Gojek Clone: The Most Advanced Way For On-Demand Multi-Service Business

Gojek is a popular ride-hailing app that has disrupted the on-demand transportation industry. Chances are you’ve heard of it in different parts of Southeast Asia. Gojek, with over 4 million rides delivered has more than 300,000 driver partners daily. It has expanded its reach across the majority of Southeast Asia.

Read on for more insights regarding the super app called Gojek. You will understand how you can leverage Gojek’s power in the on-demand market with a Gojek clone app.

More About Gojek

Gojek is a multi-service platform that offers on-demand transportation, delivery, and payment services. It is one of Indonesia’s most popular on-demand platforms and is quickly gaining popularity in other Southeast Asian countries.

  • Gojek was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim, Michaelangelo Moran, and Verdi Soewito. The company started as a call center that dispatched motorbike taxi drivers. Gojek has grown into a full-fledged on-demand platform with over 1 million drivers and 100 million users.
  • Gojek offers a wide range of services, including transportation, food delivery, grocery shopping, laundry, and payments. Gojek is available in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.
  • Gojek has been a game changer in the on-demand space. The company’s success is due to its innovative business model and commitment to customer service. Gojek is changing the way people live and work in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most disruptive companies in this part of the globe.
  • In 2019, Gojek was listed as one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company.
  • In 2020, Gojek was ranked 37th in the world’s most valuable brands list by Forbes.
  • In 2021, Gojek was ranked 18th in the world’s most valuable tech startups list by CB Insights.

Here are some more interesting stats about Gojek.

  • The super app has been downloaded over 190 million times.
  • Over 900,000 food merchants are using Gojek.
  • Gojek has about 170 million users in Southeast Asia.
  • Gojek has been providing more than 20 services.

Benefits of Using a Gojek Clone

Using a Gojek clone app for on-demand multi-service businesses has several benefits. 

  • For starters, it enables businesses to harness the power of technology and provide a better experience for their customers. 
  • Next it helps businesses manage their resources more efficiently and reduce costs.
  • On-demand multi-service businesses can use a Gojek-like app to attract new customers worldwide. Moreover, they can also use this app to engage with their existing customers and foster loyalty among them.
  • In addition, multi-service businesses can use this app to increase their customer base and generate more sales by providing new products or services. 
  •  Businesses can also use this app to keep track of their customers’ activities and analyze them to improve their services accordingly.

B2B on-demand multi-service businesses like laundry, car repair, or home cleaning services can use the many benefits of Gojek clone apps. These clone apps provide all the necessary features that enable businesses to provide an excellent experience for their customers. In addition, they are very easy to customize according to business requirements. They enable businesses to build a strong brand identity.

Features of the Gojek Clone Platform

Gojek, an on-demand multi-service business, has many features that make it a great platform. Here are some of the features of the Gojek clone platform:

  • Easy to Use

The platform is the best when it comes to being user-friendly and very easy to use. You can easily find what you are looking for with the help of the smart search bar.

  • Affordable

Furthermore, this platform is very affordable. You can start your on-demand multi-service business for as low as $99.

  • Multiple Services

The clone app offers multiple customer services such as transportation, food delivery, laundry, etc. This makes it a one-stop solution for all their needs.

  • Real-time Tracking

The platform comes with real-time tracking so that you can keep track of your drivers and customers at all times.

  • Flexible Pricing

With Gojek, you can set your prices for each service you offer. This makes it very flexible and customizable according to your needs and budget.

  • User-friendly Interface

The clone app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for both drivers and customers.

  • Free Installation

The platform comes with free installation and setup to get started immediately.

  • Scalable

The Gojek-like platform is highly scalable so that you can add more services and drivers as per your business needs.

  • Reliable

The clone app platform is very reliable and comes with 24/7 support to get any help you need.

  • Secured

The platform is robustly secured with the help of SSL encryption which keeps all your data safe and secure.

 These are some of the features that make Gojek a great platform. With these features, you can easily start your own on-demand multi-service business.

Monetization Models for the On-Demand Multi-Service Business Using  Gojek Clone Script

There are several monetization models for on-demand multi-service businesses. The most popular ones are

  • Commission-based Model

In this model, you can charge a commission from the service providers for every successful transaction.

  • Membership Model

In this model, you can offer membership plans to the users and charge them a monthly or yearly fee.

  • Advertising Model

You can sell advertising space on your platform to businesses that want to promote their products or services.

  • Pay Per Transaction

In this model, you can charge the users a small fee for every transaction they make on your platform.

  • Subscription Model

You can offer subscription plans to the users and charge them a monthly or yearly fee.

Choose the monetization model that best suits your business model. Then generate revenue from your on-demand multi-service business using a Gojek clone script.

Advantages of Associating With a Team That Has Expertise in Developing Gojek Clone App Solutions

 Now that you are captivated by what a Gojek clone has to offer, it is time to think about getting one developed.

Many Gojek clone app development companies provide customized solutions according to business requirements. Moreover, these app development companies also offer a comprehensive package. The package includes everything that businesses need to provide an excellent customer experience. The comprehensive package includes GPS tracking, customer support services, loyalty programs, notifications, payments, discounts, and coupons.

Similarly, the comprehensive package helps businesses keep track of all bookings and negotiations. This makes it easier for them to coordinate with their customers and update them about new bookings or changes in existing ones. The team also keeps track of customer service and follows up with customers.  Should discrepancies arise between what a business offers and what the customer expects, the team should take action to resolve the issue.

Gojek clone scripts are also effective here. This is because when using them, a super app with a rich UI/UX design and amazing features is developed in less time and at an economical cost. So, such a team’s reputation is also based on the clone script that it possesses.

The timeliness of support provided by these development companies is a very good benefit. It is a good reason why businesses prefer to use Gojek clones over other traditional software platforms. 

These developers have in-depth knowledge to deliver great results on time. Most importantly, they provide their services at affordable rates. This helps businesses to save money on marketing campaign costs and overheads. At the same time, they maintain outstanding customer service quality standards to attract new users to their mobile apps.


A Gojek clone is a perfect solution for on-demand multi-service businesses. It is packed with features that allow businesses to offer their customers a wide range of services. As it is a highly scalable solution, businesses can easily expand their operations. If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, a robust Gojek clone is worth considering.


Look out for companies that have experienced developers who can understand the needs of your business vision. Ensure that they provide custom-made solutions that enable your multi-service business to meet its specific goals. 

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