Best Girl Trip Destinations in the Calgary

It’s a known fact that girls have a great bond with each other and it could be great fun while going out with your girlfriends!

For all the girls out there, you all share an unbreakable bond and that too throughout your life. So why not celebrate this friendship with an amazing tour?

You can plan a weekend gateway that best suits your group of friends and build up the memories you will be talking about when you go back home.

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So now, let us check out the best tourist destination for all the girlies out there.

Yoga Experience in Cascade Mountain

Breaking the sedentary lifestyle is essential! Its time to take a break from this rat race and breathe a little! The best thing all you girlies out there can do is to do some of the yoga. The scenic views of the Cascade Mountains can be the perfect place to stretch and do some breathing exercises. If you wish to get involved in some classes, you can do that downtown. Mount Engadin Lodge can be the perfect place to get involved in some physical exercises.

Wine & Brewery Fun

Calgary is known for beef and wine. The Jasper Brewing Company is well popular to create a beer with the help of the glacier water and the fresh taste you will not receive anywhere else. Also, the Field Stone Fruit Wines located in Strathmore is ne of the largest and the best awarding brewery in Alberta. It’s best to explore beer with the tasting buds. So if all girlies out there loves wine and beer, surely you can come up with this option.

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Lake Louise

Skipping up the winter and snowy view cannot be a good option! Pictures cannot be the complete satisfactory thing compared to when you reach there on the factual basis. So instead, you can go on a ride with your friends to the Lake. You can also get the option of a hot chocolate sip at the most popular Baker Creek Mountain Resort.

Spa Break

Calgary has the best part of the hot springs, and one should make the most of its healing powerYou enjoy the Miette Hot Springs located in Jasper and Banff Upper Hot Springs. You can also choose to further the spa done in the most popular Kendall Hot Sprigs in Jasper and Banff Upper Hot Springs. Its the best thing you can try!


If you love the historical periods and all about the reptiles and the dinosaurs, Badlands can be the best option for you! You can head to the Canadian Badlands, where at one time the dinosaurs roamed. Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology is one of the best collections of dinosaur fossils and exhibits.

West Edmonton Mall

Girls and without shopping? A big No! Well! West Edmonton Mall can be the utmost choice! So how to reach there? You need to book a private cab and then can also go through the World Waterpark. This mall has all the stuff you want! And when you might get hungry after shopping, you can reach upto the Dinner corner. So, it’s the best time to shop and hang on for a quick bite too!

Ranch Vacations

If you love the cowboy style, surely Ranch Vacation can be the utmost place for you. You can roam around with your girlies in forests across the Rocky Mountains. The Peach Valley Gust Ranch is the major family-owned working cattle that can be the best destination for the ones who love horse rides.

So time to have some wild experience with your girlfriends.

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Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Calgary is full of wildlife; You can enjoy the outdoors and get an adventurous tour at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Here you can find Alberta’s animals in their best natural habitat. Its the best place to click pictures and get the best memories for later.

Heritage Park

You can also enjoy Heritage park, which is a History Museum! It has the brave stories of the five most famous Canadian Women. It can be the adventurous tour along with your girl’s group. It’s a place not to be missed out on for all the girls.

Surely, Calgary can be the best place for the girlies! It has so many destinations where only girls can have the utmost fun! If you plan to go with the girlies group, you can get all the plan done within budget.

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Travelling with your friends can be the most fun experience, and one should experience it once!

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