Cozy and Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas

Though most weddings take place in the warmth of summer and spring, there is a certain kind of coziness and magic that only winter weddings can bring. From holiday tunes and white, snowy backgrounds to hot chocolate and spiced cocktails–all these little details make weddings held in the wintertime extra special and extra memorable. 

If you love the cold weather or the holiday season, then a cozy and romantic winter wedding might just be the perfect choice for you. 

A Season Unlike other seasons 

Winter wedding season takes place in the months of December, January, and February. These months are typically unusual for weddings so, if you’re lucky, you might just score discounts on some venues. 

That’s not all–you’re bound to get cheaper travel and accommodation as hotel stays and transportation peak pricing in the summer. With a winter wedding, you can take advantage of off-season pricing. 

December weddings are perfect for when you want a theme that is closely linked to a holiday whether that be Christmas or Hanukkah. This month is best for when you want to throw an extravagant party. 

January, on the other hand, is the perfect opportunity to ring in a brand new year surrounded by the people you adore and February is a month that has always been associated with love. 

Winter is the ideal time for a black-tie affair as it wouldn’t be as hot and humid for you and your guests. They can come in wearing their finest suits and ball gowns, dance the night away, sit by the fireplace while sharing stories, and sipping hot cocoa, all without breaking a sweat. 

Winter wedding ideas

Convinced and wondering what to do next? Here are just some ideas to get you started on your journey to a winter wedding wonderland.

Stylish and cozy

Bundle up your bridesmaids with comfy and chic knitted scarves or shawls that can double as your special little gift to them. The best thing about wraps is that not only do they keep your girls warm, they also elevate their overall look. 

As for you, an elegantly embroidered long-sleeved wedding dress offers a stunning and dramatic silhouette as you walk down the aisle. Wedding gowns with long sleeves are also obviously the best option for winter brides as the coverage can protect you from getting too cold.

Make it sparkle

What’s a wonderland without a dash of glitter and all things sparkly? Add winter magic and a whole lot of glamour to your wedding by using accessories that shimmer and shine. On your heels, handbag, bouquet, or even your jewelry, you can settle on something subtle yet still enchanting or you can go all out and let yourself glimmer all over. 

But don’t forget the most important accessories that will shine above everything else on your special day–the wedding bands of your dreams

A touch of whimsy 

Moving on from clothes and embellishments, yet another reason to seriously consider a winter wedding is the decor. You can go nuts with the way you deck out your wedding venue. You can opt for something as simple as adding pine needles, pinecones, and twine as your winter centerpieces or go all out with white birch tree branches, logs, or even faux fur. 

How about snow-covered trees or winter white florals? Go full holiday with white candles in brass, red velvet bows, and evergreen foliage. Whether you’re going for an icy look or a warmer, more rustic feel, these little elements will undoubtedly complete your winter wonderland. 

Blankets for your guests

You won’t have to worry about your guests sweating buckets, but another problem might just as well creep in–the cold. Let your guests curl up under soft and fluffy blankets as they witness your special day by setting up a blanket station at your venue. 

If you really want to spoil them, you can have these blankets embroidered with your initials so that they can bring them home as unique wedding favors. 

Cocoa, coffee, and custom cocktails 

A winter wedding wouldn’t be complete without hot drinks. Set up a coffee and hot chocolate bar at your venue to keep your guests warm and toasty during your wedding. Remember that cozy guests are happy guests! 

For cocktails, keep the spirit of the winter season with the classic mulled wine or White Russians. You can also try something more unusual such as spiked eggnogs, peppermint cocktails, buttered rum, and hot toddies. 

Savoring Seasonal flavors 

Though blankets and beverages can easily warm your guests right up, a menu filled with winter delights is sure to keep them toasty and make their mouths water. Hearty meals can also help in fueling them up so that they can dance to their heart’s content.  

Soup is definitely a no-brainer so add butternut squash or rich cheddar potato into the mix. For entrées and desserts, incorporate flavors such as cranberries, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, and apples into the menu. 

A Cake that fits the season 

Your wedding cake can serve as a statement piece for your reception so how about incorporating your whole winter wonderland theme into its design? If you’re going for something simple yet refined, go for an all-white cake decorated with real or intricate sugar flowers. 

If you want something more apt for the season, try incorporating a holiday color palette with colors such as green and burgundy. Throw in some subtle festive elements such as pinecones or holly. 

For something different, why not have cookies instead of a big wedding cake? Not only are they perfect for the season, a cookie bar with hundreds of beautifully decorated cookies will also amaze your guests. These holiday cookies can serve as delicious wedding favors as well. 

When creating your unique version of a winter wonderland for the most special day of your life, the ideas are endless! A winter wedding isn’t as easy as it sounds like but what’s most important is that you create and maintain a cozy and warm environment for yourself and your guests. By doing this, you will definitely set your wedding apart and keep the memory of this day in the minds and hearts of your guests.

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