Drug And Alcohol Dependence and Use of Treatment Services

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Consumption Of Substances

The consumption of substances with addictive potential is a relevant public health problem that generates serious consequences at an individual, family, and social level. These include substance dependence, accidents and injuries, cirrhosis, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, cancer, mood and anxiety disorders, toxic psychoses, among many others. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

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Which generate disabilities and premature death, as well as the association with the presence of violence and suicide.

Alcohol Abuse

A long history of alcohol abuse and dependence on this substance is widespread. It estimates that a high number of subjects have problems due to their drinking (30%) and 5.5% have abuse or dependence on this substance. The evidence also indicates that abuse is becoming more widespread among adolescents and women. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Problem Rates

Problem rates in rural populations are even higher than those observed in urban populations; thus, the number of dependences on alcohol use of the population aged 18 to 65 in rural areas, in 2002, was 4.81% and in urban areas, 4.49%.

Use Of Tobacco

Regarding the use of tobacco, of the population aged 12 to 65, 18.5% (14 million) smoked in the previous year, 27.8% were men and 9.9% were women. 8.8% were adolescents and 20.6% adults.

Use From Illegal Drugs

The use from drugs illegal presents figures plus reduced, however from 2002 to 2008 it increased from 5% to 5.7% number from consumers. 1.4 Especially the proportion from illegal drug users (4.6% to 5.2%), with a greater number of men who consume them (4.6 men for every woman).

However, their use among them doubled, going from 1% in 2002 to 1.9% in 2008, and 0.6% have developed dependency. In 2002, the proportion of the population that presented dependency was 0.4%. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Number Of Drug Users

The number has increased from people exposed and the from the what experience and progress toward the different shapes from use until reach to dependency. For example, from 2002 to 2008, the number of drug users who had only experimented. That is, had used once or twice, decreased from 52.3% to 36%.

Case Of Cocaine

The total from people what they reported to have used at some time, and from 40.5% to 29.2% in the case of cocaine. Simultaneously increase the proportion from people who reported having used 50 times or more. From 12.8% to 21.1% in the case of marijuana and from 15.6% to 21% in the case of cocaine. Thus, a more mature market configures that requires more specific. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.


The rate of people who have used and have problems with methamphetamines. The main drug for which users come to treatment in the northern region of the country is increasing. Inhalants had shown a significant decrease but their consumption increased again. While heroin, according to data from the Addiction Epidemiological Surveillance System for non-government centers.

Addiction Epidemiological reports as an impact drug, that is, the one that causes the greatest consequences and leads people to treatment with 9.9% of the population in 2009. Only some did not report having received patients with this trouble.

Drug And Alcohol Dependence

It is also an early-onset problem, with the age for the first manifestation of dependence around 17 years in adolescents and especially in young women. According to, 6 0.3% of the population between 12 and 17 years old has drug dependence and 0.6% alcohol dependence.

In total, it estimates that 4,200 000 people require treatment for alcohol or drugs and 4,800,000 brief interventions. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Access To Treatment

To weigh the high index from problems, no there are universal access to treatment. The psychiatric epidemiology survey carried to cape and various countries plus. Shows that only 19% of the population with a disorder received treatment. That less than 1% arrived during the same year that the disorder appeared and that one in five people with a drug use problem obtained treatment by the age of 50.

Use Of Treatment Services

The use of treatment services for alcohol abuse and dependence is also rare. Women sought more treatment than men: 53.2% and 28.2%, respectively. Among the what presented dependence the alcohol and they came to some service. 50% did so eight years after their problem arose and 50% did so after twelve years. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Therapeutic Help

7.8 Less than 25% of those who presented an alcohol-related disorder sought therapeutic help. The highest rate of medical consultations was among those with alcohol dependence, and the most consulted specialist was the psychiatrist.

Treatment For Mental Problems

10 too I know He showed what the lack from treatment for mental problems, in the previous 12 months, is more frequent in developing countries than in more developed ones. When comparing the results of 15 countries, regarding the proportion of cases that in their life had disorders due to substance use and that sought treatment in the year that their problematic. It had the proportion plus short (0.9%), in so much what the plus high they got (18.6%).

The figure of cases that at 50 years of age had treatment was the 22.1%, a from the plus low together with (19.8%) and (23.1%). Married men, with less education, and at the extremes of age and income funds to receive less treatment.


Also low is the number from people with alterations serious what He received treatment on the 12 months before the poll, and from these are few what They treats effectively. For To complete the picture, in many countries about a quarter of those who start treatment do not receive tracing.

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