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How to Fix the Orbi Pink Light Issue!

Orbi is among the top-rated WiFi devices on the market; however, when using Orbi, you may encounter some typical issues like a 404 or certificate error. Orbi router also employ mesh WiFi technology that displays different shades that assist users in identifying the problem.

Orbi Pink Light is one of the most common problems that orbi users face.It appears on one of the sides of the device. If you’re experiencing pink light, read this article to learn how to fix it and get your orbi working properly again.

What does it mean to you? What is the Orbi Pink Light?

Orbi Pink indicates the Orbi satellite sync issue has failed. If the wireless network cables are in bad condition or the RJ45 Ethernet cable is not securely connected to the WLAN port, then the ring color appears on your Orbi device.

Let’s look at how to fix the Pink Light problem on Orbi devices.

How to resolve the Orbi Pink Light issue

1. Weak network connection

The first step is to check the speed of your network connection. The primary reason for this light pink is a poor network connection. Check that the network speed is adequate for you. To test this, connect your laptop to an internet router connected to the LAN wire.

Check the speed of your network. Open an online speed test website to examine the speed of your Internet. Also, you can restart the router quickly, since sometimes routers create connections to networks and can slow down speed. A quick reboot will resolve this issue . You can see the Pink light will disappear.

If the quick reboot fails, then you should check the wiring of the router or call the Internet service provider to resolve the issue of slow speeds.

2. Satellite connectivity

The best solution to fix the problem with the Orbi Pink Light issue is to verify for connectivity issues with Orbi’s satellite. Orbi satellite, The majority of the time, the base station will not connect or will have issues connecting to the satellite.

To correct this issue, make sure your satellite has been within the range of the Orbi base station and is in perfect sync with it.

3. The cables are dangling

Another cause of the Orbi Pink Light is damaged or frayed cables.It is critical that the LAN cable runs between Orbi’s base station and the WLAN port, with each end connected.

If the cable is damaged, it is recommended to replace it to correct the pink light problem on your device.

4. Firmware Upgrade

One of the primary causes of an Orbi pink light on the router is the old firmware. Firmware is an intermediary connecting your router to your Orbi device. To be able to work with both devices, it is recommended to update the firmware on a regular basis.

Follow the steps below to change the firmware:

  • Visit the official Orbi website.
  • Click on “Manual” options. Choose the firmware. It will start automatically with the update.
  • If you couldn’t locate an update on the website, you can check out other sources.
  • Download the appropriate firmware update and then install it.

5. Factory Reset

If you are unable to resolve your Orbi pink light problem, then you will need to reset your Orbi device back to its original settings. To reset the device, follow the steps below:

  • Use the reset button to manually restore the default settings.
  • Choose any SIM or pin tool.
  • Press the reset button and keep it there for between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • Your device has been reset to factory settings.

The next step is to reconfigure your Orbi device. Once you have completed the setup, your device will function flawlessly, and the pink light will fade away.


I hope this guide to resolving the Orbi Pink Light issue resolves the problem and allows you to use the device normally. If you’re still having this issue, you’ll need the help of experts.

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