Creative Ideas For Button Embellishment By Using Your Old Buttons

All of us love to dress fashionably, but sometimes, we need to follow the dress code. If your workplace wants you to look your best in formal wear, there are chances that you are stuck with old clothes. But some fashionable buttons can change that! Available in several colors, prints, and designs, buttons can be used to dress up any outfit.

In the social-media-crazy age, rejecting old clothes can be heartbreaking, but it is also expected. However, it can burn a hole in your pocket if you are buying new outfits every weekend. Refashioning outfits is a great hobby for some, and you can get to wear your designer costumes! Whether you have your office or partner’s old clothes stacked up in the cupboard, it is always nice to do the right by them instead of throwing them away mindlessly. After all, every one of us has old buttons lying all around the house – from shirts we don’t wear anymore, our children’s jumpsuits and dungarees, and old-fashioned dresses that don’t make the cut anymore.

Also, upcycling your clothes can make you a trendsetter. Take out the buttons from your old knitting box and get back to work, or enjoy some free time, even after a long and hard day at work. Here’s how you can add some glam to your clothes with buttons, creativity, the local thrift store, and your fashion sense!

Add some buttons

If you are looking for a feminine touch to add to plain old shirts, lace is the way to go. Decorate the necklines, hemlines, and cuffs with simple but efficient button embellishments. Scared of making a total change to your clothes? Have a button-encased pocket instead — it will give your shirt the much-needed boost that grabs everyone’s attention.

Layer your T-shirt or tank with colorful buttons or sew them into the desired shape – this technique works like a charm for the sleeves or the back of your shirt.

Polka dots all the way

Struggling with deep-colored shirts that have outgrown their use? Give them a fun upliftment with bright polka dots, which could be worn to work or a party. Colorful buttons are the best option to create polka dots with, as they are easy to use and long-lasting.

Studs for a 3-D effect

Add studs to your button-down shirts for a classy or edgy look, as per your desire. Metal stars, pearls, beads, and coins are perfect for adorning your down-and-drab shirts. Pom-pom ribbons are fun and unconventional, adding a boho-chic look to your outfit. Embroidery work is equally fancy if you are adept at sewing. So how about some rosebuds, puppies, or the sun and the moon on your sleeves and pockets? If you are feeling extra adventurous, try studs that could replace buttons on your shirt. Make sure that you unbutton your shirt beforehand — otherwise, you won’t be able to wear it.

Paste on your pockets

Button-encased pockets aren’t just functional, but they look extremely decorative on a plain shirt. Sew on colorful pockets on a denim shirt with pieces of fabric and buttons. For more color and magic, choose unconventional shapes, such as cartoon figures and initials. Alternatively, paste them on with hot glue, and you have a brand-new button-down shirt for you.

If lace and ribbons are not your style, go ahead with faux leather and beads to make your outfit look chic and trendy. Make interesting patterns on the front, shoulders, and sleeves, and you have a selfie-worthy shirt ready for an informal Saturday meeting.

Ruffle it up

Revamp your boring shirt into something upscale — all you need to do is to refashion it. Add ruffles to an oversized shirt, and you have something cute, edgy, and functional at the same time. Wear it as it is on a summer day or with a pretty jacket for the colder months, complete with matching accessories. A string of matching buttons down the front will make it a formal outfit for Monday mornings and a party dress for Friday evenings.

Make patterns

Bright pops of colors add sunshine to a dull-colored shirt, neutrals or solids alike. The tie-and-dye technique involves placing your shirt on the table and folding it into a swirling shape. Tie small sections with threads, dividing the shirt into small triangles. Add some dyes into the water and pour them onto each section, and wrap them in plastic for a couple of hours. Rinse the shirt under running water and use a hairdryer to dry it off. Next, proudly show off your new rainbow-inspired shirt to your colleagues.

These embellishments for crafts are simple and cost-effective to do, but they need a good weekend to render amazing results. If you are interested in adding a new zing to your old clothes, visit us at Buttons Galore and More.

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