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Mazzios Pizza Offers Fast-Casual Desserts, Buffet And Salad Bar

Mazzios Pizza Buffet  Known for its award-winning pizzas, freshly made pastas, wings, calzone rings, hot toasted sandwiches, fresh specialty salads, appetizers, desserts and signature all-you-can-eat buffet and fresh salad bar. Mazzios Pizza Buffet is part of a chain of fast-casual, family-friendly Italian food restaurants. Dine in, grab and go or take advantage of Mazzio’s delivery and catering options to its menu several master Pizzas.

The company’s CEO, Greg Lippert, explains that the Mazzios Pizza Buffet include a variety of popular ingredients and sauces. These summertime pizzas are a delicious example of our efforts to update our menu with seasonal specials. Tender dough is twisted by hand before being baked and drizzled with garlic herb butter to create Garlic Knots, which can be purchased in quantities of six for $3 or a baker’s dozen for $6.

The Islander and the Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken pizzas, two new specialty Master Pizzas from Mazzios Pizza Buffet are both 15-inch pizzas that cost $10.50. Canadian bacon, roasted peppers, caramelized onions and pineapple are just a few of the Islander’s toppings. Toppings for the Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken pizza include grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon, pepperoncini’s, caramelized onions and crispy onions on a hand-tossed dough. Master Pizza already offers many unique options, like as the Napoli, Triple Pepperoni, Margherita, Mediterranean and Create Your Own and now they’ll be joined by these two new creations.

Discounts at Mazzio’s

As of right now, Mazzios Coupons is home to 24 valid discounts and coupons for Mazzio’s. As of late, you can get a medium pizza with one topping for $7.99 when you use discount code 4928. Mazzio’s coupons and deals for 2022 will be updated often, so keep checking back. The first step in placing an order is selecting the pizza and any extras you’d like. Afterward, examine the contents of your cart to make sure nothing is missing. A space to enter the discount code may be found on the same page. If the discount is applicable to your purchase, you will see it reflected in your total after entering the code in the field given.

Get a Complimentary Buffet

Finally, gluten-free pizza from Mazzios Pizza Buffet is now permanently on the menu and may be delivered. In this pizzeria, guests may make their own pizzas or choose one of many specialty pizzas, including a gluten-free one. Lunch and supper at Mazzios Pizza Buffet will be buy-one-get-one-free. Customers who buy one buffet and two soft drinks will get a complimentary buffet.

Mazzio’s Offers Takeout and Delivery Options

Absolutely, Mazzios Pizza Buffet offers takeout and delivery options. Only verify that you are ordering from a participating location. You should contact and ask about it specifically. Using a third-party delivery app, you can get food brought right to your door. Mazzio’s does not operate its own delivery service, thus you will have to utilize one of their delivery affiliates to get your food. Grub hub is one of their delivery partners.

Online Delivery Menu

Everything on the online delivery menu at Grub hub is yours for the taking. It is at the restaurant’s choice to add or remove items from the menu. Checking the restaurant’s website or giving them a call to ask about the menu is a good idea.

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Hundred Locations around the Country

The launch in 1979 saw immediate success and the show’s sales and viewership have continued to expand ever since. Within a decade, the Mazzios Pizza Buffet business expanded to over 150 stores in 12 states, breaking several sales records in the process. There are now 140 units in 10 different states that make up the idea. If anybody knew how long Ken’s pizza has been around. Ken’s was created in Tulsa in 1961 by high school chemistry instructor Selby, and now there are close to one hundred locations around the country.

Provide Student Discounts At Mazzio’s

Some Mazzios Pizza Buffet restaurants provide special deals for students, such as a 10% discount for those attending select schools. Whether you are a student and you want to know if Mazzio’s offers any kind of discount, you should contact your local restaurant. Whether Mazzio’s offered some kind of discount to teachers. Some Mazzio’s restaurants host Teacher Appreciation Nights and Teachers Eat Free. When it comes to teachers, some businesses go above and above by providing discounts throughout the month of May to show their gratitude. See whether your neighborhood Mazzio’s offers any kind of teacher discount by calling beforehand.

Offered a First-Time Customer Discount

As previously stated, Mazzio’s does not provide free delivery. There is no mention of free shipping on the company’s website or Facebook page. It’s possible to get your first delivery from Mazzio’s for free if you use a service like Uber Eats, Grub Hub or Door Dash, whether Mazzios Pizza Buffet offered a first-time customer discount. There is no first-order discount at Mazzio’s. There are no introductory offers for new customers on Mazzio’s website.

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