How To Localise Restaurant Mobile App For A Global Market

Restaurants and Fast food ventures have been engaged in delivering food door to door for the past few years. But, these days, this industry is being disrupted by new business verticals and rapid changes in the market. Food industrial revolution has given rise to these advantages and brought these restaurants right to our fingertips. Driven with recent studies and gratification, it has observed that the food industry market in the U.S. has been valued currently over $50 billion with an online business representation of around 7$ billion of sales in 2018. The food industry has been covering around 40% of its sales over mobile technologies. 

Successful Mobile Technology operations can bring your business to a drastic change in a positive manner. As mobile tech revolutions have made a great impact on sales of online food, the demand for mobile application development has been growing tremendously. The market share for the restaurant industry application has increased significantly in recent days.  Effective and innovative mobile app technologies can help restaurants to recognize their market potential, increase business reach and solidify their online presence. But, there are a few effective facts and ways to localize the mobile application globally.  

This reading will make you familiar with relevant facts and ways of utilising mobile applications to localize your restaurant business globally

Top Food Mobile Applications that Have Improved their Localization Tactics

There are some of the well-known Food restaurants who are successfully using localizing strategies to enhance their business presence. Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato, Eat24, GoodMeal etc. are several examples of what you need to do the same. These applications are highly user-friendly and developed with the latest techniques to make your business presence. You will find the relevant facts and data that will help you understand the contribution percentage of mobile applications in the generation of your brand name. 

Importance of Mobile Application Localisation for boosting the business globally

1. Electronic Payment Contribution:

To improve business presence and public engagement improvement, you can develop and optimize your mobile application effectively. Its one of the features is successful optimization of electronics payment mode, which should be localized. This feature has its own importance that made food lovers rely on food restaurant mobile applications. Food Industry watchers have researched and reviewed that: 

  • Around more than half of the restaurant owners (55%) believe that if the Mobile payment system can optimize then it can make the product and mobile application most popular.
  • Around 52% of customers prefer to use electronic payment systems and mode in their local language while ordering food online.
  • 46% of customers like to use smartphone restaurant app if they have a facility to the localized electronics payment system.

So, developing a food tech application with an effective payment system will help you to modify your tactics to attract nearby customers effectively.

2. Native Language Potentials:

If you have your own mobile food application, it would be easier for you to communicate with the target audience and offer them their expected food perfectly. It can be done by setting your app in your own native languages. This feature of mobile application has the ability to focus on massive business conversion. 

According to studies, Zomato Uber eats has improved its first-week food delivery experience by adding native language settings in their application. Their profit from this localization was improved by 26% in 2017.  Keyword localization in mobile apps is the method to yield the increment in the number of downloads rather than non-localized keywords. These days you have seen that there are many companies who are localizing their website and mobile applications to retain potential customers and attract the target audience.  Even Swiggy, has a feature to localize keywords in iOS and Android both type applications. Uber Eats has set their language functions according to culture and language preferences in different countries. 

3. Competitive Advantage 

If you want to know the perfect and innovative proportion strategies for your business, then a localized and user-friendly mobile application would be helpful to get competitive advantages of the changing market. There are many companies in the food industry who are not following mobile app localization strategy. There are many companies who have made a multilingual application which is partially localized. Due to lack of proper money-making strategy, these companies can take advantage of the competitive market trends. 

Localisation strategy helps you to boost your brand awareness. It is a crucial element of marketing tactics, so, doing the right services, amazing food, quality delivery and gorgeous interior can be known by your customers if you will be able to implement such strategies in the right direction. Leading and fastest-growing food delivery platforms such as Zomato, Eat24, Yelp etc have made their app available for local communities in such a manner, where they set English as a non-primary language. Their application home page is localized amazingly in order to establish a great relationship with visitors once they visit the home page right at the beginning.  

4. Diversification of Customer Preferences 

Mobile application development is another source to reach your international customers, but the demographic differences, cultural differences should be kept in mind. Focusing on cultural diversification and demographic differences, you can create and update your application with unique features which will force your target audiences to download your application and use it. This will make an automatic rise to a great extent.

For example; Yelp and Zomato have successfully and effectively driven competitive advantages in the Indonesian market by indulging and choosing to localize the language preferences according to the local and regional tastes and expectations that suit people living in Indonesia. This tactic has helped them to understand their customers’ taste over there and improve their brand image in the market. 

What’s Next?

In order to expand business globally and reach out to the target market, developing a mobile application is not a complete task. Getting into any things without having proper and complete knowledge may ruin the decision, as such without localizing a mobile application, making a strategy to attract customers to use your app can be stupidity. It may cause a huge loss and may increase your investment without any profit. It is very necessary to understand the market changes and customers behaviour that could help you to understand the circumstances, problems and probability while implementing localization mobile application strategies.

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