Which are the Top Nursery Primary Schools and their fees in Dubai?

A guide to the best Nursery and primary schools in Dubai and their fee structures.


Dubai is a worldwide center that attracts individuals from all over the world. It is home to a diverse range of cultures and is known for its world-class international schools. Some schools have excellent programs to accommodate youngsters from all over the world. From basic school through high school, Dubai is home to a myriad of excellent educational institutions. With so many possibilities, deciding which school is the best match for your kid or what programs are available that are appropriate for your child may be difficult. As the early years of education are so important, every parent wants to provide their child the finest education possible. Nursery schools in Dubai provide a beautiful Kindergarten program for their tiny toddlers, which may be a great start for your child’s education.

Why is finding a good nursery school in Dubai so vital?

Many nursery schools in Dubai have adapted to new teaching techniques that are a great combination of classic teaching methods and current and next-generation teaching methods. It’s quite important to find the right kind of program for your child depending on his or her temperament. Having said that, kindergarten schools are designed to fit the needs of every child here in Dubai. 

What is the average fee structure of a primary school in Dubai?

The price of nursery education varies depending on the institute where your kid will be enrolled. The average annual childcare costs in Dubai typically vary from AED 10,000 to AED 50,000.

What’s the appropriate age to attend nursery school?

Children usually start nursery school between the ages of two and three. However, children under the age of two are frequently seen attending preschools and early learning centers that also serve as preschools and daycares.

The following are the Top Nursery Schools in Dubai:

Dubai’s Toddler Town British Nursery: Toddler Town British Nursery in Dubai, which opened in 2012, is one of the city’s top pre-schools. This is the place to go if you’re searching for the greatest British childcare in Dubai. Toddler Town was named Best Nursery in Dubai at the Mother, Baby, and Child (MBC) Awards in 2016 and 2018. With a myriad of learning and creative play activities, this nursery in Jumeirah focuses on improving children’s communication abilities, motor skills, and confidence via a variety of activities including swimming, dance, music, arts, and language classes.

KIDS SPOT NURSERY: The Kids Spot Nursery in Jumeirah 2 is one the of the best nurseries in Dubai. A day-care, a play school, a pre-school, and a kindergarten school are all part of the facility, which successfully divide children into different age groups based on their learning and development needs. The nursery’s bright and spacious classrooms provide a joyful learning environment for your child. There is also an outside play area, a sandpit, and other activities to engage your child’s imagination.

GREAT MINDS NURSERY: Great Minds Nursery is a relatively new nursery school in Dubai, having opened in 2014. This nursery school in Dubai uses a Montessori method that includes a variety of activities and creative play to enhance the learning experience of the children. For physical development, there are indoor and outdoor activities, as well as storytelling and language acquisition for cultural understanding. Music, theatre, painting, crafts, and dance, among other creative activities, are used to foster creativity at this Dubai pre-school. This Dubai Montessori school offers a specialized staff of educators to care about your children and is quite handy for parents seeking reputable nurseries close to their villas in Al Wasl.

STEP BY STEP NURSERY: Step By Step Nursery, which opened in 1999, is one of Dubai’s oldest pre-schools. The school, formerly known as Learning Land Nursery, encourages children to participate in a range of activities to enhance their learning experience. To provide high-quality education to children, this daycare in Dubai uses the Reggio Emilia and British curricula. It is one of the finest KG schools in Dubai since it has an indoor play space and gym, as well as brightly colored rooms. To guarantee the health and safety of the children, this nursery also features a nurse and a clinic. 

Global Indian International School, Dubai (GIIS): One of the best primary schools in Dubai and  preschool programs for young children is at GIIS. At the start of the KG 1 term, kindergarteners must be four years old. The pre-primary curriculum at GIIS is particularly outstanding, intending to assist these young toddlers in laying a firm foundation for themselves to make a seamless transition to primary courses. This outstanding curriculum provides a well-balanced teaching style that incorporates elements of both classic Montessori and current pre-school education. 

This rare combination has the potential to have a significant influence on a child’s overall development. And, because instructors are so important in a child’s educational development, GIIS has a staff that is well trained and experienced. For a youngster who is naturally perceptive, curious, and creative, a platform that is fueled by all current techniques, such as employing novel learning tools, might be the ideal platform.


The list above makes your life easier as you are more aware of the nurseries to choose from. Select a nursery that is safe for your child and which promotes happiness and provides a seamless experience into primary schools in Dubai

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