Burleigh Pools: Top Tips for Design and Construction

One has, perhaps, always dreamt of a backyard oasis. A pool is a major project, and one would want to handle it with confidence. With the many options available with regard to Burleigh Pools Queenslanddesigning and installing a pool is an overwhelming task.

Following are some tips for the design and construction of one’s dream pool:

Assemble a Team

One simply cannot plan and install a pool on one’s own and need the help of a professional team. One can hire a pool contractor right away or first consult an architect for design and then get the project completed by a contractor.

Determine the Use of the Pool

Determine first what the pool will be used for. Is it for family fun with the kids, or BBQ entertainment parties with friends, or for regular exercise, or for improving the aesthetics of the home and enhancing its resale value? All these factors will impact the pool design, so get started with this.

Create Wish-List

One may have many long-held dreams about the kind of pool one wants. But it pays to keep updated with design and technology trends and brainstorm with the contractor about what one wants. After doing this homework, one can get the project going.

Create a Book of Samples

If one is short of words, one can instead create a scrapbook with pictures from magazines, other websites, or photos from holidays. This helps the pool builder understand what one desires and ensure that both are at the same wavelength regarding Burleigh Pools.

Conduct Research 

A pool is a major financial and emotional investment. So, one must take care to get the best out of this. There are so many options out there – including a choice of materials like vinyl, concrete, or fibreglass. There are so many more details, and one should do diligent homework into these.

Find the Best Pool Builder

After deciding on the nature and design of the pool, one must zero into the best pool building professional. Check for references from friends, local associations of pool builders, etc. A good builder will provide one with samples of previous work and a list of references of former and current clients. One will be in the long haul with the builder, so make sure that the latter suits one’s project and makes one comfortable from the start.

Consider Weather

The weather in one’s locality will much impact the design of the pool. People in cold areas will need covers for the pool and heating features. Those in wet areas will like indoor pools. Such factors will play a great role in the design and installation of Burleigh Pools.

Set a Budget

Possibly, one will know how much one can afford to spend on one’s pool, but it is best to consult the builder and discuss what the various options are possible within your financial constraints. The builder will ideally listen to one’s ideas and help in preparing a cost estimate for the same. Based on the latter, one may have to tweak one’s plans or try to arrange for extra finances.

Consider Expenses

Expenses on a pool do not end with design and installation. There are some ongoing costs such as the cost of chemicals, opening and closing expenses, maintenance costs, and cost of equipment and utilities. One must consider all these in a long-term budget.

Pool Size

This is mainly a matter of personal choice. A few persons love to have only a pool and patio, while others would want to include grassy areas in the new landscape.

Local Zoning Codes

One can leave this concern to the builder, but it is always better to know the rules oneself. Some laws cover the height of perimeter fences, and some insist on locks to the fences. One must inquire about property tax issues, noise policies, building restrictions, and building permits.

Arrange Insurance

While setting a budget, one must think long-term. Get in touch with one’s insurance company and determine whether owning a pool impact one’s homeownership policy. This helps to avoid nasty surprises.

Include Maximum Features at the Start

In case one has a thing for pool accessory features like waterfalls, grotto, fountains, LED lights etc., it is good to include as much as one can afford at the start of the project. Usually, it is tough and more expensive to retrofit such features.

Safety Issues

Apart from the regular fencing of pools, one must consider all other safety needs of the pool. Swimming pools may be equipped with alarms to notify one when anyone enters the pool. Other features include security alarms and child-proof locks.

Timeline for Building Pools

One can anticipate a little slowing down of the pool project, especially if the weather or mother nature does not cooperate. Inground pools can take around 3 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. It takes only a few hours to few days to install an above-ground pool.

In sum, these are the tips to design and construct swimming pools.

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