Enjoy the Summer! 8 Amazing Beaches to Go near London

Very often you want to find peace and comfort between high-rise buildings and office centers of London. Indeed, the frantic rhythm of a big city is exhausting, and as a result, we need rest. If you’re heading to the British capital and dreaming of relaxing on the sand with a cocktail, it’s time to hire a car and go to the beach. Fortunately, with Europcar at Stansted airport you can always count on a high-quality and cheap car.

Whether it’s quiet seashores or crazy beach parties under the stars – near London you’ll find the perfect destination for your summer trip. Here’s a selection of the best beaches that you can easily reach from the heart of the United Kingdom in a hire car…

Tankerton Beach, Whitstable 

Tankerton Beach in Whitstable is great for summer breaks and seaside walks thanks to its boardwalk, straight coastline and pretty row of colorful beach houses. 

There are also many cafes and restaurants nearby, especially those that specialize in seafood. Tankerton Beach is located 62 miles from London. You can get here by hire car in about an hour and a half. 


Brighton Beach, Brighton & Hove 

Brighton is a classic British resort, for many years famous for its beautiful beaches, well-developed infrastructure and its special charm, which attracts travelers at any time of the year. 

There are many cafes for vacationers, and the city itself provides a lot of shops and historical sites that are definitely worth spending time on. Getting here by hire car is also very easy – head south from London and in just an hour and a half you will be at Brighton Beach.


Camber Sands, East Sussex 

Camber Sands Beach is located near the village of Rye in East Sussex, and is famous for its white, soft sand. Also, it is a popular summer destination, which means it can be quite crowded during the summer months if the weather is fine. 

Among the special activities typical of this place are kitesurfing and riding in small buggies, also driven by kites. The trip from London in a hire car is slightly longer than to other beaches and will take about 2 hours.


West Wittering, West Sussex 

Don’t forget the buckets and shovels – the deserted West Wittering Beach is waiting for you! In keeping with the more wild style of recreation, we recommend not relying on local cafes, and take everything you need for a picnic with you. The beach itself looks great and, in addition, offers great views of the English Channel and the Isle of Wight.


Mersea Island, Essex 

For a taste of beach adventure, just visit Mersea Island in Essex. Of course, a trip takes some preparation and planning, but it can be also an interesting part of the beach weekend. 

On the island you’ll find many restaurants famous for their oyster dishes, as well as shops, coastal resorts and sports centers. Driving your rental car from central London to Mersea Island will take approximately two hours.

Botany Bay, Kent 

As one of the UK’s best-serviced beaches, Botany Bay is particularly beautiful. The sandy beach is surrounded by chalk cliffs, making it look amazing, especially at sunset in good weather. Getting to Botany Bay is not easy as it is located 80 miles from London. However, the breathtaking views from this place are definitely worth it.


Eastbourne, East Sussex

This place looks like a picture that comes to life right before your eyes. It resembles the image of the French coast, created by Monet: bright colors, play of colors and reflections of water look just like in a fairy tale. 

A Victorian beach with an old jetty that stands out against the blue of the sea is a dream come true for photographers and artists. Nearby you will find many fashionable hotels and restaurants, as well as recreation areas where you can have a great time and just relax. 


Frensham Beach, Surrey

Frenchem Beach is not only golden sands and ideal swimming areas, but also magical green gardens that surround them. These sites have received the Green Flag award, which recognizes the best outdoor natural spots every year. 

If you suddenly want to explore the surrounding area, visit the sculpture park. It has more than 800 exhibits, and they are constantly changing. 

As you can see, London is a great starting point for a beach holiday. Within driving distance from the UK capital you will find many great places to relax, and car hire is the quickest and easiest way to get there. When choosing a hire car, carefully choose a provider. Take advantage of trusted companies with a good reputation, as their cars are reliable. This minimizes the risk of car hire breakdown, while guaranteeing you a successful and hassle-free trip.


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