Payment Gateway Vietnam to Facilitate Online Payment Transaction on Various Platforms

Payment gateways are digital services or software applications that authorize and facilitate online transactions on various platforms, as well as provide the necessary infrastructure. The gateways act as digital services for online businesses, processing card payments and other types of payment requests.

While many businesses enjoy this level of comfort for themselves, they also extend it to their customers. eCommerce businesses, for example, provide their customers with the convenience of shopping, checkout, and payment by integrating multiple payment gateways with their websites and apps.

If this is your area of interest, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll go over how to integrate payment gateways with your website. So stick with us and learn everything there is to know about them.

The fundamentals of payment gateway science

Let’s start with a basic understanding of payment gateways and how payment gateway integration works.

Payment gateways generally carry out transactions in the following ways:

  • Authorization: Here, the application determines whether the customer has sufficient funds and is able to make the payment.
  • Capture: The funds for the authorised payment are transferred directly to the merchant’s account in this step.
  • Sale: This method combine authorization and transaction capture. The fund is authorised first and then captured by the merchant.
  • Refund: This is the process by which the merchant reimburses the customer in the event of a cancellation or other reason.
  • Void: A merchant or vendor cancels a transaction before it is debited or processed from the customer’s end.

How to choose the best Ecommerce Payment Gateway?

Take into account the fees and service agreement requirements.

Of course, you should think about your budget before proceeding with the payment gateway. Each payment gateway has its own set of processing and transaction fees. Consider the one that best meets your payment requirements so that you don’t go over your budget. Also, before signing up, carefully read all of the terms and conditions.

Provide your customers with a sense of safety and security.

Regardless of whether your company is small, medium, or large, all customers expect a high-quality website with secure payment options. Some customers may be unaware that they are being redirected to a third-party website while their transactions are being processed. Secured and anti-fraud measures are essential in this situation.

Offers a variety of features

Customers are easily drawn to websites that offer a variety of features. Choose a payment gateway that offers a variety of features that will benefit your business. Check to see if the payment page is responsive and adaptable to various screen sizes.

Payments that Recur

Processing recurring payments can be a difficult task. If you want to offer recurring billing options to your customers, automation can help. Choose payment gateways that automate recurring payments without hesitation.

Customer Service

Customers will need to contact you in the event of any discrepancies or questions about their payment issues. Check that the eCommerce payment method you choose offers good customer service, not just via email but also by phone.

Ecommerce International Payment Gateway Functionality

As the owner of an eCommerce store, you do not need to understand the entire payment gateway mechanism. You simply need to choose a payment gateway and integrate it with your online eCommerce store.

This is simple to accomplish with a user-friendly setup wizard. After the setup is complete, you will be able to collect payments from your customers. The following steps are involved in the setup of an eCommerce payment gateway:

  • The customer pays for their purchase via mobile, tablet, or website.
  • The payment information is securely transmitted via an eCommerce payment gateway.
  • The payment information is processed by the merchant account.
  • The customer is notified whether the payment was successful or unsuccessful.
  • After deducting the processing fee, funds are settled to the merchant.

Let’s take a look at some of the best eCommerce payment gateways available right now.

How to connect payment gateways to your website?

Payment gateway integration differs from one business to the next. It will be determined by the gateway you select. They provide you with detailed instructions that you can use to integrate the gateway with your website, either directly or indirectly.

If you choose a hosted payment gateway, you must connect your website to the gateway as well as obtain an SSL certificate for security and threat protection. Following that, you can configure and customize the payment process.

If you want to integrate a payment gateway directly into your website, you must first make your website secure and risk-free. You can select the appropriate APIs and modules.

Just remember to do your homework and choose a payment partner that is secure, widely used, and trusted, as well as one that meets your needs and expectations. Follow all of the payment gateway service provider’s guidelines to provide your customers with a secure and seamless checkout experience.

How PayCly can be helpful in getting a Payment Gateway Vietnam?

PayCly, a global payment service provider, strives to provide merchants conducting cross-border transactions with payment solutions that are safe, convenient, professional, and simple.

PayCly, is comprised of a group of experts with years of working experience and a thorough understanding of the payment industry. To increase business potential and revenue growth, we assist companies of all sizes, from small startups to huge corporations, in accepting and processing payments. We support tens of thousands of merchants and handle monthly transactions worth billions of dollars across 200 nations. By offering more than 500 payment options on a single platform, PayCly enables retailers to take different payment kinds through various channels, anywhere in the globe.


There are efficient online app creators on the market who can make your work simple and inexpensive. This ease of access and availability of multiple options can greatly enhance your experience. When looking for the ideal payment partner, you must consider all factors before making a decision. An ideal payment gateway should meet the needs of both parties, namely the business and the sellers, support a wide range of secure payment methods, and be simple to set up and use. Amazon Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and Skrill are some popular payment gateway examples.

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