered Kanban Coaches, or it may be beneficial for Kanban Coaches to come from outside the organization, especially if no one within the organization is yet considered a Kanban Coach.

What does the training involve?

The training is delivered as a blended learning experience:

  • The methods that are more traditional to training, such as instructor-led lectures and some practical exercises.
  • The methods that are more contemporary to learning, such as self-study and project work.

How does Kanban certification work?

  1. Sign up for the training

– The Introduction to Kanban Fundamentals course is delivered as a two-day instructor-led class. If you cannot attend a scheduled class, you can select a live webinar or a self-study option that includes video recordings of the lectures and exercises.

  1. Complete homework assignments

  • Self-study – Participants will have access to the instructor-led course material. They will work through pre-recorded video lectures and exercises at their own pace between live events.
  • Instructor-led – Participants will participate in an instructor-led training session with the opportunity for further discussion.
  1. Take a short quiz once you have completed the homework

  • Once you have completed the homework, take a short quiz to demonstrate that you have mastered the material.
  1. Get certified!

You will receive an Introduction to Kanban certification credit upon completing the course and your homework assignments. You can then complete further courses, bringing your skill set to what is recognized as a proficient or advanced level in Kanban.

How long does the course take?

It takes between 7 and 20 hours to complete the homework, depending on how much time you spend going through each lecture and exercise.

What equipment do you need to use for this training?

Participants must have access to a computer with an Internet connection.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

Is there a final exam?

Yes, upon completing the training, you will be required to take a short quiz with 4-6 questions. It is an online assessment and takes around 10 minutes. You must achieve at least 80% to receive your “Introduction to Kanban” certification.


This certification program is the first time an industry-leading framework for business improvement, The Kanban Method, has been developed into a professional training program. This certification program aims to create a common language and an understanding of what works when it comes to using Kanban in practice.


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