8 Simple Do-it-yourself Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Nobody likes a dirty space. The amount of care you give to keeping your home clean equals how healthy you’ll be. Part of home cleaning includes carpet care. If you have pets and/or children, you’ve got a big job at trying to maintain a very clean carpet. It is not easy to handle spilt drinks, food crumbs, and stains from pets on your carpet. The problem is even worse when you’re using a carpet with lighter shade; stains can be annoying. What you need is the best carpet cleaning in London to keep debris and pollutants in check.

Tips for carpet cleaning

The following 8 easy do-it-yourself cleaning rules will help you eliminate common stains from your carpet as quickly as possible.

  1. For mild and general carpet spots and stains: Water-soluble stains are the easiest kind of stains to remove. Should you have this kind of stain on your carpet, get a container, pour a half cup of white vinegar, and add two tablespoons of salt to it. Mix everything together. Apply a small quantity of the mix on a stain using a clean white towel and allow it to dry. Return to the area after some time and vacuum the spot to take out leftover salt. Should the stain be more serious like darker and bigger spots, to the mixture above, add two tablespoons of borax. It would do the magic.
  2. For embedded dirt and stubborn stains: These type of stains are usually as a result of accumulated dust, dirt, and spills which may have been neglected or not properly cleaned. Also, fat and oil-based stains from things like lipstick, cooking grease, salad dressing, etc. can be difficult to remove. Get one tablespoon each of vinegar and cornstarch and mix them very well. Take a part and rub on the stained area and allow it to sit for about 48 hours. You can also use club soda; it works very well.
  3. For stain from paint: Take out as much spilt paint as possible with a sponge once you notice it. Go ahead and mix 11/2 teaspoon of vinegar with 11/2 teaspoon of washing detergent in 2 cups of water. Rub the leftover stain with this mix, and rinse off with cold water afterwards.
  4. For stains from fruits and fruit juice: While biting into that favourite succulent fruit of yours, it may accidentally fall onto the carpet. You may also spill a fruit juice while pouring into a glass cup. These are scenarios that are common at home and in the office. What do you do? Mix 1 tablespoon of washing detergent with 11/2 tablespoon of white vinegar, and 2 cups of water. Make sure these ingredients are properly mixed. Get a clean white towel. Press it onto the stain to absorb as much juice as it can take. If it needs using another clean towel, do so until the stain is entirely blotted. Juice stain can also be taken out with shaving cream.
  5. For grease and oil stains: As we mentioned earlier, oily stains are hard to remove because they attract more dirt than usual. Should you be using a carpet made from synthetic fibre, this kind of stain will adhere to the petroleum in the carpet, and the stain becomes tough (whew!). Rub shaving cream directly on the spot, allow it to dry. After that, use a soft damp cloth to rub off the shaving cream. In other cases, you can apply just cornstarch. This will absorb fresh stains from grease and make the cleaning process easy for you.
  6. For stains from ink: Make a paste from a small quantity of milk and cornstarch. Take some part of this mix and rub on the affected area. Allow it to sit over the stain for a couple of hours. Get a brush and clean out the residue. Vacuum the carpet clean.
  7. For stains from pets: Dog and cat lovers usually experience this kind of carpet stains. Sometimes your dog may run over dirty water and bring it inside the house. Your cat may even knock over a container of makeup and get their feet smeared up. As they move along the carpet, these stains get deposited in the fibres. When you notice this, gently wipe up what you can. Apply baking soda over the spot and pat with a paper towel. Allow the baking soda to dry over the stain. Vacuum the carpet.
  8. For stains from coffee and tea: This type is very common. Pour equal parts of white vinegar and water into a bowl and mix thoroughly. Apply over the area and blot using a clean white towel. Another easy way to kick out this type of stain is using club soda. It has an effective way of getting stains out.

The perks of regular expert carpet cleaning

The tips outlined here can be of great help in lowering the effect of serious stains. They can even remove stains entirely. Don’t feel that this is all there is to carpet cleaning. It is always smart to get a routine professional cleaning for your carpets as you keep using them. Why?

  • Tougher stains are easily removed
  • More powerful cleaning equipment and products ensure timely and efficient stain removal
  • The stain removal procedure is more advanced
  • Deep cleaning is carried out which loosens stubborn debris especially from medium to deeply dense carpet fibres
  • Carpets are safe in the hands of professional cleaners

So, you can now see why you should get experts to come to clean your carpets. We can be your carpet specialist if you don’t know where to get help.

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