Why is PHP and Laravel the Perfect Partner for your Website Development?

Why is PHP and Laravel the Perfect Partner for Web Development?


Website design and development have been the most encouraging and happening domains in the field of Information Technology. If you are a newbie in this technological sector and want to scale your business, a website plays an integral part to make that happen. But choosing a particular web development platform is itself a challenging task due to the stiff competition that sums up considerable frameworks and tools out there. It is quite a tough task to select the right set of tools for website development and web designing. But we all know that PHP is the backbone of web development that has gained immense popularity since its inception.  Also, there is one particular PHP framework widely used to start a new web development project, and that tool is Laravel.

Are you still confused about choosing PHP for web development? If so, then here is a clear chart representing the stats on why PHP frameworks are worth using in 2022 and beyond.

After going through the chart given above, you might have known Why PHP is popular. But have you noticed that among all PHP frameworks, Laravel is the leading and best platform highly preferred by developers for web application development due to its cutting-edge features offerings and easygoing nature.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the top programming languages PHP and Laravel framework in detail and know why both these platforms are perfect partners for your website development. But before we proceed further, let’s revise the concept of PHP and Laravel.

PHP: A Primer

PHP is a server-side scripting language created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 for web development. It is one of the best and most widely used platforms that are indeed powerful and allows you to build interactive and dynamic websites according to your requirements. As a general-purpose programming language, developers can easily add functionalities to web pages without calling external files for data.

You’ll be surprised to know that PHP is among the top general-purpose programming languages that is integrated within HTML. This is one of the main reasons why developers prefer using PHP for web application development.

Also, you can securely connect with almost any kind of database, and gives freedom to developers to choose the best suitable database for the application being built. PHP is tested in all kinds of real-life circumstances and all the major bugs are effectively detected and resolved, making it one of the most trusted programming languages by developers. Moreover, with the continuously evolving technology sector, there are considerable web development frameworks and tools built over time, making PHP more secure, stable, effective, and trustworthy.

Laravel at a glance,

Laravel is a PHP web development framework created by Taylor Otwell. It is a free and open-source framework that is based on Symfony and follows the model–view–controller architectural pattern. It is designed to support the web development process as it provides the necessary resources that are needed for web API development. Laravel is based on the MVC architecture and delivers results quickly as compared to any other framework out there.

We can say that Laravel offers the best options to build amazing and feature-rich web applications with advanced features and faster development. It provides web developers and designers with an elegant syntax that has the ability to speed up performance and supplement the web development process. All these features and functionalities make Laravel the best PHP framework and it is expected that its usage will increase in the future.

In short, we can say that Laravel is an excellent choice for developers to build top-notch web applications and make the development process smooth without sacrificing application functionality. Laravel attempts to eliminate the pain of development and makes the process pleasing for developers.

Why is PHP a preferred language for Website development?

1. Free and open-source nature

One of the most important characteristics of PHP is it is free. Yes, you heard it right! You can use PHP for free as it is an open-source platform so developers can directly get started with it and install it at zero cost. You’ll find a variety of appealing features that attract companies and help to eliminate the costs of web development. Also, it allows developers to use a wide range of development frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, and many more. So, if you’re planning to hire PHP developers then you’re making the right decision. No license is required to use PHP, this means anyone can access source code without copyright problems and modify the code easily.

2. Easy to learn

Another great reason to use PHP is that it is an easy language to learn even when you are a newbie. It has a gentle learning curve so it becomes easier for new developers to learn the concepts of PHP and start working with it. You are not required to gain extensive knowledge in web development and create a web page.If all your basic object-oriented programming concepts are clear then you can start working with PHP because the syntax can be easily understood and command functions are simple.

3. Fast and secure

There are two main things that every organization expects is that their website or application should be fast and secure. If you have ever worked with PHP, you must know that it uses its own memory and competes well on speed and performance even when using newer versions. The security provided by PHP is high and it has the ability to detect and resolve every bug and protect your site against cyberattacks. So we can say that PHP is one of the most secure and fast programming languages.

4. Easily scalable and well-documented

Business organizations might win when the IT solution is built in iterations when it comes to ROI. PHP allows you to launch various modules of the software and make all the required amendments in the process of web development. Using the capabilities of PHP, it is possible to build and support scalable IT projects with various settings.

5. Strong community support

As we mentioned above, PHP is a popular and widely used programming language that developers highly prefer to build amazing websites and applications for businesses. Also, it is a veteran scripting language that has a large and loyal community to support it. You’ll find a significant amount of tutorials, tips, and FAQs that can help new developers to push their boundaries and achieve success through regular updates.

Why is Laravel a perfect choice for Website development?

1. Easy programming

One of the most important factors to consider while working with Laravel is that it allows you to access Laracasts. It is a specific practice and learning tool that helps you to overcome complex challenges via coding. You can have paid experts as well as free tutorials that will help you to optimize your business requirements.In short, we can say that it is a lengthy yet easy-to-use PHP framework as all your information is loaded through the Laracasts.

2. MVC support

Laravel follows the MVC architecture as it is a PHP-based web development framework. It was originally developed to make it easier for developers to get started even if they are a newbie in this field. This is another great factor to take into consideration while working with Laravel because there are still various platforms that lack this context. Apart from this, MVC architecture also contributes to better documentation, improves overall website performance, and offers a variety of features and functionalities.

3. High-end security

Security is one of the main concerns for businesses when they plan to develop an application. But if they choose Laravel to work with, it offers high-end security measures and protects your site from unauthorized access and this is the main reason why businesses choose Laravel when it comes to building an app keeping security at top. It broadens the security standard which is not present in any other development frameworks. Also, PHP renders and offers additional security for the Laravel framework. So if you are planning to develop a secure and feature-rich website, then it is always best to hire a dedicated team of Laravel developers that will manage the overall structure and coding as well. In short, their main aim is to develop a secure website without compromising on the quality of the product.

4. Database migration

Laravel Migration is similar to version control for your database which allows you to edit, share, and update the application’s database schema. It directs the development of the application database design by recreating each time whenever the code is altered. If you try to use this feature in your PHP project, then the risk involved in losing data is reduced. Apart from this, if you’re using your existing code in your web app rather than using SQL, which is a great benefit that you can take.

5. Excellent community support

At last, we can say that Laravel has dedicated community support as compared to other communities.They are studious and they can easily build plugins when required which can make the development process fast and smooth. So, if you face any challenges while building a website using Laravel, you can get free expert advice from the community that can help you develop highly scalable and robust web applications depending on your requirements.

Final Note

So that’s it for the post. After reading this article, you must have known the importance of PHP and its frameworks. The features and functionalities that it offers are excellent and help you to build cutting-edge applications even if your requirements are complex. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced developer, PHP and Laravel are the most preferred choice for website development. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best developers from the top-notch software development company and start your project today!

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