7 Ways to Increase Your Website Leads by Improving UX and UI

For your business website works as a salesman, it brings potential customers to you. It is the first impression of your business, and if you fail to make it good, you need to work a lot.  

In this digital trend, it is the most powerful tool of your marketing, and to cope with it, you need to update and improve your website for more traffic leads continuously.

UI and UX design of websites are so important, and acquiring leads is one of them. Austin Seo Service can help you to engage and navigate your website and make them turn into your customer or come back to your site.

UI and Ux are both different, but they are wrapped up in a website’s structural and visual design. Let’s explore seven ways to improve your UI and Ux and generate more leads on your website. It requires dedication and time to improve it.

1. Choose color as per human brains

The psychology of visitors said that color and graphics impact their brains. It is so essential for generating feelings. You should ask yourself what you want to convey through your site? What emotions do you want to develop?
By getting these answers, you should design high-quality graphics with a good color palette that influences visitors’ interest and make them stay longer. Austin Seo service helps you well in this and you will be surprised by the result. It is majorly used by app designers and game designers to keep in use for a long time.

2. Introduce bots to your site

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Virtual assistants are smarter than ever. To create an interactive search bar, you should introduce chatbots to your site to help visitors direct the content they want. They can inform users about your business and help them to satisfy what they are looking for on-site.

Smart bot, i.e., chatbots, help visitors to navigate your site and to qualify leads. With its help, visitors are directed down to a path that’s right for them and helps the visitor understand your product better. Eventually, this process will leave a visitor’s contact details, or might they directly speak to the salesperson.

You might have heard about Robo’s advisor, don’t you? They are software designed pieces that do the job of an advisor using algorithms. It gets smarter as it learns more. Not only make your website enhanced by these but enhance your entire product with these bots.

Technology has made its way, and you should remember that this robot is a reflection of the emotion and a brand you are trying to create. If you have the capacity of financial resources to introduce a chatbot, you will be surprised by the result.

3. Optimize your site speed

Optimize site speed

If your web pages load slowly, it will frustrate the user and eventually abandon your website and move to another. In this case, you should work on the speed of your pages. A one-second small delay in load time can decrease your conversion as people don’t have the patience to hang on. If a page doesn’t load fast, then it will increase your website bounce rate. Seo company in Austin helps you implement some tricks that increase your site’s speed at a relatively low cost.

Compress images before loading them onto your website, improve your page speed. Large file size images are one of the reasons that cause the slow speed of a page. Many free websites can help you speed up your webpage. And you can use tools like photoshop to compress it by ensuring no quality loss.

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4. Don’t be afraid. Use white space.

Don’t hesitate to create space on your website; if you do it right, it improves the visitor’s experience and gives satisfaction. Look at space as something you need to add to your site by not taking anything else away.

Using it increases visitors’ attention, makes your brand appear more professional, and eliminates clutter from your site. With an SEO agency in Austin, you can make your website feel fresh and modern, and it helps you communicate this feeling to your visitor. You should also remember that white space does take up space.

5. Create clear and attractive CTA (call to action)


Please don’t make people rush as visitors don’t like it to be rushed when they’re browsing. CTA’s like, “Last chance!”, “Book now!” is old school, and people are smarter to find this dying age marketing tricks.

Your visitors already know by visual cues that what content is essential for them. Creating a clear CTA with action helps them get in the location they want to and easily navigate your site.

In creating buttons, you need to think of color psychology and consider the actual words you use for buttons. The word should excite a user to take action. They should feel an emotional connection when the word prompts; otherwise, no action will be imposed.

Improve UX by respecting people’s time and make it clear but not rushed.

6. Format your web pages

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The format doesn’t require a coding wizard to create an appealing web page. Only you need to be thoughtful while formatting as there is good formatting and bad formatting.

Increase leads on your website; formatting needs to improve. There are tons of formatting options: bold, underline, header tags, font style, font size, highlight, and alignment. By using these options, you can create an engaging experience for your site visitors. Use it as your advantage and take your visitor’s attention to things you want to show by formatting. It is a very easy way to generate leads.

You can also segment it with bullet points, not a usual circle one but go with tons of icons out there and make your point isolate and attract users to get your point what you want to show to them.

7. Use Hyperlinks

When you add a link to any page, it shows that you want your user to click there. Then make sure that links are easily identifiable visually. Text that is differently colored or underlined draws the reader’s attention and lets them know that it is linked to being clicked on.

When you hyperlink anything, stop thinking about the length. The longer the link, the more attention it gets to identify it to be clicked on. To check out the SEO services in Austin “click here” vs. “Check out SEO Service in Austin.”

Wrapping it up:

UI and UX are the website’s first impression, and with this article, you get to know that to improve it and stay updated with the digital world, you don’t need to be a tech person. With these effective ways and keeping in mind user expectations and providing satisfaction, it needs to grow in business. Seo service in Austin will get you all the benefits of improving your website with a high rank.

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