Finding the Best Medical Emergency Alert System for seniors

Medical alert emergency systems have a special importance for aged people especially, when they have already suffered a severe fall in the past or has probability in the future.

Medical alert bracelets are increasingly becoming popular and they are responsible for saving lots of lives in the UK. People, especially aged seniors who require assisted living are opting for medical emergency alert system to enhance their living condition. Many family members are also looking for the same devices to save their aged members in the event of an emergency.

Technological advances

Recent advances in the technology of medical alert bracelets are able to alert them who are responsible for responding immediately within seconds of a fall, broken bones, slips chest pains and breathing problems. Now, buying these products from the market may become confusing to you as there are different styles and brands.

How to choose the best emergency alert system in a bracelet?

The devices are available either in the form necklaces or bracelets. They provide seamless protection wherever the user goes. That means, they are free to travel and meet whoever they want. Even some systems are there that do not require connecting to mobile phone. Choose elderly alarm devices that are easy to use and accessible. Make sure the devices are waterproof so that the user does not have to take them off when he/she is in for a shower. Consider comparing and contrasting the functionalities and features available before narrowing down to prices.

Simplicity of use

During an emergency, a senior person may become disoriented or confused. He/she may not find or recall the necessary numbers to dial. Identifying any code or remembering medical history may also become a problem. Therefore, it’s wise to have a device with one button system that raises the alarm with a simple press of a button. Go for an unobtrusive device that is small in size. Choosing a device that is handy, is a smart choice. Make sure that the device is equipped with a microphone and a speaker.

The user can immediately request for assistance through the attached microphone. The emergency operator on the other side can instantly notify the nearest family members in the wake of a response. With the tracking system, collecting the information of current location becomes easier.


A senior person who loves traveling or want to stay active, getting an emergency alert system with GPS trackibility can mean a lot. It helps in pinpointing the whereabouts at a particular timeframe. The GPS technology in the bracelet works accurately and ensures safe traveling for the seniors. Also, there are devices which don’t the features of tracking. Now, buying these is completely on your responsibility. Cheaper devices also don’t come with GPS technology. So, it’s your call when it comes to trackibility of your medical alerting devices.

Battery life

The battery life for medical devices has special importance. As the devices stay on for 24 hours, you cannot compromise with the battery quality at all. Staying on the safer side, you can also get a couple of devices for the required person. This will help you in charging alternatively when the battery dies. Choose personal alarms systems that stay charged up for 48 hours. Sometimes it may not be possible to find a charging station while on the go.

Is there any difference for men or women devices?

There’s no specific devices for men or women. The design may vary and depend on your personal choice but when it comes to functionality, all are same. Men or women, users usually look for bracelet styled personal alarm systems as some of them shy away from wearing the devices as a necklace. The bracelets look like a wristwatch or smartwatch. They are slim and comfortable when wearing on the wrists.

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