Back pain in the lower back is a common orthopedic issue that is experienced by many. Ayurvedic therapy for back discomfort takes a holistic approach to cure ailments that result from the vitiated tri-doshas. The lower lumbar region of the spinal cord or the lower back region is a complex body that is interconnected by nerves, bones ligaments, muscles and. The body’s parts work harmoniously to give flexibility. The lower back area includes a variety of body parts any minor accident or shock could cause difficulties.

The lower back assists in supporting the weighty upper body as well as the spinal column. Additionally, the lumbar area assists in the sensorial aspects of the pelvic region the legs, and feet, and also helps strengthen the muscles of the region. Ayurvedic treatments for backaches are not just curing the problem but also improve overall health and strengthen the muscles of the patient, enabling patients to lead a healthy and refreshed life following treatment with Ayurveda treatment.

The signs of lower back discomfort

If you are looking for Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for back discomfort Your Ayurvedic Therapist will prescribe the treatment after completing an extensive assessment of its cause and signs. The identification of the specific symptoms can help the doctor to prescribe customized ayurvedic therapy for back problems. It is possible to observe the kind of pain, where it is felt and the time of day if you notice any. The most common signs of lower back pain are the following:

  • A sharp, numb or tingling sensation that starts at the back of your lower back. It then moves down to the feet, legs and thighs. The type of pain that you experience is also known as Sciatica
  • The type of pain is dull and is present in the lower back region in itself. It can impact the movement and flexibility of the person which can cause spasms in the hip area, pelvis and stooped positions as a means of reducing the pain.
  • The pain can be caused by sitting for long periods of time. A brief stroll or body exercise will temporarily lessen the discomfort. However, the pain is likely to be back once you sit again. The strain on the discs when you sit is the cause of the discomfort.
  • Pain in the early morning. It is caused by prolonged periods of inactivity or rest. The pain can be intense in the morning but will diminish as you move about and get your work done.

The severity and type of pain can differ between individuals. Therefore, the ayurvedic treatment plan to treat back discomfort and its course timeframe will be determined after conducting a thorough examination on the patient. Knowledge of the patient and the nature of work as well as past injuries and other aspects that could be beneficial to treatments will be considered.

The causes of lower back pain

Back pain is caused by excessive pressure or strain upon the back doing certain tasks or because of an injury. While there are a variety of physical and medical conditions that can cause low back discomfort, those above mentioned are the most prevalent causes.

Other reasons are:

  • Inflammation of the ligament or muscle caused by repeated lifting
  • An abrupt movement that strains the muscles in the back and spinal ligaments
  • Disks that are ruptured or bulging
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Skeletal irregularities
  • Incorrect posture
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spondylitis is caused by an intense disc inflammation in the spinal region.


The doctor will conduct a thorough description of the symptoms, conduct a thorough physical examination and request the necessary tests to make the correct diagnosis. A custom treatment plan is developed in accordance with the diagnosis as well as other aspects of the patient.

The type of work the patient does or the position they take while working could be the cause of lower back discomfort. An Ayurveda doctor will require a thorough understanding of the patient’s lifestyle, diet preferences, routine travel details, and more to determine the precise cause of the problem and form the treatment plans and the medicines.

The patient is likely to be asked about any injuries from the past which could be connected to Lower back pain. The initial manifestation of the present issue needs to be established to determine the time frame of the problem. Patients can also provide any other information relevant to the issue which could aid in the treatment. A complete report on the patient, his or their family history and other relevant information will be created. The treatment will be finalized on the basis of the information.

For Back Pain, Kerala has Ayurvedic treatments ( Low Back Pain)

Kerala Ayurvedic treatments for backaches are provided by herbal massages, Ayurvedic medicine, yoga along with other strict diet regimens to strengthen muscles and bones. The treatment at Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, the treatment ayurvedic for lower back pain, also known as Kati Shoola is designed on the basis of the predominant dosha within the body and the root of the problem. Treatment methods include Panchakarma therapies and herbal decoctions, as well as application of herbal packs to the outside and a few guidelines to follow in the diet regimen.

There are a few treatments that are part of the treatment plan are

  • Abhyanga abhyanga Abhyanga or warm oil massage is performed throughout the body, with a particular focus on the lower back area. This technique will stimulate the body’s cells.
  • Swedana Steam which is made from herbal extracts is utilized for sweating out and eliminating waste products from the body.
  • Dhanyamla Dhara is a distinctive aspect of Ayurvedic therapies. The warm herbal fluid is poured over the area affected in this way.
  • Podikizhi The term Podikizhi is a form of massage that uses herbs that are powdered and wrapped in cotton fabric. It is a crucial aspect of ayurvedic treatments for back pain.
  • Elakizhi is a procedure that makes use of leaves with Vata relaxing properties. The patient is forced to sweat through the application of the Elakizhi leaf on his/her body.
  • Pizhichil – A type of massage using a squeeze that is made up of heating therapy and oil therapy. Pizhichi can be performed for 7-21 days, based on the severity of the illness.
  • Vasti Vasti Vasti is the method of eliminating doshas from your body. Certain herbal supplements are introduced through the vaginal canal to eliminate toxins.
  • Njavarakizhi The ayurvedic method to treat back pain is performed using rice with a medicated ingredient. The treatment aids in loosening stiff muscles, alleviating pain, and increasing blood flow
  • Kati Vasti Herbal medicated oil that is lukewarm in temperature is kept in the lumbosacral zone for a specified duration in the course of Kati Vasti.
  • Pichu The thick, cotton is wrapped around the area of concern. The cloth is then submerged in warm medicated oil. The oil will be changed regularly.

The treatment plans are individualized according to the condition of the patient, which includes the nature and severity of the illness. Ayurvedic treatment options can range between 3-4 weeks, based on individual cases to ensure maximum healing during this phase of treatment. Recovery can be made faster through the medical personnel providing the best care for the patient. Modifications to the treatment method also should be considered based on the condition that the patient is making.

The effectiveness of ayurvedic treatments for backaches will be contingent on the knowledge and experience of Ayurveda doctors, too. The doctor needs to assess the state of health, the nature of the body, and the intensity of lower back pain accurately. The formulating of the treatment plan will be based solely on the assessment of the doctor. Ayur Bethaniya is an experienced Ayurvedic doctor In Jaipur  The doctors discuss the process and the type of treatment within the team before prescribing treatment to patients.

Ayurvedic Hospital In Jaipur  We offer the most effective and safe herbal treatments that are tailored according to your individual needs. We help and heal from low back discomfort. We guarantee a total recovery from this problem and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit to make you feel better. In addition to the most advanced medical infrastructure and medical utility, We provide services by experienced doctors and staff for continuous care and support to patients. For more information on ayurvedic treatments for back problems and the treatment costs, book an appointment today.

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